The Highs & Lows Of Bollywood Makeup

Being a makeup artist and beautician myself, the first thing I notice is how the Bollywood ladies wear their makeup. I've chose some FAB makeup moments, and the NOT so fab moments that some of the leading ladies have been seen in.
I am fully aware that lighting makes a LOT of difference, please take this post as entertainment only. :)

Deepika Padukone

• Perfect Barbie pink lipstick for her skintone. Doesn’t make her look like a corpse
• The eye makeup is kept quite neat. Kohl in the waterline and on the upperlash line frames her eyes well.
• Her skin looks beautiful, golden and healthy.

• Sporting the classic combo of a bright red lipstick, the added gloss gives it a great touch for a nighttime event.
• The thick liner on the upper lash line is all that is needed, especially when the lips are so bold.


• Everything is over the top. There is TOO much going on with the eye area. Thick brows, too much eyeshadow and obvious contacts just make her look quite witchy.
• The lips are too dark . If the eyes were neutral, the lip colour could have worked. Deepika is usually seen sporting this shade of lipstick, and quite frankly, it does nothing for her complexion.

• Her face looks dull. There is no warmth at all, not on the cheeks or lips. The whole look falls flat.
• Matching your lipstick to your hair is never a good idea. A currant coloured gloss would have elevated this look.


Aishwarya Rai

• Even though this photo is taken in natural lighting, the foundation doesn't look cakey. The base is super smooth and flawless
• The eye makeup is just right. Aishwaryas eyes don't need heavy eyeshadow, so some khol liner and false lashes do the trick in making her eyes sparkle
• The lips are the perfect balance of nude and color.

• The focus is on one area, her lips. The colour suits her skintone perfectly. The coral/rust colour makes her whole face look brighter.
• The blusher is so perfect, it looks like she is blushing from within.


• Instead of looking dewy, her skin just looks oily. The foundation should have been set with powder.
• The eyeshadows used should have been matte. They are shimmery, and along with the oiliness of the face, and the glossy lips, the face just looks too "shiny"
• The nude lips are just wrong. On the HQ of this picture, you can see the foundation has been applied onto the lips. This is just wrong on all levels. Foundation does not make a nude lip.

• If theres one thing that doesnt suit Aishwarya, it is heavy eyes. They make her look a lot older. The excess smokiness of this look just makes it look gothic. The eyeshadow needs to be blended a lot more, and the use of pink as a crease colour only makes it look more gothic.
• We all know the rule. If the eyes are so intense, the lips and cheeks should be muted. However, n this case, every aspect of the look is strong and intense. Too much all at once.


Kareena Kapoor

• Her eyes are understated, yet they pop. The liquid liner is just the right thickness.
• The lips work wonders with her hair colour. Thankfully, she escaped the matchy matchy look by going for a copper coloured gloss as opposed to red.
• The foundation is flawless. This is how to do the dewy look and get it right.

• The gold eyeshadow works well with her eye colour. The lashes are natural and look very romantic.
• The blush and lip colour are the perfect shade of nude. They compliment each other very well.


• The eyeshadow and lipstick should never be the same shade, especially if it is pink.
• Excess lipliner only makes Kareenas full lips look even bigger.

• As Kareenas skin is so pale, anything harsh or strong will look odd. In this case, her face has no dimension to it. The blusher moulds into her natural skintone too well.
• The eyes are lined with liner which is too strong, too dark and too intense. The colour is too much of a contrast with her light eyes. Blending is key!!!


Rani Mukerji

• There is a definite freshness to this look. It makes Rani look 10 years younger.
• We all know Rani is the queen of the smoky eye and this is no exception. The colour is blended so well, you can't tell where the eyeshadow begins, or where the liner starts.
• Nude lipgloss makes Ranis eyes stand out even more. The shine on the lips gives it a very fresh look, for the daytime or nighttime.

• Ranis face looks flawless here. The foundation is matte, and there are no visible pores and no uneven skintone.
• The matte lips look great and they are lined just right. You can see the lipliner, but it doesnt look out of place as it is the same shade as her lipstick.
• Of course, the eyes are smoky perfection. The grey shadow makes her hazel eyes stand out 10 x more.


• There is just too much of everything here. The whole colour scheme seems to be brown.
• The contouring on Ranis nose is too harsh. You can clearly see the bronzer down the sides of her nose. Once again, blending is key!

• With this being a daytime event, the makeup should have been more neutral and dewy.
• This is one time where I thought she got the smoky look all wrong. Browns should have been used instead of black. Her eyes look way too extreme.


Priyanka Chopra

• Priyankas makeup looks exquisite here. The foundation is perfect and matches her skintone well. There is no ashiness, just lovely bronze skin
• The shade of blusher (a dark coral/peach) is just perfect with the golden gown. It really gives her face that extra vibrancy.
• The eyes are very neautral, this allows the lips to do all the talking.. literally. The lipstick shade is perfect for her, she usually gets the lip colour wrong by going for dark plum shades.

• The perfect word for this look is.. SMOULDERING! The eyes are impeccable. I believe this is due to Priyanka taking her coloured contact lenses out. The darkness of her eye colour looks fab with the black liner. It gives her a smokey look without even trying!
• The lips are also spot on. As Priyanka has large lips, nude colours will only make her lips look even bigger, so the lipstick shade she has on here, is brilliant for her.


• I know that the lighting has a lot to pay for here, but the foundation looks patchy and blotchy.
• The lips are so matte, they look dry and cracked. A bright pink gloss would have done wonders here.

• My biggest gripe with Priyanka, is that she tries to hide her natural skin colour. She likes to powder excessively and this shows in the grey patches that show up on her face.
• The lipstick application is shoddy. It needs to be cleaner around the corners of the lips.
• Her eyes needed some khol liner here, just to tie in the whole look.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Please note, this isn't a post to hate on anyones looks. It is just a discussion about the makeup techniques which their MUA's have used. I know that nobody is perfect :)

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Anonymous's picture

Rani is the queen of the smoky eyes, look at her in the last pic. She looks dashing n her make up is very well done!

Anonymous's picture

Deepika is amazingly stunning! How exotic is this girl, I love the 1st pic of hers with that light nude pink lip stick n her pink shadow! She really should wear more that pink make up, it suits her color skin very well, she also should wear more the red color on her becoz it looks GREAT ON HER!

Aishwarya is the most beautiful, but yes in that pic she was caked but I love when she experiments with colorful METALICS eye shadows! (Cannes). Too bad u didn't post it here but it's yur opinion.

Rani - Well even in the "bad" pictures u chose her best appareances lol but I love every make of her in each pictures but yes in the 3rd pic she looked too bronze n her nose was too slim. And I have to DESAGREE with u in her last pic when u said that BROWN should have been used instead of the BLACK. Seriously? Brown wouldn't have combinated with her PURPLE dress! Black-Purple r PERFECT for each other!

PC IS ALWAYS A DISASTER. CAKED OF WHITE FUNDATION ON A DUSKY SKIN LOL! Also she needs to stop wearing the same dark peech/wine lip stick becoz it doesn't suits to her skin color, that color sucks!!!

Anonymous's picture

Y are ppl complainin bout rani pics? I think she looks awful in the bad ones chosen. Totally caked makep! Aishwarya also cakes it in wayyy too much. So does priyanka. They all need help

TronWarrior's picture

Makeupcritic I appreciate ur post. But please learn to be unbiased. You chose good pictures of Rani even for her "Bad makeup" part and didn't do the same for other actresses. The racoon eyes look you posted for Ash calling it bad, you posted the worst pic when there were tons of good pictures. Have a look for yourself. Ash is the queen of racoon eyes.

Anonymous's picture

you choose better pictures of rani why? there many many bad pictures of her?she has disasters

Anonymous's picture

@Makeupcritic great post !makes me learn what might look good on me
thankyou so much
i hope you continue making such posts

Kitty's picture

I know it's just opinions and all, so IMO...

I don't like Deepika as much in the bubblegum pink makeup, for example @ the Araakshan screening she opted for light pink lipstick and blush that I thought looked horrendous on her skin tone! I prefer her in the brownish tones that she usually wears, she normally has a classic look without gaudy colours.

For Rani, even the "bad" pics chosen were OK, there are some way more ghastly pics floating around out there on the net! Anyway I think she looks better in a heavy eye makeup to accentuate the eyes.

For Aishwarya, I think she looks fab in dark heavy smoky eyes, for example her Oscars apperarance or her last 2 Vogue covers. The runway look was created for impact to be seen in the dark and from a distance so I don't think it really applies.

Priyanka usually seems to have trouble with applying her foundation, I don't know why... but her eyes and lips usually look very nice.

Anonymous's picture

very usefull thanks

Nairobi's picture

Nice post!

richaraiginni's picture

i dont know much abt makeup...but i found ur post interesting....thanx

Anonymous's picture

I disagree with you saying that deepika looks dull in the last photo....I think she looks the best in that photo.
She looks natural and younger. In the other photos she looks like a tranny due to excessive makeup.

Anonymous's picture

ash makeup is very looks like so much foundation on her face, that you can't feel her real skin.

Sonam R.'s picture

@ MakeCritic Thank you for the wonderful post, I luv Ash & Piggy they luk gorgeous in any lighting & Dips deserves a mention as she is another well turned out star. <3

Anonymous's picture

even in the bad pics, rani looks quite good, i guess she has the best make-up team. deepika would look a whole lot better if she thins her eyebrows moving them higher and also making her brows less pointy. it will help her look much softer bc now they make her look really harsh. i also agree that pri looks really good in her skintone, she should not powder it excessivley.

Anonymous's picture

hey makeupcritic this is one of the most interesting post I ve seen on pv..Its great..all are true..can you pls include katrina also..

Anonymous's picture

I loved this post :) I hope you make more like this

Anonymous's picture

very educative , thanks. normally we tend to think anything a celebrity does is perfect.. i wish i cud meet u in person and learn what would suit me !

sharani's picture

I love this article. Not to mention you have a great style of analysing and writing things that puts the reader in an understanding position. Wonderfully discussed topic. It was a gr8 learning for me. I used to put everything wrong!!!!
Pls make an article for hair on how to make hair look soft and shiny. I want to know how actors change their hair from curly to supershiny and give gr8 styles. I beg of you :)

Anonymous's picture

I love this article. Not to mention you have a great style of analysing and writing things that puts the reader in an understanding position. Wonderfully discussed topic. It was a gr8 learning for me. I used to put everything wrong!!!!
Pls make an article for hair on how to make hair look soft and shiny. I want to know how actors change their hair from curly to supershiny and give gr8 styles. I beg of you :)

Anonymous's picture

deepika is looking good in 3rd pic and please post katrina also

Anonymous's picture

Please please make a post on lara and dia andneha dhupia.. their makeup is more realistic ...

Anonymous's picture

Fantastic and very well informed post. Please write more about hair and makeup. You obviously know the stuff really well!

Anonymous's picture

a nice post after such a long time. missing amu and someone else (sorry name also missing from my memory chip) who used to create beautiful posts.

Anonymous's picture

Great post.. Keep it up... U will do good.. will pray for your success

Anonymous's picture

lol deepika looks like a witch in 2nd pic

Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Deepika needs to take one row of her eyebrows to make them a little bit will make her look more sweet and not so harsh.
Aish really need to stop wearing false eye lashes all the time.i wonder how she is without them.anyway i believe she needs to concentrate more on her lips.
Kareena always emphasize both edges of her eyes.she really need to stop doing it,because her eyes are too close to each other,then she emphasize the inside edge she makes them look more closer to each other.

Anonymous's picture

Really well put. I am huge makeup art fan and love doing makeup. I understood most of the things and learnt a lot from them. Wish to see similar posts in future... <3

phoenixrising's picture

Great post! I was wondering who created this post and was least surprised to know it's from MakeupCritic. You are awesome! I wish PV had more sensible people like you to create something informative and unbiased.

I know this is off topic, but just out of curiosity - will excessive make up spoil the skin? How is it possible for celebs to look glowing and beautiful when they are usually exposed front of flashy lighting, cosmetic chemicals and erratic schedules? Sorry if that sounded naive.

Anonymous's picture

Fantastic post! It was interesting to read what you thought of their makeup techniques. I look forward to reading more of your posts.......that's a hint!! ;-)


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