Katrina Kaif Beauty Secrets

Katrina Kaif Beauty Secrets 0

One of the hottest actresses in Bollywood, Katrina Kaif opens up her beauty bag to share all the products she can''t live without and the beauty routines she follows religiously, but says the real secret behind her fresh, luminous looks is being 'natural'.

What's your makeup routine?
There is no makeup 'routine'… When I am not shooting, I prefer to stay away from any embellishments. But yes, I always keep bare essentials, such as lip balm, at hand.

And for the big night out?
I don't use a heavy hand while doing makeup but I do pay a little more attention to my eyes when it's a big night. Doing up your eyes well makes you look fresh and alive.

What are your favourite products?
I don't have any favourites. What matters to me is that the product has to be from a reputed company. There has to be a certain amount of credibility. I feel that even if it may work out a bit more expensive, it's worth it.

What's your favourite perfume?
When I shop for perfumes (invariably in duty-free stores, while I'm travelling), I check out the new fragrances and pick up whatever catches my fancy me wearing makeup from morning to evening. Even if your lifestyle doesn't necessarily involve makeup, it's very important to use a good cleanser to remove the day's grime. Another well-known trick is to consume the right amount of water-it keeps your skin glowing.

How do you keep your hair looking so good?
My hair suffers quite a bit, thanks to the number of products that are used during shoots to style it. I try and take care of it by using serums or going for a hair spa. I get my hair trimmed from a good hairdresser once a month. In Mumbai, I go to Asif Rajan, Dilshad Pastakia or Sapna Bhavnani.

Do you have a special diet?
I'm not sure if you could call it a 'diet' but I do try and eat right. When I say eat right, I mean eating the right foods, in right quantities, at the right time. If you follow this mantra, you're sure to be not just in better shape but also feel much healthier from within.

What's your DIY beauty routine?
The only one I adhere to religiously is 'take off your makeup' before you hit the bed. It helps tremendously!

One simple trick that makes you look fabulous?
The way you look, honestly, has a lot to do with how you feel. When you are calm within, the smile naturally comes easier on the face.


Wow love it, I will surely follow your steps Katrina

nice lips....bottom lips..lol

she never striked me as someone who does a lot of beauty maintenence
i dont think she is into makeup that much
you always see her without makeup
i love her lips and omg she got flawless skin

Why can't she just answer the dam questions? What's your favorite perfume: OH whatever, what's your favorite product: Ohh whatever...she wears make ALL the time. I hate the BS answers, man - just keep it real!

this pic is absolutely stunning
it showz what kind of skin katrina has
its flawless even without makeup

wow amazing skin
i will definetely listen to her advice lol

her lips are OMG soo lucious

Wats with the lips, she has thin lips so stick with thm, no need to plaster lipliner outside your lips! N yeah Anonymous on Tue, 2009-05-26 19:28, thts wat i was thinkin, jus answer the damn questions thts why ure there! Shes plastered with makeup pretty much all the time, to hide her ugliness, unfortunately it doesnt work! Stupid BS answers, just say wat u think!

After all she is a Natural Beauty !!!!

Katrina is a NATURAL BEAUTY, who was blessed with good genes, She hardly ever wear make up when she is not shooting. I will try to follow her advice.

omg look at her skin
and her complexion!
nice pic
and good advice

lol i dont blame her for saying she doesnt have any fav routines or perfumes....cause I DONT!! we are girlz, we change our fave brandz , designers ALL THE TIME... girlz will agree with me on this so transvestites won't get it, i dont blame u!

she is so damn beautiful..perfect face.

damn beautiful..everything is so perfect.

perfect face

she is not even that pretty!

complete BS...I agree with Anon below

flawless complexion
love her light skin and dark brown eyes, pink lucious lips, black eyebrows and pinky cheeks
she is HOT!!

katrina kaif 'real' beauty which other actress lackz

what BS!! I hate ppl like this..scared the leser mortal will copy your products???

Anonymous on Fri, 2009-05-29 00:49
Anonymous on Fri, 2009-05-29 00:33

you people are outta ur mind! she is most beautiful thing on earth!
ohhh...wait i get it. u must be aish fans..right?

I don't blame her for not naming any fave brands
Even I dont have any fave brands because it keeps changing

She answered the questions perfectly fine
"The only one I adhere to religiously is 'take off your makeup' before you hit the bed. It helps tremendously!" SOO TRUE
I like when she said "When I say eat right, I mean eating the right foods, in right quantities, at the right time" - thats true too

so dummies, its not 'bs answers'

and love that pic! SHE IS BEAUTIFUL

She doesnt say anything new or out of this world, she says to eat right, well obviously, and take your makeup off, dont tell me u guys havnt been told to do tht before! Common answers common face, talentless. Absolutely nothing beautiful!

Really beautiful
I love her milky complexion
She really answered them wisely
Beauty with Brains!

katrina kaif -- beauty with brains
Love her peachy glowing complexion
She is stunning, really beautiful !

Totaly agree with Anonymous on Fri, 2009-05-29 16:29, u got it right man. Nothin spacial bout her.

She is a creamy fair goddess. The rest of you are jealous of her and of people like me because you dont and never can have our milky color. So shut the f up.
-Samaira (too lazy to log in).

Samaira, OMG you are gonna laugh at this hahaha
Anonymous on Sun, 2009-05-31 00:00.

thanks for the advice
your goddess, so obviously i will follow ur beauty regime

wow that wasnt Samaira??
are you guys sure??

Anonymous on Sun, 2009-05-31 00:00.

Some people are just bored with their miserable life! I agree with bolly_addict and I don't think it's Samaira.

she is a man ash is way better than this aunty ji

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