Ranveer Singh turns serious

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Ranveer Singh is a serious person by his own admission to a leading daily.

In a chat with a leading daily, Ranveer explained how he likes a cheerful atmosphere around him but is actually a deeply emotional person. He said,

“I think I like a cheerful atmosphere around me ... I like it when there are jokes and laughter ... I like to keep things light. The truth is that I’m a very, very serious and an over-sensitive person. I’m very emotional actually, but to be like that on a daily basis gets very heavy."

However he admits that he is now finding it increasingly difficult to always keep up with his image of being happy go lucky and that over the past year, he has noticed a change in himself and finds that he has become mature,

“Slowly, I’ve been noticing this change in myself, especially in the past year, that I have become mature. I don’t only joke and fool around."

He cites doing a period film (Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 'Bajirao Mastani') as one of the contributing factors to this change with the other factor being that he has just turned 30 and so all of these things have come together to make him a bit a more serious. He stated,

“This jovial nature of mine is slowly waning. I’m becoming a little more serious. I guess it’s to do with the fact that I’m getting older. I just turned 30, I’m playing a character right now which is very mature, so with all of these things coming together … it’s happening organically.”

He also stated that he was happy with this evolution of him as a person and that he is embracing the change instead of fighting it like he used to when he was younger,

“I’m evolving as a person. It’s a good thing; I’m embracing it and not fighting it. I fought it when I was 26-27. But not anymore. My way of being is changing and I’m letting it happen the way it has to. I feel more responsible now.”

He also said that he hopes that slowly people will see that he is not a 'one-dimensional' person.


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