Actress who look better with age

Karishma kapoor
It took a while for this kapoor to become what she is now and she can beat kareena any day with her looks.

Shilpa shetty
Maybe its plastic surgery etc…but Shilpa looks so different now when you compare her to her old pictures.

She’s one actress who doesn’t care about her looks, but never the less she looks so much better these days than what she did when she first came into the industry.

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Karishma looks the best

well, to be honest... all these girls were ACTUALLY in their teens or twenties as they called themselves then... they were fame hungry and hardworking and did lots to get into the industry.. but still they were very, very young, unmatured girls.. who didn't have the money or facilities to groom themselves up and wow the audience in one go... unlike today's actresses who all lie about their ages and call themselves younger than their faces tell.. who have been around for many years and have groomed themselves up in terms of accent, speech, looks, walk, talk, etc, etc... before hitting the screen. that's the difference between these 90's actresses and even aishwarya rai/ sushmita sen for that matter.. any model who comes into the industry first gets lots and lots of grooming so when they suddenly hit the screen ppl are very impressed by them.. and actresses at that time never really got the money or status as actresses get now... these girls were raw beauties back then with all the flaws that real girls have, who didn't know all these things.. if you remove the excess hair, style them neat.. they would have looked amazing back then.. maybe more beautiful than they now are.. because they had youth with them... they just didn't get the chance..

Lolo is so beautiful...

kajol was beautiful.. is beautiful and will be beautiful ....

I luv Lolo. She was my first fav actress.

except for kajol rest looks hideous...karishma was like a man

Let's get one thing straight, Karisma has never had surgery. She was 15/16 years old when she first came into the industry, a teen who had yet to mature. Look at your own pics at 16...everyone changes in terms of body, feature etc and Karisma changed for the better. When she left the industry she was barely 28...but the latter work she did proves she is way ahead of her sister in term of acting. Kareena has yet to win a national award and I would like to see what all these other actresses look like after having 2 kids...Karisma rocks!

Karishma got no surgery that's how ignorant you are .... she never admitted to nothing either .... if she got a nose job the bump on her nose would be altered but the bump is still there as it was even in her childhood days. These are by far the worst pics of her and any girl at age 16 looks tht way because they're not groomed .... Aish even at age 19 looked crazy and what I would call horrible .... she finally looked better when groomed like crazy at Ms. World even thn there are pics of her where she looks horrible and weird so put her on the list too. Karishma is naturally beautiful and thats the reason Bollywood went crazy after her and so did the Indian population .... she doesn't even look half as beautiful as she did in her Sajan chale sasural, coolie no.1 days .... she was a true beauty.

09-08-08 22:39 — Anonymous

karishma DID get surgery u idiot...she got a nose job and admitted to it and lots of botox....seriously how stupid are you people.

you guys are so weird .... you pick the worst pics of Karishma when you very well known she was 16 years old and couple of years later she looked like a beauty even with bushy eyebrows .... get a life .... I can find many pics of your Aish looking like tht too and even worse. Karishma has not gone under the knife first of all .... these are the worst pics and at the very start of her career .... have you seen any actress at age 16!? Aish looked horrible even at 18-19 and thn Ms. World groomed her like anything .... why don't you look at Karishma movies like Raja Babu or Sajan Chale Sasural still the beginning of her career but really beautiful. I'm sorry Karishma should not be in this list she's naturally a beauty.

O Goshhhh they were just lil kids in that pic.. everyone looks ofcourse different by age.. come one.. make some sensable topics please.. they all look great.. i would rank.. Karishma.. Shilpa.. and then Kajol..


karishma never went under the knife.

she still looks the same as before....face changed as she aged...which is normal.

karishma was n still is the most beautiful woman in india

Wht was KArishma thinking while wearing tht CHADDI on the tights..Kareena gives fundas abt fashio to others n her own sister was disaster

I don't think karishma ever underwent surgery...even today she fills her lips with lip they're going to be out of stock tomorrow!!...
its surely kajol and karishma...who groomed on the big screen!
they're like old wine!


kajol and karishma

I remember reading that even Karisma had surgery done on her face

kajol seems to be the only one who just feels groomed and not drastically surgically altered.

Rani looks better than ever before as well!

Wow, they look fab. I think some women learn how to groom themselves. Add to your list of south beauties, Rekha, Hema Malini and Heera Rajagopal. Is it their genes?

natural indian beauty? lol

nope disagre kareena is miles ahead of karishma in luks, thats why shes a bigger star than karishma ever was.

shilpa looks better with age and so does lolo as for kajol she only looks good in ad an movies

whoa shilpas had a major transformation
i agree i think kajol was always beautiful
but i was really hope malaika khan would be here. shes DEFNITELY gotten better with age

Karisma looks the best by far these days, from the three. Infact, she even looks better than Kareena now. Shilpa's had a drastic makeover! LOL

kajol & shilpa look great before and now...................but karishma looks good now but not before

Kajol is so fresh, sporty and hatke today.. but her charm is always fresh and evergreen.

kajol always looked beautiful and still does in my opinion...
I totally agree that Karisma looks better now, undecided as far as shilpa goes.

lolo had the ugliest eyebrows i have ever seen, she used to look like a wereworlf thank god she waxed them but they look weard cause she bleached them. kajol looks same

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 2009-08-08 20:03.- was thinking the exact same title.

karishma DID get surgery u idiot...she got a nose job and admitted to it and lots of botox....seriously how stupid are you people.

no lolo never got surgery dun she just grew older n got better

Kajol always looks gorgeous and she is the most genuine(unartificial) I know that is not a word but whatever. She used to be so pretty and still is.

I think Karisma looks great with her age,
but i agree she did surgery done but
jus like what unthinkable said
all the actress are beautiful in their own ways,

beautiful with age or beautiful with cosmetic surgeries !

i heard karishma got surgery done prior to raja hindustani
but they are all beautiful in their own rights...
When rekha and Hema look as good as they do with age then im sure these 3 females will keep up as well!
Just hope shilpa doesnt get any more nose sugeries or else her nose is gonna fall off

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