10 reasons why we would like to see Genelia back on screen soon

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The gorgeous Genelia D’Souza Deshmukh turns 28 today. Last seen in a cameo appearance, in ‘Jai Ho’ in 2014, we are eagerly waiting to see her back on screen. Genelia joined Bollywood at the age of 16 opposite Riteish Deshmukh and married him in 2012. And now, after giving birth to a baby boy last year, Genelia expressed her wish to return on screen earlier in February. Here, we give 10 reasons on why we wish to see her on screen again:

#We miss that cute and bubbliness

I bet you’ll agree that Genelia is the cutest actor in our film industry...wouldn’t you? From her very first film, Genelia has carried this cute girl image.

#And you can’t get enough of her cuteness...

#Her eyes talk

Even when she doesn’t mouth any dialogue, Genelia can speak volumes through her eyes.

#She can revisit her Aditi role

Have you even seen this face? She will give any teenager tough competition with her childish and innocent face.

#She is...STYLISH

We love her every time she steps out of the house. Prim and proper or casual, Genelia steps out in style...always.

#And Sexy

#She has played diverse roles

Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Hindi...Genelia has played many roles...We want to see her play the Bong girl. She’ll nail it too, don’t you think so?

#Coz we can’t get enough of her

Genelia is charming and she just brightens up the screen in every frame.

#We just want to see her on-screen again!

Isn’t this reason good enough?

#Repeat...she’s super cute

This tag totally belongs to her!

And we wish her a very happy and happening birthday!


Most untalented actress ever to grace silver screen

my whole college boys and schools boys are made on her ... even though she is not doint any films ... i found images of her in my every frnd laptop and phn .... she is most cute i agree ... and she is also look like emilia clark (khaleesi of game of thrones)

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