Kasturi turmeric to prevent hair growth

Kasturi turmeric is one great beauty tool. Most people dont know much about it . It is very different from the kitchen turmeric. For all beauty recipes involving turmeric, it is preferred to go with this turmeric.

I had unwanted hair growth on the chin and my grandmom recommended this. Apply a paste of kasturi turmeric mixed with water on the chin. Wash off after 10 minutes. Do this every day for a month and you will see that the hair growth in yiur chin will have reduced. Try this, you will be satisfied.

For acne too, you can apply this paste on the affected area.

I hope you like this tip:)

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Anonymous's picture

There are plenty new options in market for hair minimizers.

Anonymous's picture

If anybody wants kasturi manjal powder means , please contact me for door delivery (only in Chennai)to this id kasthoorimanjal@gmail.com

Anonymous's picture

I grow Turmeric both kasturi which is non edible and is known for centuries for the properties in skin care. The edible grade which I cultivate has excellent flavor and is one of the most proven Antioxidants. The quantities I have are very limited as I grow the same by Organic farming. Please contact me for details. Murali 9109341241143

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you get kasturi turmeric in malyalee shops.

Anonymous's picture

try indian stores.. if not ask anyof ur freind flying down from india to get it for u...

Anonymous's picture

Hi ,
where i can get in US this product, Really I want this.....

Anonymous's picture

Ayur or Banjara have Kasturi turmeric powders. check your local health and glow store or any place they sell ayur/banjara products

Anonymous's picture

Where can i get it in South Delhi or Noida

Anonymous's picture

you find it in cosmetic shops.. where do you stay?

Anonymous's picture

and whr is this kasturi turmeric available?

Anonymous's picture

in karnataka use this all the time. It does work and smells really good too.

Thanks for sharing.


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