Anushka and Virat's Relationship Analysed By Body Language Expert

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Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli's romantic relationship seemed dreamy and fairy-tale like, when it was ongoing. However, the two left fans heart-broken when they called off this relationship and went their separate ways. While we are left wondering what caused this lovely affair to break off abruptly, Body language expert and owner of site - Khyati Bhatt has come up with a possible analysis of the Anushka-Virat relationship and why it might have gone wrong!

The article is extremely interesting with lots of facts supporting her argument. Read on and let us know your thoughts!

Why Did Kohli Keep Holding Onto His Ladylove?

You would have probably seen a lot of pictures like this where Kohli was trying to shield Anushka from the eyes of the public. We generally like to hold onto the things or people we care for, especially in a  hostile territory. With pictures being clicked, Kohli seemed to be feeling this need to protect his ladylove. The question is, did Anushka like this protective side of Kohli or did he go overboard?

Was Kohli Threatened By The Media?

Anushka, being an actress, is obviously used to a lot of attention from the media, can take the flashing of lights and clicking of pictures with her head held high. Not so much for Kohli though, who was seen to be looking downwards, many a time, in most of his appearances with Anushka. However, Kohli is no stranger to fame and clickety clicks. So, did he dislike all the attention or did he just feel conscious to be displaying his personal life in public? 

Was Kohli The Dominant of the Two?

It is usually the dominant partner in a relationship who likes to hold the hand in a palms down position when locking hands with a partner. Alternatively, this feeling of dominance could be limited to a certain situation. In this particular picture, the questioning look on Kohli's face speaks volumes about how he was not happy with whatever situation he was facing.

Did Kohli Feel Underconfident in Anushka's Presence?

If you pay close attention, this picture reveals a lot. Perhaps Kohli did not realize but he is seen tilting into the frame to be clicked together with Anushka. Did he lose confidence and consider himself any less of a celeb than her? Probably! 

Why Was Anushka So Conscious To Be Clicked In Public With Kohli?

In most of the pics of the couple, Anushka is seen displaying an evident lip-purse pose, in which one presses both lips together very tightly. This could be either because she was trying to suppress her feeling of annoyance at the media for being clicked with Kohli Or the thought that Kohli was once again in front of her, trying to shield her, annoyed Anushka. The slight bending down of eyebrows and the tensed facial muscles confirm that she was definitely not pleased, whatever be the reason.


Though it is not possible to know almost everything about a couple's personal life merely from the public appearances, the way they are clicked together does reveal a lot about the feelings in their subconscious. While not drawing a definite conclusion, it is evident from the pics that Kohli was protective of Anushka and she was aware of the fact. Maybe this just went too far and thus they had to break from each other.


This is stupid thing, why don't they do a research for rk kk break up...seriously had nothing to do...especially when you spot on picture

Very stupid analysis

Seriously? Anyone could have written this analysis.. lol

she is shooting with RK and for some reason every girl wants to be with him...i dont get it. I think it is because of his surname. anyways she left him for ranbir kapoor and thats a fact

You can't comment all these thing.It's their personal lives.Let it be.We can only hope and pray that they get back together forever.And haters gonna hate to the infinity- all knows the fact very well.


Anu must have left him for RK. It's a known fact

She lets him be too dominant. I think he needs to mature .

Anushka wants to be Mrs Kapoor.

She left him for rk.

Whoever wrote this must really have nothing better to do.

kuch bhi. people say craziest things to get into news. first it says virat is the dominant one, then it says he feels intimidated in his presence.

This is silly to assume things from pictures.

Even you are a body language expert, you need to know both are celebs, they cannot be themselves when they are in public. Obviously you cannot judge them

Omg...this is hilarious! Body language baba ki jai :)

The simple thing is Virat is an emotional , over protective guy who wants his gf to spend most of the time with him whereas Anushka is career oriented woman who priority is work and not marriage , this relation will never work even if they patch up for sometime.

Miss khyati bhatt is looking for some publicity. This is stupid that you bro?

I hope this was a joke, because Ranveer is doing his own thing.



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