• 5 min 31 sec ago

    hahahaha i agree otherwise she'd be driving the rolls royce :P

  • 5 min 38 sec ago

    So much for Kjo wanting to release it on Dec 25th to spite SLB

  • 6 min 19 sec ago

    PV don't filter this please. It's merely an observation. His entire family doesn't give me the right vibes - at all. I hope she knows what she got herself into. I agree with someone who posted in this one or another link about how she appears a lot more smitten with him and he at the same time really gives off the wrong vibes. I hope all is well after the fun and games are done with.

  • 10 min 1 sec ago

    Gautam is the worst. He has no brains, asks old man Puneet for every thing. So he is not the Captain?? Ha ha. No one respects him like how he was in others captaincy!!! He def.not a good Captain & not fair either. Picks in Pandit for no reason plus irritating big time. Just imagine living with him!!! Again brings personal issues to get sympathy simple as that or cries like a baby.

  • 10 min 34 sec ago

    That was really sweet. It's nice to see the friendly side of Bollywood. The rumour about the rift between Salman and Priyanka dates back to 2007. It is clearly over and done with. If there was a problem, Priyanka wouldn't be invited at all in the first place, on top of that she wouldn't get the chance to go on stage and read a special letter written by bride and get thanked for her presence there. Priyanka did make time free, despite a busy schedule. Can't say the same about Kareena or other 'close' friends. The next day Priyanka was back on sets to shoot for Bajirao Mastani.

  • 12 min 4 sec ago

    Why does not aishwarya rai look at abhishek ever....her body language always excludes abhishek!

  • 12 min 23 sec ago

    When did this screening for PC happened? The movie got released she was in Abu Dhabi for a film festival and then she left for LA

  • 12 min 26 sec ago

    She looks so much happier now compared to her YRF days.

  • 13 min 35 sec ago

    I read this article two weeks ago that was "srk special screening for prianka" its not a blind item. It was interesting because when again I wanted to read and show to one of my friends it was deleted. There was just the title of article with a blank page. Some body deleted from Internet. I didn't believe but now. ....I don't know. :(

  • 13 min 46 sec ago

    For being awesome as he is, amazing and generous and super friendly n all, he doesn't treat his women well. It's one thing giving women gifts, and spending money on em etc, but it's a different thing to respect a woman and give her what she needs. Salman has never had any relationship work out or become a real deal. What he said to kat in front of everyone, even in jest and good humor, speaks volumes about his attitude in general. He's a great guy and friend, but not husband or boyfriend material. And i think he knows it as well, hence more or less a conscious decision to not get married as time passes.

  • 14 min 1 sec ago

    Gautam does not need to flirt with Dayan to to stay in the house, and I think he has figured this out as well! However, she needs some vote and that is why she is leeching on to him. I really hope GG figures it out soon!

  • 14 min 43 sec ago

    Katrina 's trip to khan function was only to gain brownie points, and publicity and to show she is still close to khans. Obviously she is not.

  • 15 min 5 sec ago


  • 15 min 11 sec ago

    This is a dream wedding for Arpita. She is absolutely blessed. Once again congratulations :):) By the way, is that white chick Iulia Vantur? No body seems to have raised an eyebrow about that.

  • 15 min 58 sec ago

    Puneet was one of the only people who supported Gautam during his captancy and did not boycott him and his work! He DESERVED all the special treatment and Gautam was not partial!

  • 16 min 19 sec ago

    I think There's something wrong with your understanding, watch that episode again, He proposed many times. She declined because she felt she was too young and started to concentrate on her career basically she never wanted to marry him and she was looking for excuses. She waited till she was successful and Mr Kapoor came on scene and then she left Salman. PV post it please, why ain't you posting my comments?

  • 16 min 32 sec ago

    Priyanka is very dignified and won't use someone else's wedding to promote herself. I can't say the same about Katrina or Malaika. For them it was either about how special they were or how beautiful their clothes were.

  • 17 min 46 sec ago

    Alvira must have also got gifts. When she was married, there was no presence of social media and so we were not bombarded with this news of 'who got what'. Salman has time and again helped Atul Agnihotri with his attempts at movies.

  • 18 min 8 sec ago

    prianka is given more importantnce then katrina and even arpita requsted prainka to read her letter beacuse she was emotional prianka almost treated close to khan family and arpita and in case of katrina she was almoste involved herself by force to khan family and arpita's weading cermony and they tolerted her by force that reason madam katrina has giveen cold shoulder to poor prianka and ignored her and the other hand prianka also ingnored kat too prianka pretend like she isn't here in wedding cermony and this step and salman's jokes on katrina in wedding cermony are clear prove and real fact and shows the real place of katrina in khan famity. Pv please post my comment.

  • 19 min 13 sec ago

    Priyanka looks so beautiful.

  • 19 min 26 sec ago

    Deepika was never linked with SRK.
    99.9 percent women will not break a home to create their own .
    Though DP have had numerous boy friends but she DOES NOT GET INVOLVED with married or TAKEN MEN.
    It's only your desperate plastic chipku who is bent backwards to rock peoples marriages and innocent kids home..
    She has so much appetite for diamonds, cars and flats...
    Will go to any length to get it..

  • 20 min 51 sec ago

    I guess it's easier to say you like doing masala movies, rather than admit you don't get good offers.

    Hopefully now that she has her own production company things will change for Sonakshi.

  • 22 min 47 sec ago

    This certainly is not about a top actor or top actress, so it has nothing to do with SRK or PC. But just have to say that all the talk about these two started and got hyped ONLY here on pinkvilla. Actually there was no rumor without pinkvilla and its comments! Some rival actors' so called fans started to talk nonsense whenever there was a picture of them during promotions or events. And suddenly out of nothing, there was a thing!! A so-called RUMOR!! The most pathetic rumor EVER! And I personally congratulate haters of these two, for being the most hard working haters EVER! But ruining somebody else's image won't help your idol's image, and it won't change the truth either. Just makes you a loser fan of a loser idol.

  • 23 min 7 sec ago

    You can link to the story, which says that Akshay did a special screening of the film for Sonakshi? Media wrote about it, and about the special screening of SRK for Prpiyanki wrote all sites

  • 23 min 33 sec ago

    But isnt Jacqui doing a Kat on him?! Using him to get films? She also used Sajid (horrible) Khan too...


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