Anjum Fakih celebrates her birthday with ‘Tere Sheher Mein’ cast! (PICS)

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Model-turned-actress Anjum Fakih's birthday was celebrated on the sets of Rajan Shahi's ‘Tere Sheher Mein’ recently.

Three cakes were brought on the set by Anjum’s sweet co-star Gautami Kapoor. Actress Sana Sheikh, who has recently joined the star cast of TSM, happily took part in the birthday celebrations. Rafi Malik, Gautami Kapoor and others made the birthday girl feel special.

Anjum was a model before embarking on her TV journey. She was stick thin due to her modelling background. However, now, she has worked hard to put on a few pounds here and there to look realistic for television by doing specific exercises and eating more than usual. In 'Tere Sheher Mein', she has been playing the role of Rachita.


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