The Hair Makeovers - Aishwarya Rai

I've always been intrigued to see what actresses would look like with different hairstyles. Its a shame that some Bollywood stars don't experiment with their hair. So, out of boredom, I decided to use some virtual hairstyle websites!

First off is Aishwarya Rai. Below are some styles that I thought were different and still flattering.


I love the first one, it'd so edgy and different, but Aishwarya can pull off nearly everything!

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Anonymous's picture

She doesnt have to try so hard to look good. Just with her hair let open, without any makeup... she will still look every inch the most beautiful woman in the world.

Anonymous's picture


Bipasha-Fan's picture

I like the first & the last! btw plz do one for Bipasha as well :)

Anonymous's picture

I love the first one!! Of course Aish will look good in anything.

Anonymous's picture

Oh my God! The amount of time some people have to waste. Why don't you do some charity work instead of obsessing over a non-actress???

Anonymous's picture

I like the first one, third n last one! lol

Anonymous's picture

WOOW great post, u shud do more post like this. My favorite look of Aish among these are 1,4, and 6

Anonymous's picture

You made her look hideous!

Anonymous's picture

wow she looks ridiculous

Anonymous's picture

please olivia wilde has exellent bone structure, not a chubby paratha face like aishwarya's.

Kamini's picture

the last one is the best

Myraa's picture

All r really looking fake but i like last one, its look like natural.

Anonymous's picture

The second one looks best and stylish.

Anonymous's picture

I would love to see Ash in a really sexy steamy role with lots of slinky clothes

Anonymous's picture

Makeup critic G00D Job - I always wanted to see Ask in a fringe or shorter hair.

Anonymous's picture

i loved the 1st & the last one.... Aish u r sooo gorgeous .. be brave take some risk :)

Anonymous's picture

the third one makes her look like Koena Mitra!

Anonymous's picture

Second one is the BEST <3333

Anonymous's picture

Wed, 2011-12-21 14:34 — Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

no these dont look good. i think the wig she wears for real is better
ha ha ha that was funny! now just wait for Aishwarya's paid fans to say "You must be bald and wearing a wig. Ash has beautiful hair". ha ha ha. she was balding in Taal se taal mila le if i remember correctly

love u sallu-kareena's picture

3rd,4th,6th look is nice...

harish 89's picture

aishwarya does not need to experiment
with her looks god made her in
perfect beauty i wouldn't change
a thing about her

Anonymous's picture

Love pic no.3 the smart bob and the side bun of course! :)

Fiza_Khan's picture

I like the last one :)

Anonymous's picture

she shd go short now, she has never gone short

Anonymous's picture

she is looking like rakhi sawant or a bisexual in all the pics...unfortunately Ash ant pull off everything these days

Anonymous's picture

she looks like a devil.. but had fun watching.. he he

Anonymous's picture

MakeupCritic you are brilliant! I love this post. Hope you do this for many other of our actors! I love the first one too. Breath of fresh air.

barbie girl's picture

My favorite is the one of Ash in the side bun! But none can compete with with the real Ash look!

Anonymous's picture

haha. Funny stuff

God she's so beautiful no matter what hairstyle

Anonymous's picture

i like the first one :D


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