The Hair Makeovers - Kareena Kapoor

The Hair Makeovers - Kareena Kapoor 0

I have to say, Kareena really suits light hair. She so needs to go light! Not the unflattering blonde she had a few years ago, but a more warmer blonde or an auburn colour.


Omg! That's S.C.A.R.Y !! #SpareMe

vote for aishwarya rai at for poll of most atractive woman of 2011..shez at no. 2 right now..plz vote guys to make her win.... she is only asian on the list..

Love third on her, perfect hair style

I like the blond looks because it's so different from her normal look.

look like brittany spears in 1st photo

2nd, 3rd and 4th one is suits her best.

to the fool asking us to vote for ash rai in some irrelevant poll?
Why should we vote for some painted fake clown?

Kareena looks so pretty!!!!!! I swear she has the californian look

well, i personally think blonde and light hair really suit kareena's
skin tone and skin color...i don't like her in blacks and

Ash isn't even on the list of hello magazine.

makeup critic u simply have waaaaaay too much time on ur hands!!

hu, 2011-12-22 14:22 — 0pinionated

makeup critic u simply have waaaaaay too much time on ur hands!!


Including yourself since you love spewing your stinking venom in the form of 'opinions' on posts after posts

3rd one is good. I don't like how she looks in blond.

do a harido for kangana, maduri, sonam, pc

Who ever posted the link Aishwhorya is a fool we dont vote for people who paint themselves white and neck wrinkles, we vote for natural beauties like Bebo and Lolo. Pinkvilla post my comment.

See the link of Lolos and Bebos mom, Babita ji, even she was glamorous


Kareena is one european looking women....nothing indian about her.
Like her looks here....below some1 begging for aish that's funny.

Can we see katrina and priyanka in hairstyle. Thanks

makeupcritc, which website did you go to to put celebs pics and see how they look with different hair, I want to do it for myself and see which hair suits me

ooh please stop doing that childish art on pinkvilla........seriously its not fun at all.....

OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME!!!!!!!!!!!! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Terrible!

seriously every1 is bored of her long hair, time to go short like the 2nd and last pik


A light brown would look really good!

Lmao@californian look. Im 4rm california and she looks nothing like a cali gurl

all are very scary!

Aishwarya post was much better she's way more beautiful!!

3rd one is good.

3rd one looks awesome.... she should go for dark brown hair.... it suits her.... but light brown doesn't suits her at all......

never saw anything this scary. false cheekbones jutting out and all, eugh!

0pinionated - I work full time, I'm also a housewife, and I STILL manage to make entertaining posts on here ;)

Also, this topic took me about 20 minutes to make. It's quite easy and not as time consuming as you think.

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