Guess Who

A certain young actress seems to be growing too big for her boots. The lady in question debuted with an underwhelming film that despite being a super-hit at the box-office was hardly a memorable fare. And yet, she went on to miraculously get lucky and score big projects with the biggest stars. Out of obligation, when she decided to collaborate again with her co-star from her debut film in a promotional video, the actress walked in with all her newly acquired starry airs.

One hears that not only did she enter late for all her schedules; she gave the production house a very hard time. On a certain day when her co-star was fasting, the lady walked in hours late. She delayed the shoot further by taking multiple hour-long ‘touch up’ breaks. Madam’s demands became incorrigible when she ordered for specific dishes from her favourite coffee shop and then refused to touch it on the pretext of it being cold. Of course, microwave heating isn’t an option for the lady who feels ‘its harmful waves are not too good for her skin’.

Her patient co-star sat through all her tantrums and was heard telling a confidante ‘how landing films with certain Kings and Emperors and romancing Heroes’ has made the young one far too conceited. The lady who was once famously linked with a top honcho is now lounging in the glories of her big-ticket ventures.

Credits: Pinkvilla

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