Exclusive interview with Kareena Kapoor's hairstylist Pompy Hans

You might not know him my name, but chances are that you have seen his work.

Meet Pompy Hans, the talented and down-to-earth hairstylist of Kareena Kapoor. Born in Amritsar, Pompy had a very modest beginning. But today he is one of the most sorted celebrity hairstylists in Bollywood.

Pompy studied hairstyling at the Toni & Guy Academy in London. He then began assisting Bollywood makeup artist Cory Walia. Cory really liked Pompy's work and recommended him to try his hand in Bollywood.

Pompy got his first break in Bollywood with Darna Mana Hai where he styled Sameera Reddy. There was no looking back from there. He even acted in movies like Fashion and Dev D. caught up with Mr. Hans for an exclusive interview where he talked on Kareena Kapoor's looks for her upcoming movies.

How has your experience working with Kareena been?

I have been with Kareena Kapoor for almost 4 years since Kambakht Ishq. She is a beautiful girl both from the inside and outside. She is a very loyal person. She may be the top star but she is very chilled out and dildaar. She is a very simple girl at the same time very classy. I have had an amazing experience working with her.

Can you briefly talk about Kareena's looks in her upcoming movies?

In Ra.One she plays a Punjabi housewife with a kid settled in London. So her makeup is quite simple yet classy. For her hair, I gave a straight hair look with blow dry and a little bit of bounce. Her look is different for the song Chammak Challo as the movie takes a turn post this song.

Agent Vinod is a thriller. She has a couple of different looks in the movie. Her hairstyle changes as the movie goes through different locales. There is a mujra song in the movie where her look is that of a Pakistani girl. So she has a nose ring etc. For her hair we added soft curls with extensions.

In Reema Khagti's next, Kareena plays a very different character from all her previous movies. It’s a thriller. Her look in the movie is just “Wow”. I can’t reveal much but she will look out of this world in the movie. Straight long hair with streaks is the look I have created for her in the movie.

How does Kareena achieve her near perfect hairdos at her various public appearances?

She prefers bouncy blow-dry for her everyday look. We use good voluminising products like L’Oreal or Tigi. I use a root booster and volume hairspray.

What are Kareena’s hair care rituals?

She uses a high end shampoo and conditioner for her hair and gets an oil massage once a month.

Does Kareena give you inputs on her looks for her movies?

Of course she does. We work on it together like a team. She is quite aware of the latest fashion trends. It’s my choice but her decision. She is very flexible and is ready to trying out new hairdos.

On a day off work, how does Kareena style her hair?

She loves the messy pileup look. That’s her personal style. Take all the hair up in a rubber band in a messy way. That is her favorite look.

Any hair-styling for our viewers

It really depends on the face structure and hair texture. I really like mid length with layers.
Make a concoction of 4 oils – almond, castor, olive and coconut. Warm the oil and massage your scalp with it. It works as a great conditioner and stimulates the roots of the hair. Do this at least once a month.

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0pinionated's picture

she is pretty pretty

Anonymous's picture

Bebo uses kerastase shampoo and conditioner.

Anonymous's picture

kareena is looking gorgous in red.
love her in any outfit as she can carry so good

Anonymous's picture

man, she has come a LOOOOOOONG way from "size 0" (which I don't think she ever was to begin with).

Anonymous's picture

lol! interview with HAIR STYLIST; okay now that is publicity over drive, please calm down lady

Anonymous's picture

I wanna know what shampoos she uses!!

Anonymous's picture

is that a paunch???

Qu33nb3b0's picture

Nice iv pompy.

Anonymous's picture

Will try the hair massage

Anonymous's picture

Pompy - I am your fan from Ludhiana

Anonymous's picture

eager to see kareena's look in Dhuan. Pompy u do a great job in all bebo's looks

SajidTweets's picture

nice interview with pompy! Good to know he's given Kareena different looks in Agent Vinod & Dhuan. The straight hair look was killing me! Thanks Pinkvilla :-)


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