Birthday Special: Top 7 Movies by Imtiaz Ali!

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Talk about modern, urban romances and fresh storylines, Imtiaz Ali is going to top the list of directors in the genre. He offered a whole new take on relationships and introduced characters so real and convincing that we fell in love with them each time we watched his films!

Also, who can deny the fact that his films give us true travel goals?

On his birthday, today, let's trace back to some of the best films he has given to Bollywood:

Socha Na Tha..

This movie was Imtiaz's directorial debut and a light hearted comedy! Socha Na Tha..  brought a fresh perspective on romance and friendship in Bollywood, much similar to Qayamat se Qayamat Tak and Dil Chahta Hai. If you haven't watched it yet, watch it for the maverick's first outing!


Some may argue that pain as a catalyst may seem to be an idea, quite far-fetched. But Imtiaz hit all the right notes with a rather unconventional presentation of a very common love story. Pair it up with music by the musical maestro A R Rahman and the movie turned out to be a blissful journey to watch!


The urban and exotic locales added a mesmerizing charm to the movie's storyline. Although there isn't much narrative to move you or sway you in emotions with the characters, the movie still holds credibility in terms of humour and a fresh look out on 'no strings attached relationships'.

Love Aaj Kal

This movie is all kinds of magic in terms of emotions. Set in London, Love Aaj Kal talks about modern rules of courtship based on practicality versus the traditional way. All in all, the movie was not great but not bad either and came across as an average romantic movie, suitable for a date!


Highway gave a whole new meaning to how travelling as an escape could be life changing and beautiful. Highway scores over most 'convenient' pseudo self-discovery movies and till date remain one of the best movies by Imtiaz Ali!

Jab We Met

Imtiaz Ali has the power to make movies that have been seen before numerous times and yet make it look fresh. Jab We Met is a power packed film with action, romance, music, humour, drama and travel!


The latest offering from Imtiaz, Tamasha, is essentially a film about endless possibilities of life. The movie, like most other Imtiaz Ali movies makes us want to seize the moment instead of continuing to live a life that others chose for us!


the writer of this post forgot aahistaa aahistaa cocktail is directed by homi adjania get ur facts ryt

the writer of this post forgot aahistaa aahistaa cocktail is directed by homi adjania get ur facts ryt

Socha Na Tha, Jab We Met, Rockstar and Love Aaj Kal in that order.

Eagerly awaiting his next with Shah. :D

Rockstar was bad because of Nargis acting, and Tamasha was bad because of poor writing and poor direction.. Cocktail was good because of star cast only.. So only jab we met, socha na tha and highway were his actual good movies.

did anyoone of you pick up that cocktail was directed by homi ajadania..

Rcokstart & Tamasha.......of course Jab we Met as his movies its an acquired taste not everyone can identify with his kinda films....but those who do....are addicted for life ((-: Both Ranbir and DP have given their best performances with him not to mention Randeep, Alia, Kareena as well

Jwm was genuinely a good movie made by him. Rest r all just hype.ihavent heard of socha na tha but the the starcast is not all impressive so don't feel like watching it.hence no comments on it.

I have seen Jab we met 200,000 times.its addictive

I have seen Jab we met 200,000 times.its addictive

Jab we met has to be a classic

Its JWM and Highway for me!

ROCKSTAR touched me so deeply.Thought I was the only one who had hangover after watching it but thanks to internet.Many People have written blogs on this movie describing the unique experience with Rockstar. It still creates stir inside me when I listen to album or bgm.I've watched Rockstar innumerable times and it stays with me even after 5 years of it's release.It's a cinematic triumph.
I see this movie and I see the passion, labour of love involved in making it. Small details, when given an extra thought just makes me love this movie much more every time.If anyone here is ardent fan of Rockstar like me,please google "Unsung Glory of Rockstar"(blog written on Quora ).You'll love it :).

Boy and girl meet, travel together, fall in love but dont commit, move on with their life only to realise later that they missed on true love, get back which Imtiaz Ali movie is that?!

Socha na tha is the best among these closely followed by Jab we met. Pv post it, stop ignoring my comments

socha na tha was good. jab we met was his best but he totallt downhill after that!! like rolling down at top speed!!

I know, right? Socha Na Tha was beautiful and of course, Jab We Met is easily the best! I agree - the rest are pretty average. He should have worked with Kareena again :(

Well I remember him only for Jwm

My fave is Socha na tha , I am still very surprised as to how that movie did not get it's due when it's way better than some of the 100 crore superhits . Hated the regressive mentality of Cocktail which panders to the regressive notion that Indian bad boys fool around with bad girls -but marry only good girls .

Cocktail only worked because of the surprise discovery of Deepika's hidden talent. The story was regressive but her ownership of the character Veronica was delightful. She was considered a non-actor till then and had hardly wowed the audience.

True , the movie did mark the beginning for Deepika. Imtiaz wrote Cocktail & asked her to choose between both female leads , she opted for the unconventional role. Diana was the original choice for Rockstar , later Nargis was taken . To make up for it ,Imtiaz recommended her for the other role .

IKR! Socha na tha was superb mind blowing but as Kareena rightly said no one watches the movie if not for a famous star and this is what happened with SNT. Look how that worked out for Love Aj Kal which had an unconventional modern day love story too and became a huge hit! JWM & LUV AJ KAL are my favourites amongst his movies.

A superstar guarantees an initial curiosity when a movie releases , but the movie must sustain itself no matter who acts in it. Case in point , the failure of hard core commercial movies like Dilwale . If u liked LAK , u may like the yet to be released OK Jaanu which shares the same theme .

oh I see...thanx!

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