• 6 min 48 sec ago

    Good to see Ranbir happy and njoying... After breakup he looks liberating... Btw loved both of their dance... Will love them in Dostana 2 cast !

    Anonymous's picture
  • 7 min 21 sec ago

    Divyanka Dahiya is actually Divanka R@ndiy@

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  • 8 min 10 sec ago

    Imagine having it all and still be miserable we'll always she seems that way! Taking dig at other seems like she can never forget ranveer! Do t know if she loves that vrat dude!
    Deepika never forgets ranbir
    Anushka never forgets ranveer
    Kareena never forgets hritikk
    Katrina never forgets ranbir

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  • 8 min 17 sec ago

    I have understood that pinkvilla is mostly run by Deepika & Divyanka..Everyday we have 4-5 lame articles about these 2 and if you write something against them..it doesnt even get published!!

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  • 9 min 36 sec ago

    Kat fans started fewww

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  • 9 min 56 sec ago

    um what is she wearing I want it!

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  • 10 min 37 sec ago

    Please bring Naitik Back. Do what you can Rajan Sir, but we ant Naitik back

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  • 11 min 7 sec ago

    Finally we found a teaser trailer worse than XXX!!

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  • 11 min 47 sec ago

    I'm not a Katrina fan, I'm not a Katrina hater and I'm not an Indian. I live in a country where it's not considered shameful to live in with a man and where no one looks at you sideways if the relationship doesn't work out. Everyone knows what the social and cultural norms are in India. Kat knew it too and she took the chance anyway. I admire her for taking that leap of faith and fighting for her relationship. So her fans need to stop acting like she is a victim and give her more credit. It must not have been easy for her to be judged for something that is normal in the world where she grew up in (outside of India). She'll be fine and don't blame RK for calling it quits. Do you think Kat would've liked it if he stayed out of pity for her ? I think not. AND SHAME ON THE PEOPLE WHO PRAISE RK FOR MOVING ON AND HAVING FUN, BUT LAUGH AT KAT BECAUSE THEY THINK SHE IS TRYING TOO HARD ! Pv please post my comment :)

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  • 11 min 55 sec ago

    All fans should learn and stop hating, I saw a video RK jumped at RS and ranveer was carrying ranbir it was hilarious. RK was more into RS, than anyone he danced with him all songs Hahahaa. Keen to see sidhaRT and ranveer video if there was.
    RS did his best in stealing the show and made everyone happy including deepika, ranbir visitors ,,, such a warmhearted boy full of positivity and happiness

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  • 13 min 6 sec ago

    First of all enopugh of Deepika and Ranveer Singh. Deepika as Padmavati absoultely not

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  • 13 min 39 sec ago

    remaining single and having more romances can also be a life well lived. I like your story, everyone ends up more or less good.

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  • 16 min 45 sec ago

    Lol y does this Sonam alway stick out her tongue whenever she's taking a picture, isn't she a 30 something year old woman, her behavior n the way she speaks doesn't seem so.

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  • 18 min 32 sec ago

    Naseeruddin sour grapes for sure. Who even remembers this actor's movies? He was disgusting in dirty picture romancing Vidya Balan. Balan stole the show right under his nose. If he was so good he would have made an impact. Cant stand him at all. Kaka had sheer brillaince in him. He was the King Khanna then and will always be for me. You dont have to overact like Naseer does in his pitiful movies

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  • 18 min 43 sec ago

    Please you have gone from a sweet girl to a nasty and bitter girl. People including Salman will not forget how you flipped on rape comment.

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  • 19 min 22 sec ago

    When we know that the padmavati dosent meet ranveer in movie and that makes the movie VERY boring for me..! Why did people share that fact! I hope Sanjay changes that part because now that I know that it's not fun! I was hoping they meet ect

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  • 22 min 15 sec ago

    That resembles a lot of what deepika wore on manish ramp! Is she trying to show us more beautiful version of it

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  • 22 min 29 sec ago

    it will be a hit

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  • 22 min 40 sec ago

    Yes I know. Look into the eyes of Hrithik, there is no mind honesty or respect. The eyes do not lie. Look into eyes Kangana and you will see boldness of spirit and brains. Hopefully Hrithik really stop cheap the application and play with the audience on Twitter, do not need to look for sympathy through their children

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  • 22 min 42 sec ago

    I was waiting for this.....its crystal clear Ranbir Kapoor is a class . He has something special,royal class which Ranveer doesn't possess. I mean Ranveer type of boys r available but Ranbir is unique ...that is why girls r so crazy abt him. From Madhuri Dixit to Alia Bhatt they are fan of Ranbir Kapoor because they know both of them . Ranbir is a charmer nd people who have class can only acknowledge that difference. Ranveer is looking like a loafer not even a Joker ... Ranbir is shining.. Sorry to Say Ranveer u r dimmed by Ranbir over here...!

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