• 9 min 58 sec ago

    Omg how sweet he is

  • 10 min 23 sec ago

    why does he have the expression that something is stuck somewhere.

  • 10 min 44 sec ago

    Lucky Zoya

  • 11 min 2 sec ago

    Handsome cute sweet hot warm person alive

  • 11 min 43 sec ago

    Offfffff yaaaarrrrrr offffff offfffff offffffff offffff I want you NOW !!!! :(((((((((( offff Why God why??? Why???? ......... Ccccc zzzzzz ggggg tttttvmhfztjmkihrsbjyftyuikkigrxbm,ibfrcvnmk,nvcssxzxvgrz bmgcdcbhnmmmggbnjgtdethiofecbhvd:( sorry guys....:( :( :( :(

  • 12 min 21 sec ago

    This has been my wish for a long long time. Great. Looking forward. esp wid VISHAL..

  • 15 min 46 sec ago

    yayaiie daddy kapoor bought me an award ! Lol

  • 16 min 18 sec ago


  • 21 min 54 sec ago

    Zayn is such a cutie and SRK of course is SRK.

  • 22 min 21 sec ago

    i see most people here agree with the article. but then why does everyone bash kangana when she says the same thing? when she says she'll only attend award shows which value her performance, not her presence at the show itself? she's right! people should stop bashing her for saying what's nothing but honest!

  • 22 min 22 sec ago

    Deepveer rocks

  • 23 min 5 sec ago

    You are a superstar Hun. Of course papz are going to follow you. Respect this part of your job too. Be like SRK. He said why should I hide my face when I have worked so hard to be recognized. Plus this is the reason that justifies your sky high pay cheques. Hope you understand. <3

  • 25 min 8 sec ago

    It owuld be interesting to see them again on the big screen. Loved them in JTHJ.

  • 25 min 43 sec ago

    No hate/jealousy.Celebrities who have power to be heard should not propogate an act which society will not approve it may be your choice which you are fully entitled to & may could be practicing ie sex outside marriage or Practice them but dont preach for certain actions practice what you preach cannot be correct

  • 25 min 48 sec ago

    All the best to these three beautiful ladies.

  • 26 min 26 sec ago

    That's cute!

  • 26 min 50 sec ago

    Stylish and stunning as always. Though Heroine movie flopped but Bebo looked supremely beautiful in that movie and even during the promotional tours.

  • 29 min 18 sec ago

    Nice PR work my Priyanka and her Team, when you manage to make a movie hit and it makes a really big payout based off on someones story you do in fact owe them a bigger cut of those profits because it end of the day her story that you are portraying. You stated that " I and the film makers at least have brought the story to the forefront in the best way that we can." NO!! your intention was not really to bring her story to the forefront because u felt for her and the likes of her if you did as a production team you would have done far more to alleviate their position at least in the case of Mary Kom... In fact the movie makers saw this an opportunity to take advantage to further their cause to make more money while masking the marketing as something they are doing for women empowerment.

    IF Priyanka or her team felt that paying a billion dollars to Mary Kom would still mean she is underpaid for her all of her efforts then why didnt they even attempt to give her something either to Mary or towards her boxing schools. When it comes to an industry like Bollywood NO you get paid for your popularity, your looks and or how much skin you show or how much agents bargain for what you are worth, commercials, PR time/marketing etc AND not necessarily to do with how much you REALLY work for, hence you do not get to compare yourself with the hard work that Mary Kom has had to struggle with.

  • 31 min 5 sec ago

    Her good movies aside, I have watched even all those nonsensical movies that she did just because she looked ethereal in them.

  • 31 min 49 sec ago

    How could someone be THISSS beautiful.

  • 32 min 21 sec ago

    Wow just wow. She is stunningly beautiful. God bless her. Amen.

  • 33 min 19 sec ago

    It is not fair to blame him. He is doing well as per the character. The concept shown on this show is good and different. I guess not many people are liking the concept.

  • 34 min 15 sec ago

    OK I digress then....he doesn't deserve anymore than 20crores for the shoddy job he did. If I hire someone ans they do a crappy job, then I will wait to see the final outcome before I pay them too. Sorry but RK I tried to stand up for you but you have obviously lost your way and are not worth the amount you are charging. I thought he hadn't been paid at all, thus the earlier post.

  • 34 min 54 sec ago

    Yayyy I am on a commenting spree. Lolx but I hope he does get married. Would be good to see cute kids of his.

  • 36 min 45 sec ago

    People who talk about pr sound like stuck recordings. Please be a little more creative and show that your brains actually work ....even if you are a hater.


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