The Hair Makeovers - Vidya Balan

The Hair Makeovers are BACK!

Please remember this is a lighthearted and fun topic. Not to be taken seriously at all.

We all know and love Vidya Balan. She is a classic Indian beauty with earthy looks and a very desi sensuous about her.

However, she plays it safe with her desi styling and hair. Rarely does she experiment with her hair.
The styles I have chose are very safe, however it was quite hard to make a crazy hairstyle work as it was hard finding a picture of Vidya in a non desi attire/styling.

Hope you enjoy!

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Anonymous's picture

She looks good in all... Nice job.. she should experiment..

art_lover's picture

The 4th one is fine.. she looks good in her simple hairstyles.

Anonymous's picture

1, 2, 4!!

Anonymous's picture

1st and 4th are plain awful.

Anonymous's picture

nice change !!

Anonymous's picture

why indian actresses faces are so wide. Its like an open field to grow corn. Look at Rani, Kareena, Vidya, Katrina, Sonakshi etc.. very few has a nice facial structure like Kangana or Sonam

bebo_pclover20's picture

I like #1 and #4 - both hairdos soften her facial features.

J-liz's picture

Great post! She should really try the 1st one!

Maya D's picture

@MakeupCritic Can you do this for the guys? I'd be curious to see how Akshay Kumar looks with dreadlocks ;)

kkk fan's picture

that side smile o.0

HumTum's picture

Great post. Vidya is so beautiful but she looks horrendous most of the time with those saris and make up. The first look would really suit her.

The Weird's picture

She's a good looking woman who could pull off a lot but she's just stuck style wise.

Aishwarya_fan's picture

first one is good

garbotalks's picture


Anonymous's picture

Vidya could pull of anything. She has such a beautiful face. I'd still find her stunning even if she were bald.

mocuishlelina's picture

The first one is cute. The third one is my favourite IF her hair to be side parted. It will make her look years younger.

Anonymous's picture

her real hair win

Fiza_Khan's picture

Lol, no she looks fine with her hair I guess :) Nice post

Splendide's picture

she looks bad in all of these hairstlyes..Sorry Makeup Critic!

Real Talk's picture

Wow! I've missed these posts. Love the very first bun with soft curls around the face for her..

lauriesa's picture


Morisim's picture

I love when you do things like this Makeupcritic. Just wish that These celebs would actually try/ wear these styles.

Anonymous's picture

Yay, I love these posts! The first one would really suit her.

Anonymous's picture

She is not looking good in any of these. She doesn't look good no matter what she does. Sorry!


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