The Hair Makeovers - Karisma Kapoor

The Hair Makeovers - Karisma Kapoor 0

Here we go again!

Karisma Kapoor - This yummy mummy DOES tend to be slightly creative with her hair, however I would love to see her in a lighter hair colour. She has a gorgeous complexion which can carry off different hair colours with ease.



She'd look beautiful in all of them.

Love it..want a change for hair in real..

looks elegant in all of dem, she is such a diva.. :)

Every hairstyle except the blonde one!

2nd and 4th

She has such a pretty face that anything looks good on her. Even the blond hair if done professionally.

Superb post as always by makeupritic. Lolo looks great in every hairstyle.. Please do one for Juhi Chawla too

Second to last looks the best on her..i think that is like her natural hair too..and my fave

best hair make over post. every hairstyle suites her.

Every hairstyle has too much volume. too big for her head.
But I like the 1st one.

she looks great in every one of them, she should actually try out the 1st and 4th one

@ makeupcritic could you please do a hair make over for katrina as well? thanks :)

Karisma is a is always a stunning mother, sister, actress and person!

The blonde hairstyle is nice but not the color.

all looks good.. but last two are perfect on her

The wavy hair (1st hairstyle) makes her look young as well as pretty.

Age factor must be kept in view while dressing and styling .


I think she looks fab!:)

Karisma kapoor has a beautiful complexion and a decently attractive face !

Unfortunately her face does not have the extra appeal like aishwarya or kareena .... its way too bland

and other hairstyles simply dont wear well on her...

If given a choice, Id hope she can have thicker hair, which she doesnt really .... thicker form of her natural hair will make her look more beautiful . her frontal hair and hairline are scanty and she is unable to create different hairstyles because of this

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