Traditional Hair Care

Traditional Hair Care  0

Step By Step once a week Traditional Hair Care.

Oiling Hair :- Oiling strengthens the hair roots, removes dryness, gets rid of dandruff, repairs hair damage and improves hair quality. Always oil your hair & scalp with good amount of Amala the night before you wash your hair, after oiling your hair take all your hair on the top and tie it with thin muslin cloth so your pillows wont get oily.

Washing Hair :- Wash your hair with Shikakai Paste. This leaves hair clean and shiny without harsh detergent-based shampoos.leave it on for 2 minuties and then rise it off completely.

Hair Packs & Conditioners :- Conditioning of hair imparts a soft, smooth and lustrous touch to the hair. It is advisable to condition the hair once a week after wash.

Take ½ part of Samrat Shikakai powder, one part of henna powder, ½ part amla powder, and juice of one fresh lemon. Add boiled water to form a smooth paste, apply it on hair when it is lukewarm. Leave it for 20-30 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with plain water.

Another method of hair conditioning is, take henna and one small spoonful of castor oil or olive oil, mix these with lukewarm milk, make a paste and apply it on hair. After 20 minutes wash it, wrap a towel drenched with hot water around your head to blot out the oil and moisture.

Drying Hair :- Rubbing of hair after washing leads to split end. Tugging wet hair pulls it out. Therefore natural drying or drying with hair dryer is always preferred.

Traditionally hair is dried over smoke. Loban/Sambrani is sprinkled with rose petals on pieces of burning coal in an Incense Burner. The resulting fragrant smoke is allowed to pass through washed hair. The mild loban & rose fragrance lasts for days. There are various useful effects apart from the fragrance it imparts to hair. It aids in drying hair faster. Also, it tends to draw the excess water in the head & face, being a good treatment for those with a heavy head from cold and sinusitis.


who have time to do such things

i love to use those products for haircare, but if i did people kept telling me that it'd stink, especially amla and hair oils. so i stopped using natural products ad switched to the regular harmful stuff containing sodium laureth sulfate and other chemicals. now my hair is coarse, limp, brittle and hard to handle. is there something that could help me? nice post btw

where can I get this Shikakai paste from?


LOL @dilaram comment's. I agree

Shikakai paste from?

Hi Chand,

Nice post! I orderd Shikakai from the internet. I hope it will work :)


i used to do all this when i was young. i had long thick hair and it used to be so relaxing especially in the sambrani smoke.

Use Milk on scalp n leave for 15 mins then rinse off, will thickens the hair from root to tip.

where can i buy shikakai powder?

i love u katrina and sonam

Hello, just wanted to mention, I enjoyed this post. It was practical. Keep on posting!

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