• 11 min 3 sec ago

    dating for sure

  • 15 min 36 sec ago

    That pose reminds me of the asian/indian toilet going position....

  • 16 min 50 sec ago

    Thank god Shanoo Sharma didnt play the role.

  • 19 min 9 sec ago

    No. It isn't you. It is blurry. Probably because the cover is scanned.

  • 20 min 9 sec ago

    Love this guy for how he manges to act on his convictions.

  • 20 min 27 sec ago

    apun ko to pahle se pata tha bechaara ranbir kapoor

  • 21 min 15 sec ago

    The confidence needed for a daughter in law is beautifully portrayed in the movie...though I m not plus size,I had to go thru all those taunts..after watching her in the movie,for the first time in fifteen years,I felt there is nothing wrong with ME..but their attitude has the problem..love bhumi...

  • 21 min 56 sec ago

    Anushka said this in a recent interview. It was initially offered but she didn't have time to do the project. Then, Freida & Sonam came. Some issues with them & finally Anushka signed on.

  • 23 min 32 sec ago

    She is 1987 born

  • 30 min 57 sec ago

    Looks like Flawless figure of Priyanka in this cover

  • 31 min 59 sec ago

    AMAZING cover shoot of PeeCee

  • 32 min 23 sec ago

    Flawless cover shoot of PeeCee

  • 33 min 56 sec ago

    My most Favourite heroine is looking Woww

  • 34 min 32 sec ago

    Magical look of Priyanka darling she sizzles n how

  • 36 min 46 sec ago

    Did shraddha and aditya not break up? why is big bro partying with younger bro's ex?

  • 37 min 10 sec ago

    Kitni khoobsurut ladki hai apni Miss world Priyanka

  • 43 min 36 sec ago

    happy for them, we live in a different world now, it's good to come out in the open and be who you are and true to yourself.

  • 52 min 28 sec ago

    enough of AIB plz! please focus on filmy topic

  • 53 min 47 sec ago


  • 58 min 34 sec ago

    Proudest Fan ever, Priyanka u r so brilliant n amazing

  • 58 min 37 sec ago

    I love deepveer so much..my life depends on them....be happy always..

  • 1 hour 27 sec ago

    Why be protective towards one animal only? Cows are holy and chickens and lambs aren't? Ban eating any form of meat or products made from animals, why just ban beef? The hypocrisy is laughable.

  • 1 hour 3 min ago

    The Reigning Queen of Bollywood Priyanka Chopra

  • 1 hour 5 min ago

    Yeah Tamasha is march 2016…SLB should honestly move too..BM is a high-budget risky film…he's got to be crazy to go up against SRK-Rohit Shetty…talk about setting yourself up for failure

  • 1 hour 7 min ago

    What defames your beloved nation is when a public protection service under your remit fails so catastrophically hundreds of times a day. It is a defamation to your nation when you do what is so common in our culture that being when a wrong is committed rather than reprimanding the perpetrator, we cover it up and sometimes, we even have the audacity to place culpability upon the victim. Grow up for God's sake!

    Desh ku izzat jaey toh problem
    Lekin ladki ki izzat jaey toh no problem!

    What nonsense is this, yaar.


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