How To Tame Your Mane For The Monsoons

During the monsoons, humidity is at an all-time high, making it difficult to maintain your hair, here are some simple tips on hair care for the rain. 1. Wash your hair often using a mild shampoo Using a mild shampoo, wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week and keep fungal infections at bay. Baby Shamp

The Hair Makeovers - Karisma Kapoor

Here we go again! Karisma Kapoor - This yummy mummy DOES tend to be slightly creative with her hair, however I would love to see her in a lighter hair colour. She has a gorgeous complexion which can carry off different hair colours with ease. Enjoy.

The Hair Makeovers - Vidya Balan

The Hair Makeovers are BACK! Please remember this is a lighthearted and fun topic. Not to be taken seriously at all. We all know and love Vidya Balan. She is a classic Indian beauty with earthy looks and a very desi sensuous about her. However, she plays it safe with her desi styling and hair. Rare

The Hair Makeovers - Madhuri Dixit

Hi guys! This was heavily requested so here it is. As we all know, Madhuri is beautiful, but she seems to be stuck in a rut. Her usual hairdo ages her and makes her look outdated. It was hard to experiment with Madhuri as we have to take her age into consideration. I'm not saying she is old, but the

The Hair Makeovers - Anushka Sharma

My absolute fave!! She looks so good with this hair..

The Hair Makeovers - Asin

What do we think?

Hair Makeovers: Sonakshi Sinha

If there is anyone in Bollywood who needs a hair makeover, its Sonakshi Sinha. I feel she will look more youthful and fun with a new hairdo. Here are some hair makeovers I chose for her. She needs to add some highlights to her hair and also some bangs to balance her wide forehead. This post is insp

The Hair Makeovers - Sonam Kapoor

I have to say, it was hard doing these on Sonam as it made me realise that she has a small and delicate face and not all hairstyles do justice to that. I love the redhead look.. it looks very cool!

The Hair Makeovers - Priyanka Chopra

After having fun with Priyankas hair, I am sooo longing for her to just calm down the HUGE barnet and do something more soft and free flowing.. As her features are so bold, I think something less voluminous would work better.. Love the first one so much!

The Hair Makeovers - Deepika Padukone

I looooooooooove the afro on her!!