Vanessa Hudgens Hair Styles ~

Vanessa Hudgens Hair Styles ~ 0


SHONA. sorry to be rude but do u have a comprehension prb or somethin cuz i dont think hair styles has anythin at all to do with skin care.

happy anon???

wow shona, she looks good.

Hahahahhaha. Lol.
Anon's so right, Bist Shona ki! Rofl. Ghar jao.

she's sexy...!!

cool post shona...and wats the anon talkng about?? i dont understand!!

i love the short haircut and the long curly hair;-)

i love vanessa hudgens hair i think its beautiful

Vanessa's hair is so beautiful whigh makes her even more pretty!

lovley and sexy

I LOVE her hair in the music video "Say Ok"

why is vanessa hudgens in the bollywood section!?

Lost all respect for her after her Naked picture was all over internet... shame on her

lost all respect for the girl... after the naked picture all over the internet.. such loser, all for fame

shes beautiful and cute:)

your hair sucks change colour and style before you make me sick you tart

everyone needs to get over those stupid pics...people make mistakes. she regrets it big time and she has moved on. you people need to get a life and get over it.

she kinda looks like shriya saran

she's hot n' beautiful

i love it i want to know how to do it do any of u have any ideas for the last one or fouth if so write them down cause ah i will totally try it

Vanessa I have the same hair as u plus a little of rihanas and when u shrighten it is awesome

hey i am not fan of briotney spears ok.

you look pretty

whats up with this post so pointless and i thought this was a bollywood site

most of it looks like extensions.

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