Trouble in Paradise!

Here is an interesting blind item from Times Of India:

This thirty-something lady has been long married to a respectable well-to-do boy from a conservative family with some connection to the film world.

Despite her dalliances with some industry folk she hasn't made much headway in building her career as a film producer. For long people have wondered why her husband, in particular, has turned a blind eye to her "fast" social life. In fact, she has hardly been seen with him in public. Not surprisingly, we learnt that all is not well in paradise and the two have been rethinking their marriage.

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Credits: Times of India

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its Divya bhushan Kumar

A million people were supporting kr against hr. See how that is turning out. Deepika you go girl and all the luck in the world to you. You know you are a star when people feel threatened by you.


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