The Makeup Makeovers - Priyanka Chopra

Hi guys. So, after the Hair Makeovers, I bring you the Makeup Makeovers. Once again, these are meant just for fun!

PRIYANKA CHOPRA is one actress who has a million dollar face, yet is so safe and boring with her makeup. I don't think I have ever seen her sport a lipstick/gloss that isn't brown/mahogany. It makes her look slightly tacky and slightly 90s.

Priyanka Chopra is a dusky beauty, and her lipstick colour just makes her face look dull. I also think she should embrace her natural eye colour as it will make her look more exotic and stand out in a sea of light eyed beauties.

I have edited Priyankas images by adding small touches, mainly in the form of lipstick. Enjoy!

Here, I have added a nice pink coloured lipstick and some dark eyeshadow blended onto the lower lash line, and on the eyelid.

As we never see Priyanka in a bold lip which is pink/red, I have added a dark pinky red. This picture is from an awards event, and Priyanka is wearing a heavy lengha. Therefore, adding a bright lipstick won't look awkward, especially as it is a night event! I have also added a brighter eyeshadow under her brow bone.

We know Priyanka likes her dark lipstick, so this purple lipstick isn't veering too far from her comfort zone. It is such an unusual shade, but I think it suits Priyanka so well. Especially with the hairdo and the black top. I also added a blue liner and eyeshadow, just for something extra different.

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J-liz's picture

Great post & pls do other celebs also.

lovePConly's picture

nice post.

Anonymous's picture

Great article! what app have you used to edit these pics if you dont mind sharing! Thanks.

Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Priyanka is amazing in her own way don't you dare try to insult her about thee way she wants to be and btw why the hell do u care about her dark lipstick it looks better then the one u made her wear.

Anonymous's picture

gSWe0H I think this is a real great blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Really Cool.

Anonymous's picture

qqsQz5 A round of applause for your article.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on...

Anonymous's picture

iergds Thank you for your blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Really Great.

Anonymous's picture

yea the bright lip color looks pretttyyyyy

baazigar1's picture

i think the reason why she doesnt wear brighter/ bolder colors on her lips is b/c her lips are so big already that she doesnt want them to stand out even more

afrada's picture

Pink lips are so in right now ! Love it here on PC (First pic). Great job Makeupcritic :)

Please do Rani Mukherjee next ! I love her smokey eye do - But its getting sorta boring -Dont you think? Would love to see you give her a makeover ! :)

Anonymous's picture

2nd and 3rd pic! Good job!

Anonymous's picture

Greatt post!! Can you do Madhuri, Rani, and Aishwarya next please?

Anonymous's picture

Actually I like the way she does her makeup herself, i prefer the natural look for everyday. Is it really true that she wanted SRK to leave his wife for her?

Morisim's picture

Nice post! She looks like Kim Kardashian in the first pic. Every girl looks average without makeup. Off of one old pic where she was tired, she's being punished. She have a makeup artist. Don't you think she's responsible for how PC looks?!

Anonymous's picture

like all your ideas... thry defintley work way more than the original ones.... hope PC sees these and takes some ideas on board

kohinoor's picture

PC looks amazing in the after shots
great makeover

Anonymous's picture

What a charming stunner. She's a beauty. Her face is gorgeous. I didn't realize how bland she can look with a color that melts into her face. Although it does look classy, adding some color should be done. I love the purple, and the pink 1st and 3rd pic. Great job makeupcritic!

MakeupCritic's picture

Thankyou guys for the sweet comments! :)

Anonymous's picture

Good job !!!!! what an improvement - she is really boring with her overall look!!!!!

Anonymous's picture

She is absolutely stunning ....

Anonymous's picture

try the Mary Kay Virtual Makeover App.. it is really good.. u can edit.. lips, hair, eyes.. what not..

Anonymous's picture

Gorgeous girl !!

Anonymous's picture

she looks alot more exotic with colour added to her face

Anonymous's picture

She looks better in the before pics.

Anonymous's picture

Great post. I like 1st and 3rd.

Anonymous's picture

There is a great difference between before picture and after picture. though not a fan of her but have to admit she is looking gorgeous in after pictures especially the third one...

Maiyaaa's picture

PC is very beautiful with or without makeup!


I doubt you will say it after you see her pics without make up !
average looking girl.. but with make up looks quite good :)

Green's picture

Great post!! PC really needs to change up her makeup style. It's very boring for a girl who claims to be badass.

Anonymous's picture

She is very beautiful n damn gorgeous
Really she doesn't require make up to look good
God has given her every damn thing !


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