Sonam Kapoor's 'Enchantress' look decoded / Get Sonam & Freida's Cannes Look

Sonam Kapoor's 'Enchantress' look decoded / Get Sonam & Freida's Cannes Look 0

Revealing Sonam Kapoor's The Enchantress look created by official beauty expert - Namrata Soni for Cannes 2013!

As well as L'Oreal Paris - Official Partner for Cannes Film Festival 2013 decodes the gorgeous brand ambassadors, Sonam Kapoor and Freida Pinto's make up looks for you!


Sonam is Cute and Beautiful!!

Gorgeous Ladies.


Love Sonam She resembles grace Kelly with her sense of unique amd elegant style

Superbe...sonam always shines at cannes:-)

Was wondering what lip color Freida was wearing in her look for Day2. It's a pretty red, thanks for posting! Freida's whole look with the silver sequin dress is totally stunning!!


sonam sure does look horrible, with all those loads of makeup.

Now I know not to ever use Loreal foundation because Sonam's skin looks really bad in those pictures.

Super gorgeous.

1st pic... love it! :)

Yay!! for the makeup breakdown!!! got to read after like ages :)

Sonam in the floral gown is looking gorgeous.

the first picture is SCARY! too close man! but love this post. Can't wait to try Sonam's look in the floral gown. Her best appearance at Cannes!

False and misleading/incomplete info !!!

Plz people don't be fooled by this short n incomplete recipe for those looks. The make up artist have used loads of other products specially on thier( Sonam n frieda's) faces to get that effect. The faces are packed with strobe creams, concealers, bronzer, highlighters etc etc. you can't just get those looks with the use of only 4 to 5 products. So cheer up everyone

sonam is so caked out lol , freida looks great!

very nice

Right. You can't get these effects with 4- products. Just not possible. Sad that many people think it is and try to replicate this look!

She looks gorgeous, take a look at to get the same white teeth she has

For those of you who say you can't get the look with the products they provide then you have no SKILLS!

Umm No. Chances are Freida and Sonams are wearing special, expensive makeup which only make artists have. I am sure you can replcate their makeup but get real. Freida and Sonam are wearig LOADS of expensive makeup on their face to look this good. I don't think either of these girls are knock-outs without their $500-1000 makeup done by a professional.

oh really shez a big disaster

She just shouldn't have done the wing on her lower lash. Plus she put way too much eyeshadow.


The first pic of Sonam, I don't think that's Intense Fuschia she is wearing on her lips. I have that color and it's not even remotely similar to the one Sonam is wearing. The color on Sonam looks more like MAC Speak Louder/Crosswires.

i love this magic and beauty

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