Deepika Padukone Ranveer Singh Konkani Wedding Photos: We can’t take our eyes off these beautiful shots

Today, Deepika Padukone posted a series of pictures on Instagram from her Konkani wedding ceremony and we can’t take our eyes off these stunning pictures. Take a look
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All this while, we were only given two candid pictures from Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s wedding- Konkani and Aanand Karaj ceremonies. While few pictures were being posted by their make-up artists, stylists and hair-stylists, we were just not satisfied and wanted every picture and all the deets from the wedding. And looks like, DeepVeer heard us as today, the groom and the bride treated their fans with a series of pictures on Instagram from their Konkani wedding ceremony and you know what, we just can’t take our eyes off these stunning pictures.

While in one picture, we can see Deepika and now wife, feeding some Konkani dish to hubby, in another picture, Deepika and Ranveer are seen playing some fun games- Vokkul, where the bride and groom find a ring from a pot full of milk/water and flowers. Well, we would love to know who won this game! In another gorgeous picture, Deepika Padukone is applying tikka on Ranveer’s forehead and for us, this is by far one of the best captures from the album.

On Sunday, Deepika and Ranveer reached Mumbai and after greeting the fans at the airport, the newly-wed couple went straight to Ranveer’s residence for the Griha Pravesh ceremony. A day later, Ranveer and Deepika were again papped at the Mumbai airport as they were leaving for Bangalore. Deepika and Ranveer’s Bangalore reception will take place tomorrow i.e. November 21, 2018 at The Leela Palace. After the couple left for Italy, first, DeepVeer got married in a four-hour long Konkani-Brahmin ritual and a day later, Deepika and Ranveer exchanged vows according to the Anand Karaj ceremony.

Deepika and Ranveer started dating each other on the sets of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Ram-Leela and after dating each other for six years, Deepika Padukone-Ranveer Singh took to social media to make an official announcement about their wedding. Now, after their dreamy wedding in Italy, the duo will be hosting two receptions- one in Bengaluru and one in Mumbai.


Beautiful and pure....Stay blessed deepveer

Stunning! Both of them :)

Deepika is lucky and blessed to have Ranveer as her life partner...unlike many other actresses she didn’t marry a divorcee with grown up kids or someone who was way too old or younger than her. He is young successful and loves her to bits! God bless them...

Yup indeed even Anushka is around six months older than Viru she is damn lucky to add to that, there's nothing but upwards for Ranveer in his career from here since he's already established himself in the industry with his go getter attitude he'll continue to climb great heights in his career with much success.... with time Deeps would not work much or even will leave the industry to look after the family as happens mostly to women in bollywood (that's the harsh reality) but she will still be around major events and will be an influential part of the industry for a long time to come due to being a wife of a superstar in addition to having made a name for herself in the industry.not to compare but the sam e can't be said for Sonam ,Anushka or even for Ash for that matter since her husband wasn't able to create a strong footing for himself in bollywood.

From an eye of an India ,, look at those beautiful bangles, look at those authentic silk clothes worn by bride and groom. look at that background, look at that picture wherein bride and groom are performing grinding ceremony and everyone is wearing white / cream and those smiling faces , If Indian don't find these picture beautiful either they are jealous or must have forgotten there roots.

Absolutely stunning and it’s not just the outfits, the decor.. there’s a genuine happiness in these two that can’t be bought.

from the eye of an Indian .. look at those beautiful bangles,,look at those authentic silk clothes worn by bride and groom, look at that exotic background ,, look at that picture where in both are performing grinding ceremony look at the beauty of picture everything in white and all smiling faces . if Indian people dont find these pictures beautiful that means they are either jealous are must have forgotten there roots ...

Please don't spout such utter rubbish! 'if Indian people don't find these pictures beautiful that means they are either jealous are must have forgotten there roots ...' All Indians don't wear 'authentic silk clothes', 'perform grinding ceremony'. India is a huge country with different clothes, cultures, cuisines, languages, dialects etc. Respect that!

They're right , they no need caption for upload this picture . Because you'll know all about their feel just only see this picture . Soooooo beautiful , gorgeous , classy and full of pure LOVE .

So much love evident in these pics. <3

Money just can't buy taste. What is so good about her outfits or anything? I just don't understand what is the fuss about. Yes, the location is gorgeous but the bride, groom and everything else is just regular. post this please

if you cannot say something nice don't comment please

ok peec !! now take rest.

I agree that there is nothing amazing about the clothes or jewelry. But look how happy they are <3

you saw all the love they’re getting and commented this? wow

The location is beautiful but her face is not that pretty tbh. Still all the best to them

yes, yes,yes, deepika is not pretty especially in this bridal attire !1 right... come up with something different kind of hate speech!!!! low life

Beautiful. Stay blessed.

Wow, lot of efforts to get all things arranged and perhaps certain items even transported

So beautiful. No matter how forward we are never forget our age old traditions. Thanks PV for posting these wonderful pics

She is my least favourite actress, but looking at this pic I had a lump in my throat. It's what I would want anyone's wedding to be like...magical <3

Through the eyes of a westerner ,I find these photos very beautiful,intimate and not needing any words,the photos say it all,

This picture is pure love.

Love how traditional the wedding is.. must've taken a lot of efforts to arrange all this there. Deepika stayed true to her roots always!

Amazing pictures.. Well done Photographer..

These pictures are so beautiful. They win for me as the best wedding of the decade in Bollywood. You can feel the love, warmth, and joy in these photos

Confirmed: Deepika Padukone is the dream bride we dreamt to be!!


AWW! They even had a traditional sadhya lunch. This is beautiful! I love that they balanced both their families traditions so beautifully. God bless!

What sadya ? She is not a kerlalite...

Sadhya is kerala thali, not konkani.

South Indian weddings serve food in BANANA is that related to sashay ? Get ur facts right...

Really sweet pics. Love traditional Shaadi. Good luck to them.

What is in the plate with the curry where they’re mashing something?

It is called udada muhuratam in konkani marraiges. They grind udad daal while singing konkani songs . It is the first ceremony early morning before the marraige.

Two stones are used to grind rice and then make flour out of it, to make prasad. It is customary. In olden days when they were no mills, grinders or mixers, people used to hand grind and make flour

My Royal couple.Najar na lage.november is officially DeepVeer's month.

Waking up to these pics be like getting a big box of shaadi ki mithai :)

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