Which skin care products do you use to keep your skin clean and healthy?

Which skin care products do you use to keep your skin clean and healthy? 0

Hello guys! My skin is really sensitive its like whatever i use it does not suit my skin. Well my skin is really improved thanks to my doctor. I have quite oily skin so i used olay foaming face wash it didn't work for me i got pimples. So i am using olay normal face wash its good but not much its average. And i use sunscreen recommended by my doctor and i use M.A.C compact powder its nice. Now i want you to share your skin products with me. Anyone who uses L'oreal products, i want to know your reviews.


I also have sensitive acne prone skin--after struggling for so many years with various brands- I found Clinique's anti-blemish solutions range..the foaming facewash, moisturiser n esp the tinted clearing concealer r just fabulous n not a zit since I started. U must try it to believe it

shesheido works really well with asian skin..i've seen quite a difference in my skin after using it for less than a month..i've tried so many differents brands and nothing worked for my skin as good as shesheido

I also have oily skin. I began using purity by philosophy about a year ago and I love it!

can someone tell me if laser hair removal on the face is good for the face

that's nice

olay is the WORST brand in this world. it is CHEAP , so people try it , but don't waste ur money on cheap stuff.

i use

1) Laura Mercer - Golden tone foundation
2) I use medium dark concealer - suggested by Spephora specialist .
3) Bobby brown loose powder

I don't use lipstick daily at work .. i do use sometimes Cover girl's very berry gloss

4) lipstick - i just got Laura Mercer - Amethyst .. its a new color and light in shade .. try it , you will love it!
5) once a week MD's Sulpher face pack ( you can get this from sephora .. its costly , but lasts LONG, a little bit on any zip over night , and zit is gone over night)
6)Pula's choice face wash or Steve's Green Tea face scrub.
7) sally Hansen facial hair removal wax at home.
8) bert's bee radiance - under eye cream , before going to bed.

every night before bed , I use Lavender oil (100% PURE). this is the best thing for your face !!!!!! i am 31 years and 8 months... almost 32 years, and people say I look like 25-26 MAX. go figure why .... I just told you ;)

We definitely need more smart people like you aournd.

for acne prone skin use effaclar face wash from la roche posay
Use argan oil/ lavand oil or shea butter at night to hydrate ur skin. They let the skin smooth, glowy and for those who have scars due to acne they kinda fade them.
In the morning put a good cream (don't know what are the brands in india, i'm from france...)
Use everyday!! EVERYDAY!! I insist! A sunblock protection UV30 or more (i use uv50 from avene or sometimes hyseke but heard shiseido sunblock is really good).

For makeup I use Loreal foundation infaillible. (i mix two to get the right tone)
I use a nivea pressed powder.

I'm not indian but algerian with olive skin.

check out the FOrest essentials products online. These are Ayurvedic product and extremely good for the skin. For make up, loreal products are good

I too have extremely sensitive skin. But mine is very dry. I cannot use most of the products out there even the ones which claim to be used for sensitive skin. After trying sooo many products expensive and cheap, I found a moisturizing cream called loreal hydra renewal. I buy it in bulk since I don't see it very dept store. I also use mineral makeup. It also has helped me a lot.

very nice effect in girls mishal

I use good old fashioned soap and water.

olay normal face is a good product. I have been using it for 2 years. Skin treatments should be done with care. Always go to a qualified clinic like MD Houston - www.alwaysyouthful.com

What are your views and opinions about Pond's Gold radiance day cream.
Does that really works? as I started using it recently.. finding it bit oily on my skin

Yes!It is always better to consult a doctor about skin products as some of them may cause skin infections.

Argan oil and its multiple effects on the human body

Sir,how can i remove dark spots and fill my nose pores or small holes

Yes I use loreal products and I have oily skin too so I dont no how to get make up on oily skin what kind of products I can use

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I use the nelly devuyst from Skinlux philippines. There are in the business a decades I think and their products are all good to my skin.

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