Beauty Questions for You..

Here are some questions to all you girls out there!
1] What is your normal beauty regime?
2] What things do you always carry in your bag before leaving your home?
3] What would you wear for a Girls night out?
4] what you do to keep your self healthy and fit?

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Dessigaal's picture

i am loving this post..i made like 2yrs ago! thank u everyone. i prefer fixderma shadow sunscreen spf 30+ it works trust me i have the most sensitive skin.

Anonymous's picture

she lok lak ameysing she is beuaty full and happy

Anonymous's picture

1] What is your normal beauty regime?

Vitamin C cream with sunblock mixed with argon and rosehip oil. They are all high in anti-oxident.
I use the oils before going to bed with vitamin C.

For exfoliation, just use honey+ olive oil+sugar.

8 hours sleep and reasonable well-rounded food with lost of fruits.( nothing beats this)

2] What things do you always carry in your bag before leaving your home?

A lip gloss from Sephora and l'oreal kajol eyeliner. I don't wear make up, so I avoid high brands as
for me it is just waste of money

3] What would you wear for a Girls night out?

Cream blush from Mac, lipstick from sephora, eyeliner from l'oreal and eye shadow.

4] what you do to keep your self healthy and fit?

Hot yoga+ pilates+ racket sport such as tennis all year around. Also, I prefer to walk everywhere rather than drive and it saves on gas and parking fees

In summer, since I live in Canada, I do rollerblading and cycling to make the most of the summer and fall. In winter, I do snowboarding though I suck at it.

Muzamil's picture

The best thing for the skin is applying UBTAN...the sicret for perfect skin

Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

It's good

Anonymous's picture

I never thought I would find such an everyday topic so ehntralilng!

kans4561's picture

1) my normal everyday beauty regime consists of washing my face everyday at least three time
morning, after work and before sleep. Exercise and eating healthy also is a major part of my regime and ofcourse water!!

2) Before i leave home well my bag always has lip balm, water and lotion

3) Girls night out? usually depends on the occasion but if its to a club or dinner
usually a dress , classy and knee length. I always mix up on what i wear for night outs so cant really say exactly what i would wear

4) To stay healthy and fit i try to eat healthy... fruits, veggies and regular meals. I never skip any meals because skipping is really harmful for your health and you can add much more calories than eating. I drink loads of water.
Exercise 3 times a week 1hr a day.. dance, yoga or Pilates. Often i reward my self with CHOCOLATE :D

bodynlife's picture

Skin Tip: Avoiding heavy makeup, especially kajal, 7 days prior to the wedding helps keep the face fresh and helps to avoid dark under eyes. Pick some of the best brands of skin lotions from :

Anonymous's picture

Nice & thankz for info

Anonymous's picture

keep unused bread in bathroom whenever shower just powder it in u

r hands add shower gel and use all over including face no need 4 expensive scrubs &reveal glowing u daily

Anonymous's picture

I'm not a dermatologist but still I'm giving my suggetion here, few months back I got acne on my face, I tried many things like I started drinking Coconut water, fruit juice, applied multani mitti and stoped using creams, applied basen and many more things which are usualy prescribed by many dr. , I nfact I had gone through dr. treatments also, but I dint get any changes, so I thought y dont I start using my old soap Dove(I used to use Dove) let it be whatever happns, n beleive me friends I really got rid of this problem in a week. I'm not advertisiong Dove but it really works.

Anonymous's picture

I am a doctor and I suffered from acne myself a few years ago. Nothing I tried worked. So I went through a lot of research studies and I customized my beauty regime. I totally cut out caffeine from my diet (coffee, tea and colas) and I took a zinc supplement and fish oil supplements everyday. My skin started glowing in 2 weeks. Trust me, this works!

Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Defenitive Rani !!! ♥♥ beaztyqueen nr. 1

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Anonymous's picture

im a dermatologist......4 acne here is a treatment 4 u people.....
1:antibiotics,like cap.ceporex (500mg) twice a day for 2weeks. if u hv lot of acne u can continue for another 2 weeks.
2: clina gel (twice a day, morning n evening).
3:acne plus soap (wash ur face twice daily, morn n even)

Anonymous's picture

1 i wash my face evry mrg with pond's cleang face wash GUYS IT REALLY WORKS
2 wallet,lipgloss,face wash
ooops my moble
guy i suffering from acne so plz can u help me? plz

Anonymous's picture

1) cleanse, toner, moisturizer morning and night routine (only morning if i dont wear makeup)

2) wallet, keys, blackberry, lipgloss, mp3 player, glasses

3) depends on the weather and occasion but casual: sweater dress with black stockings..i love looser fit clothing, makes you look classy, and skinnier. i love looking effortless, carry a cardigan with me everywhere since im ususally cold

4) work out...though its hard for me to stick to it...i am obsessed with sweets so i rather work out then give them up. i hate soda or fast food...the only liquids i drink are tea (sometimes), milk, water, hot chocolate so i dont do any soft drinks or sports drinks. working out definitely helps take out all your toxins from also tones your dont want to look naturally skinny but instead a hard toned body like god damn perfect goddess!

charlene's picture

if u guys like my skin in my pic then heres my secret :
1) wash my face every morning with skin clear cleanser...then apply the skin clear mosturiser spf 15....thats coz i live in london...if u live in india u might wana use a higher spf...then i use 3 pumps of the spray toner... i do that in the evening too...AND MOST IMPORTANT THING...i get a facial every few in london its called the skin clear micro dermabrasion... it removes a layer of ur dead skin and reveals glowing fresh skin(like it really does )

2) i carry my bronzer blush coz i like to look tanned, blush brush, mac foundation, iphone, collasul mascara and eye liner, oh n MY CREDIT CARD!

3) girls night out i usually like to wear figure hugging dresses...especially leopard...i'm in luv with leopard print! so a leopard print dress wit high heels... if its a restaurant or something then leggings a long top and high heeled ankle boots!

4) obv go to the gym...u HAVE TO HAVE A LOT OF WATER! sweat my ass off at the gym...which gives me realllyyyy nice skin the next day... eat what u like as well as being healthy otherwise u'll just end up yoyo dieting! get at least 8 hours sleep!

peace xx

Green's picture

1) When I wash my face every morning, I don't use cleanser EVERY time. I only use it every other day, so my skin doesn't over-dry. I wash my face at least 3 times a day - in the morning, when I get home from work, and right before I go to bed. I was told not to exfoliate my skin regularly by a cosmetologist. Other than that, I don't mess around with my face too much (and you guys shouldn't either, it damages your skin - it doesn't matter how old you are). I don't wear make-up, only Vaseline on my lips.

2) I always have to have lip-balm (Vaseline), my phone, hand lotion, hand sanitizer (I work with children), and tissues.

3) Girls' Night Out: Nothing major; just jeans and a cute top.

4) I don't think I'm the healthiest person, haha. I'm super skinny. For breakfast, I have a bagel or bread with butter and some tea or coffee. Lunch is heavy - usually rice. I have to have chicken or fish. Dinner's the same. And I love evening snacks with tea. I don't work out because I don't have the time (and I'm lazy). But I do get a workout done because I'm running around school children all day.

Anonymous's picture

Love this post!

1 - Frst thing in morning, cleans my face with pond's rich cleansing cream, wash my face with an exfloiating face wash, moisturise with an olay cream which has spf-15... and thats it, until night time where i cleanse again then go to sleep. I am really lazy so i dont even bother with make up :s

2 - I always (try to) carry a bottle of water, my phone, and my debit card lol .

3 - I would ideally wear a pretty dress with heels... but i love my jeans so i always end up wearing jeans and a sparkly top, hehe.

4 - I am a very very lazy person... so i dont do much excersise, even though i eat A LOT haha. But i do love eating fruits... i try to get my 5-a-day if i can.

Anonymous's picture

Oh sorry I forgot the rest! I was the one who posted about Beauty Do's and Don'ts

2) I carry lipbalm, wallet, checkbook, phone.
3) Girl's night out: a mini dress with heels. Long softly curled hair and simple jewelry. Play up eyes or lips.
4) I work out 5 days a week, and use portion control.

Anonymous's picture

Beauty Do's:

Birth control: It really helps balance your skin if you have acne. I take the low-dose kind. It helps balance your hormones so your skin glows. If you are afraid of even taking the low dose you can try eating soy products. Soy produces estrogen in women which helps balance your skin as well. Keep in mind to not eat TOO much soy. Also if you have acne avoid eggs and milk they can cause acne.

Take your vitamins: the glow from within can never be accomplished with just cosmetics.

Wash your face with gentle fragrance free cleanser. Expensive isnt what matters, use simple products. The best moisturizer out there for sensitive skin is Kiehl's Panthenol Protein face cream. A large jar is 30 bucks and will last you about 3 to 4 months.

Most imprtantly!!! LOVE YOURSELF :) Now thats beauty

Beauty don'ts:

Use Bare Minerals. Me, my sisters and my friends have all gotten milia (little white bumps that can only be removed with laser) from this product. Infact stay away from anything containing bismuth oxychloride or panthenol near your eye area. I tell everyone I know about this. Its awful. Don't use heavy eye creams either if you are prone to milia. Like I said SIMPLE products are best.

Smoke, do drugs...drink excessively. Pretty obvious.

Wear too much makeup, dye your hair too much, do any beauty regime too much. Its just going to look bad and damage your natural beauty.

Anonymous's picture

1) Vichy Calming cleansing solution. NO moisturizer!!! it just clogs the skin and it becomes dependent on it! Nutiva extra virgin coconut oil for full healthy lips
2) my keys and a good book to read on the subway
3) whatever im comfortable in!! simple pants and a comfy shirt -- what u wear isn't as important as how u carry urself, the energy in ur eyes and your presence
4) jamieson fish oil capsules 3x a day (eat your omega 3s for healthy skin and hair) i dont exercise cuz i walk a lot daily :)

priyanka_diva_12's picture

1] What is your normal beauty regime?

I use Clearasil's face wash and cream. My face was extremely acne prone but it has cleared up a lot due to clearasil. I just love it. It makes my face feel clean and fresh.

2] What things do you always carry in your bag before leaving your home?
Cellphone, Nivea lip gloss, Ipod

3] What would you wear for a Girls night out?
Jeans and a tee

4] what you do to keep your self healthy and fit?
I plug on my ipod and dance for a minimum of thirty minutes ... i try to do this daily.

I feel like a star lol thanks dessigal for making me feel like a celebrity...more posts like this please ! Its soo fun and girly love it

Anonymous's picture

Roghan badam shirin...

Anonymous's picture

and Oral-b battery brush...

Anonymous's picture

Just a pond's oil control face wash or St.ives apricot scrub for face and also for body dont like using any soap...

Anonymous's picture

1] What is your normal beauty regime?
i use face wash with DDF brush and i use their exfolating creamwith DDF twice a week.
before going office - paula's choice moisturizer, very little liquid foundation and concealer.
NO lipstick for office !!!!!!
2] What things do you always carry in your bag before leaving your home?

keys, cell phone small ganesh ji and non of make item!

3] What would you wear for a Girls night out?
Jeans and top

4] what you do to keep your self healthy and fit?

fruits in the morning as breakfast and some again around 3- 4 pm.

if i eat pizza one day - next day i try to eat less.


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