These Korean Skin Care Secrets Will Change Your Life

Ever noticed how Korean women almost never age and have naturally flawless (and not to forget) poreless skin? Well, it is all a part of an intricately designed skin care regime. Korean women have been practising these tricks over the years. The secret is out ladies for all of us to enjoy the benefi

Pinkvilla Exclusive: Amrita Rao shares her beauty & fashion mantra

We loved her as the sweet girl-next-door in Ishq Vishq and the bubbly prankster in Main Hoon Na. She is now back to charm us in her upcoming film, Jolly LLB. Pinkvilla caught up with none other than the beautiful Amrita Rao on her Beauty, Fitness & Fashion mantra. Here is what she had to say...

Wedding Make up-Dos and Don’ts

Every girl wants to look their best on their wedding day. After all, it is your big day! To feel confident and look your best, Sheena Agarwal of Urbanista Image Consulting has come up with a simple list of Dos & Don'ts of Bridal Makeup. Read through the list below and if you have any skin or m

Which skin care products do you use to keep your skin clean and healthy?

Hello guys! My skin is really sensitive its like whatever i use it does not suit my skin. Well my skin is really improved thanks to my doctor. I have quite oily skin so i used olay foaming face wash it didn't work for me i got pimples. So i am using olay normal face wash its good but not much its a

Get fresh look like Malaika Arora Khan.

Hey guys hope these videos are same you are looking for.I saw many comments in my post asking the make-up break down of Malaika Arora Khan hope you get the look in two videos.Please comment and let me know! Apply concealor or foundation then use powder and blush after that use kajal in inner rim of

Beauty Questions for You..

Here are some questions to all you girls out there! 1] What is your normal beauty regime? 2] What things do you always carry in your bag before leaving your home? 3] What would you wear for a Girls night out? 4] what you do to keep your self healthy and fit?

Are you jealous?

Hi folks, let me introduce myself. I am a 19 year old at school. I am totally addicted to Pinkvilla like many. I thought of sharing my views on this forum as i felt i could get honest feedback and suggestions. My problem: I am a very average looking girl. I am average at studies. Pretty average a

It it were free, would you resort to plastic surgery?

I have always wondered how far can people go to look pretty and is looking beautiful everything in life? Coming to my question, if it were free as in you did not have to pay a single dime, would you resort to plastic surgery to fix your looks?. Say would you go for breast enlargement, hip reduction

Get flawless skin with yoga

Get that glow on your face with these yoga moves. Sirsasana (head stand): Place the forearms on the mat in front of you with fingers interlocked. Place the crown of your head on the mat between the interlocked hands. Slowly raise your hips and lift your knees off the ground and straighten your legs

Sunscreen 101

Best way to protect your skin from premature aging, sun sensitive skin, unwanted tanning & sun rashes. Sunscreen is important factor in maintaining healthy & youthful skin. Make sure the sunscreen blocks both UVA and UVB rays. These types of sunscreens, called broad-spectrum sunscreens, c