It it were free, would you resort to plastic surgery?

It it were free, would you resort to plastic surgery? 0

I have always wondered how far can people go to look pretty and is looking beautiful everything in life?

Coming to my question, if it were free as in you did not have to pay a single dime, would you resort to plastic surgery to fix your looks?.

Say would you go for breast enlargement, hip reduction, cheek implant if you were given an option.

If yes/no, why?


I would get liposuction for sure!

No never!!! U have to thank God for what you are and be natural... from Bollywood for example Priyanka chopra so many surgeries thats not good! doctors always says normal people will never do surgeries !

Yeah i would. A lip job probably.

not at all. im very happy the way im. i Thank God for what he gave to me


I got no craving for more 'beauty'. I'm happy with my naturally blessed looks. But if there was some major flaw, and I look bad enough to scare people away, then I might definitely consider it! :-)

Money is never a problem. If I have to do it, I will. Free or expensive. If it's expensive I'll earn it by myself.

I would never change myself. But the damage that has been done over the years such as stretch marks, acne scars I would definitley get that repaired.

I would to smooth out my sun damaged skin from too many outdoor sports.

yes! Everything! I hate my punjabi looks.

Noooooo way! And plus am young don't have to worry about it yet. And plus I like the way I look. Am confident enough that even if someone says I need it, I wouldn't do it. I might sound a bit overconfident which am not, am just confident lol

Never!! becoz i m natural beauty i m amrita rao look alike i would never get surjury done and anyways its haram so never

Yes, My nose is wide :( I hate it.

yea for sure, butt butts too flat. I want a firm big round butt....that's what the guys all like.

They complain about girls with flat butts and small boobs

God only knows how much I would. I am and adult and completely flat chested. I can only wish to have curves. I wouldn't get extremely large breast implants, just a 34B or something. As for my face, I wouldn't change anything. Just my chest.


its like ur telling god he didnt do a good job on you

Never !!! I love the way i look, i am what i am and thank God for making me what i am today.

never.....main apni favourite hoon......

Never, foreget about Free , but my mom is ready to pay for my surgery. she used to tell me that i should do some nose surgery , it will make me more beautiful.. but such thing is very sensistive.. 1st u hv to gone thorugh lots of pain, than u hv to shut in ur house for months than if surgery gor wrong than ITS DISASTER... so i am very happy with my natural look.

for double chin....
looks like nothing else can cure it

no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would not go for any 'cut and paste' type of hideous surgery you see on 'Really fake Housewives OC' kind of thing.
I am blessed with a great facial features, very symmetric, and it works for me. Not to brag , but I have noticed I am one of the very few people who actually has a perfect nose without surgical intervention.
What I would like to change is the stretch marks I got on the butt because of weight fluctuation ( I went from a waif at 120 lb to chubby at 164 lb to back to 125 lb in a few years time) .
I would also like to have some stuff done to the under eye area when I am older.
I remember reading in some magazine about a procedure where they make very tiny punctures in the skin, so that it heals itself and looks younger. may be such things when your body heals itself.
But I have no desire to look like a freak with implants and jaw alignments, and cheek implants, botox etc. These are all big NO for me.

I'd go with rhinoplasty like Sridevi & Shilpa Shetty did... I have a very big fat nose :(

Koena Mitra did.. and it ruined her pretty face.

it is still so dangerous.. and it's stupid to look like clones..
it's important to look unique.

heck YES. i wud jump the bandwagon and FIRST AND FOREMOST get a nose job to have one look like Winona Ryders (she has had a nose job and the before/after shots are shockingg) so, yes, i wud :)

heck YES. i wud jump the bandwagon and FIRST AND FOREMOST get a nose job to have one look like Winona Ryders (she has had a nose job and the before/after shots are shockingg) so, yes, i wud :)

$ can buy better features possibly, but it cannot buy beauty.. that is a glow that people have.

there are ppl who have the perfect peaches and cream complexion, great features.. but somehow, they seem plain. totally plain. nothing glows. and there are people who just smile and dazzle-- and everyone finds them a raving beauty--- and no one knows or cares if their nose is 2 sizes too much or they are 2 inches shorter. even the so-called 'most beautiful women in the world' have features that are mis-matched or not the best upon closer inspection. beauty is really something within.. not purchased on a surgeon's table.

Wed, 2010-09-15 11:11 — Anonymous: beauty does come in all sizes, and surely you must be lovely!
please don't think size 0 is the standard beauty 'rule'.. in fact most studies have shown that males prefer healthy curves instinctively over size 0 (Marilyn Monroe is still a cult star for her looks)-- the world over. The un-natural gaunted size 0 is *NOT* a desirable look by many many guys the world over-- ask them !!!! Remember, Karisma was a size 0 , yet her voluptuous younger sister was considered prettier when she started. Kareena's curves gave her a natural beauty when she had started back then. in fact, they are both pretty, in all sizes.

Last we checked in Delhi among an 'elite party', it was an amazing diversity of beauties ranging from size 0 to 14 and even higher-- and these were the hip happenin' trophy wives!! Each guy was convinced his girl was the prettiest ever !!! There is beauty in ALL SIZES, so long as you're healthy.

So look in the mirror, smile and feel happy-- there is a LOVELY you. As long as you smile, that's beauty !

Wed, 2010-09-15 18:36 — Anonymous -> she was pretty before and after.. her nose did not 'make her' for sure.

how would we know? ask aish and koena who have.

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