• 1 min 15 sec ago

    He must be devastated. He is a clone of his mom ! RIP good lady.

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  • 2 min 13 sec ago

    Probably cause you're choosing to forget but everyone still remembers the ibiza pics she leaked then faked sympathy for, she got exposed by the media big time

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  • 7 min 29 sec ago

    Lovely vibes. I say this considering the theme of the movie. I hope Shaad has cleared up the flaws in the original and has made it more suited for the urban audience.

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  • 9 min 28 sec ago

    dont call it lehnga its looking more like nighty

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  • 9 min 34 sec ago

    They are very photogenic. The camera just loves them.

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  • 11 min 11 sec ago

    What a sweetheart! This is why I have a soft corner for him, even though he is KJo's protege. If the Alia rumours are true and they last, she scored big time with this guy. He gives me the same personality vibes as Abhishek.

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  • 13 min 56 sec ago

    Varun and Ranbir are stars within their own right. But if you are gonna compare, you should take everything into consideration. Varun's films are all safe and same goes for Tiger. As for Ranbir.. I hope people are talking about YJHD and his other openings. Cause you can't compare ADHM opening to Befikre. ADHM had RK, Aish, Anu, Fawad, great music and the KJo brand to back it up. Befikre only has Adi, Ranveer and good music. You can't compare the openings.

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  • 23 min 4 sec ago

    Their is an age you shouldn´t kiss your kids on the lips anymore. His son won´t say anything against it because its his dad but how must he feel his friends at school see this pic? Is it necessary to share anything on social media except you need so much attention like Mr. Roshan.

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  • 24 min 3 sec ago

    The movie is really good rom com and was hilarious but seems like indian audience are more into dramas.

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  • 25 min 40 sec ago

    Indian married men don't need to run anywhere deepu is taking gud care of all of them at the same time

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  • 25 min 56 sec ago

    Wish you many many happy returns of the day Shona di...I am falling short of words to wish you now ...Just stay the way your are coz...I wudnt want to change a bit of a thing about you...we love you the way you are

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  • 26 min 7 sec ago

    GODDDDD!!!just look at her...this woman is somethng else..STUNNINGGGG

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  • 26 min 56 sec ago

    BB was not even a semi hit. Its only average,means no profit.

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  • 28 min 6 sec ago

    i wanna sing KSG's movie song for her.... Tumhe bhuloon kaise mein. Meri pehli khata tum ho.

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  • 29 min 4 sec ago

    Rani and her fans are irrelevant now. KINDLY Buzz off and please focus on Aunty type talks coz that's what Adi's mistress is left with. PV please post this

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  • 29 min 9 sec ago

    How desperate can one be to make Rajeev Masand to his spokeperson? Hrithik knows he lost it completely but he should face hus failures and admit he made other´s life more complicated to save his own image but he has no balls and hides behind so called blind ones. LOL he knows Kaabil will flop and no studio is willing to risk money for him.

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  • 30 min ago

    Abhi did exactly to rani what karishma did to him. Was he not double dating rani and ash, and dropped rani out of the blue and got engaged to ash and shocked everyone? So much for being a gentleman!!!

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  • 30 min 8 sec ago

    You are dead wrong babe! If deepika is not married its by choice unlike madam whose biological clock is ticking and who desperately wants to get hitched but no one is interested. See she is supposedly hot but not marriage material.Go ask any guy in BW .And please stop writing shit about Dp wanting rk back in her life cause he is no prize.

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  • 32 min 21 sec ago

    She looks beautiful but she has lost excessive weight. She used to look very beautiful in phantom promotions. Even in fitoor promo she was very bful but now she looks so thin and skinny. Also don't get me wrong as it is from one of her fan but she has lost her precious assets in way of loosing weight and looks quite flat.

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  • 33 min 3 sec ago

    Hear hear, there are a lot of nice people in the world but if they're bad at their job that doesn't mean we have to be like challo well at least she's nice. NO! Kat can't act.

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