• 3 min 5 sec ago

    So now we have come to this. Just because they have family in industry, it does not take away their right to express their opinions. No one watches anyone's movies continuously just because their parents are stars. May be they will get the chance or two, if they can't act they can't survive. Why all this negativity when this exists everywhere. So if given a chance it seems that no one should start doing what their parents are doing because it is easy. My friends whose parents are docs got it easy to take over established medical practice, I have to start working on my own as my parents are not docs, it does not mean Iam cheated. I will struggle hard to make my children's life easy, that does not make me a bad parent. Someone needs to address this nepotism, as it has given people right to bash anyone and everyone.

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  • 10 min 25 sec ago

    she looks sad
    The picture I mean Photo is good
    she looks yuk
    Look at that big fat nose
    Dont think she will make it

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  • 10 min 54 sec ago

    What motivation a person can get by seeing her? Such a self-made women

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  • 12 min 6 sec ago

    She knows that the police cannot touch bollywood and is saying this as a cover up!

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  • 12 min 59 sec ago

    Yeah.. Mira is highly educated that's why she copied Aalim Hakim's way, to announce her Pregnancy news. very nicely COPY. Someone's hardwork to think unique way, but someone's getting appreciation for Coping it..

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