Rustom Day: How these 10 celebs raised curiosity for Akshay's movie!

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In B-town it's a saying that actors can not be friends because, at the end of the day, they all are competing against each other. So, it came as a genuine surprise that so many Bollywood actors came forward to promote Akshay's movie, Rustom which released today. 
Let's take a look at all the stars who helped elevate the curiosity levels for Rustom:

1. #10DaysToRustom - Sultan Salman Khan wishes Rustom-e-Hind!


2. #9DaysToRustom - Chupa Rustom Ranveer Singh gives a tribute to Khiladi Akshay!


3. #8DaysToRustom - Karan Johar brings out the big guns - his pout!


4. #7DaysToRustom -  Akira Sonakshi Sinha rocks it wth drums!


5. #6DaysToRustom - Sonam keeps it simple!


6. #5DaysToRustom - Sidharth Malhotra gets a little help from his buddy, Oscar!


7. #4DaysToRustom - Arjun Kapoor gives us 4 reasons to watch Rustom!


8. #3DaysToRustom - Varun Dhawan goes Dishoom!


9. #2DaysToRustom - Fawad Khan uses his princely charm!


10. #1DayToRustom - Alia Bhatt dons a yellow sari and performs a quirky version of Tip Tip Barsa Pani

What an unusual and awesome way to promote a movie! 
Which celebs' promotional tactics did you prefer? Let us know in the comments section.  


I was surprised to see so many people supporting Akshay and his film! Love the support from everyone

I really didn't know that my favorite Akki had such nice personal relationships with so many bollywood actors. I thought Hrithik'd get more support but there has never been this much open support to one actor's film especially when 2 big actors' films are clashing. Btw I like HR too, but I think he himself tarnished his image by messing up with seemingly truthful kangana. The make an awesome couple. Now even at reviews and Box Office, Rustom is a winner. Hrithik must refrain now from clashing with SRK's Raees, though SRK's last 2 films have not performed well. PV pls post it.

lol I loved Alia and Fawad's videos :)

i find this childish ,and i respect stars like Jacqueline,Katrina, abishek ,ash, srk,coze they stayed away from whole conflict .

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