Aishwarya rai - liar?

Discussion,Katrina Kaif,aishwarya rai,rare,fairness
Discussion,Katrina Kaif,aishwarya rai,rare,fairness

When asin endorsed fairness cream, people said so many bad things about her !!
When sonam endorsed white perfect for uneven skin toned, people said thats fairness cream and bashed her !!

when aisharya rai slammed fairness creams on tyra bank show, people said shes a legend!

look at this

loreal is a famous international brand , and no way they would copy a picture and use in their ad

this picture is not from her shocking volume ads because her lashes are looking pretty crappy in here, or from her lipstick ads since this is not her lipstick shade

When they removed her and put sonam as the face , she lashed fairness creams..

Yeah its been posted before, in wrong section..

Do you agree with me?

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whitening creams aren't illegal in america.
they are sold in a variety of shops.
however, they are always on the bottom shelf and look dingy and dirty -- like no one has ever purchased one!
also, in america, you will NEVER, EVER see an actress/model of any prominance advertise these products.
they are considered VERY low-brow and classless!
my only problem with celebs attached their name and face to products like these are that they are role models to young people.
yea, other adults who love themselves and will choose not to purchase these products are one thing...but think about the girl who desperately wants to feel beautiful or popular and she thinks that the only way to attain this is to use such products...
it feeds into a mentality that is OLD and WRONG!
i know i'm not indian, but whatever! it is wrong to promote this!

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-> if you criticize the ones who don't like, it's 'facts and opinions'.
-> if you criticize 'the big Bollywood celebs', it's evil or jealousy or targetting.

take a look at your comment history == you have been criticizing your non-faves plenty!

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of course celebs can do anything here the problem is ...aishwarya pretends ...thats why people call her fake or liar ...and I have realized one more thing when it is aishwarya rai people get blind to see and criticize ...what she proved the world as an indian is ...even miss world from india trying to look "white" while she is brown naturally ...thats a pity ...

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first of all.. one things one.. most of the marketers of international 'fairness creams' do sell under the guise of freckles/spots, etc. why? In the U.S. and some countries, pure whitening cream to lighten the tone is ILLEGAL. so they run hoops around actually selling 'change your tone' like India's fair&lovely does-- saying it will remove 'discolorations, etc'. So the ppl who go blue in the face defending Sonam and Aish cream better wise up... they're doing the same as Asin for fair&lovely.

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if she's a liar, so are some of the posters down here.

no points for guessing who (the one who starts shouting to the admin the minute u ask her a question)-- but one them was REAL HARSH to Asin (shame shame)-- goes lightly on Aish here...saying she disagrees with the beautiful one-- but just a few weeks back was BRAGGING about how 'naturally fair' Aish was and how brown Frieda is.

what is this called?-- lying to yourself. the truth starts with addressing the 'hate' one feels for any tone media has not brainwashing u into thinking is not pretty. and honestly, how many of u would be Aish fans had she not been through the 'transformation' in this stage?:

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oops...typo...i mean crazy aish fans!!!

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Hehe..she sure is;-)
Wea r those crazy asih fans??????i dnt c thm!!!

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how can people change their view in a short amount of time

but she is someone who said in some BBC interview that if she does hollywood movie, it will be always be related to Indian characters... i read that a yr back ... and she changed herself to spanish in PP2, even though i have no idea how can be spanish... she just insulted spanish ppl in tht movie by white washing herself and having tht fake indian/american accent!

so yeah trashwarya rai grow constantly, and theres nothing wrong in changin views or stand

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Sonam endorsed the cream for uneven skin tones NOT to make skin whiter, so why did ash say that is was a whitening cream & all.. so first time she lied
then she said she woulodn't endorse this cream...but wait....SHE DID!
that lie # 2.
really did not expect this fromm you ash

P.S. Sonam's print ad looks better:)

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people grow constantly, there is nothing wrong in changing your views or stand

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this as is genuine because ive seen it in different magazines years ago. it definitely isnt a fake or stolen photo of aish or a photoshop job.
she is obviously a hypocrite

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old news, she something new pls.

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God!!! How is she laughing in the first pic.


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Shee is a BIG liar!!!!

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look at her makeup in the first picture-her face is one color, her neck is different, the rest of her body is the real color

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yes srk endorses fairness cream, but have u ever heard him say i'll never do something n end up doing it NO, thats Ash's job, to act all perfect when she is not

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SRK did fair and handsome so it's ok? no.. he did wrong too.
plus SRK did not say he was against those things...

it seems Asin got bashed the most over this. the main ppl went lighter on Sonam..and only Aish-haters were against Aish. Aish got off real easy ..

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weird mo comments by manik sen or mayb i missed it...asswarya sucks

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total comments by sapna = 3 !!!

she must be paying her heapz to sit here and defend her
sapna, say hi to aish for me dear

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why make a hue and cry. SRK also endorsed fair and handsome. Time to grow up.

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i think its hypocritical of ash to say that, i mean if its true. YOu guys should read this and tell me what ut hink...

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how ridiculous that people think its not real
i dont think its morhped, loreal wudnt do tht , they are one of the respected company in the world

we dont see her random photos being copied in longines, lux or nakshtra
and this is no different

its true that she was taking revenge on loreal for thrwing her out from this cream and blabbering nonsense in tyra show!
wen nakshtra ppl wanted katrina for endorsing, she refused and closed the deal
but she cudnt do tht in here since its loreal! this thing gets her to cannes.. she cant walk oscars so she have to walk some red carpet, so she cant quit loreal !
its prettyy sure she would sue them for using her pics without permission.. hellooooooo she sued a magazine for running article abt her and rajeev !! and her and akshay !! and radiosargam for posting her bare back pic from early modelling days
(but later dropped the case btw)

wheres her fans who were bashing sonam for endorsing the similar cream

her fans are covering it up by talking crap

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yeah i agree with angel, dont apologize
i mean if you go on to aishwarya rai's posts and say something remotely bad you get lashed front and back from certain users, not naming anyone...

her fans calls you all sorts of name and i don't see them apologizing
i know you are btter than them but don't treat them any different

Anonymous's picture her Miss World times, she did state in her answer about all colors being accepted (despite doing fairness creams earlier in her career) and later on stated that no fairness cream. anyhow, ppl are flexible on their principles based on profit-- 99.999% of the ppl are.

but this seems either like a hoax or her photo was pasted by Loreal w/o her knowledge. that's it.

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nonymous on Fri, 2009-04-17 01:49:well a lot of these ppl just get their photos taken..and then it's pasted somewhere. it could be she never knew

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looking at the first pic no on would dare to call her "the most beautiful woman "...yuck

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Anonymous on Fri, 2009-04-17 01:10.

obviously !

what do you think??
i mean what would they tell her " can you come for a random loreal photoshoot"
it doesnt work tht way

shes a lair. end of story

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talk is cheap-- the same posters berating this ad probably woudn't give Aish a 2nd glance if she had dark skin and brown eyes, would they? where are the lovely dusky Nanditas and Frieda's..who have amazing features-- but their duskiness is seen as a handicap in artifie-laden-Bollywood..

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O no. What has she gone and done... LOL

Anonymous's picture this a fake ad?
Was Aish aware of this when posing for it?

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i see this person spending a huge amount of time defending aishwarya in every topicz ( sapna )

itz funny how some people forgets moral values and just defend their fav celeb

i mean i saw u telling one user, if you don't like her or this post don't comment in here.. aren't you doing the same thing? i mean you cleary don't like this topic and still come here and defend

i just hate double standard ppl.. you can say anything you want about aishwarya and praise her in every topics but you get frustrated when someone says bad about her
i have seen you hava a go at bolly_addict when he/she said something bad bout aishwarya

all i am saying is, you need to start being real
you really can't stand something bad being written about her and its not good
shez just a celeb !!
its not healthy behaviour

i hope you see this seriously and start accepting the fact that many hates her and move on

it would be sad if you get these ppl get to you

im a huge huge fan of sonam/freida/katrina, and i have seen horrible comments about them but its okay, i dont sit arnd defending them all the time..
im telling you, this aint healthy


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woahhhhh she is a LIAR
i saw that video where she waz saying she doesnt endorse them and i waz thinking how nice of her


awesome post and yu shouldnt apologiez!! u did nothing wrng, i mean even i felt shez such a loser to defend a phoney woman but itz sad yu said sorry and sank down to her level

oh and my friend'z mom said back in late 90'z she did see one of aish'z commercial where she and mahima i think done a ad for fair & lovely when we were watching tyra show. But she only saw that once or twice , they didn't show that ad after few dayz! i think she saw that on doordarhsan lol

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i hate her because she is fake

sorry for calling you loser, accept my apology friend
in the end, we are humans , we are same.. im terribly sorry for tht

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I did say, that I'm done her, but why are you getting personal on me calling me a loser. I'm just defending, because I don't agree with your statement. And I have every right to do so. Aish is not lair because this is not fairness creme. But believe what you want.
Did I call you a loser or so.. only said you're hater. And that you're, you admitted yourself. But for you getting personal shows what kinda person you're.
But again believe what you want about aish, because I really don't care. Keep the hating alive.

And stop attacking me personal. I won't comment an any threat you make ever again.

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lol isnt that funny to see sapna coming here and posting comments so many times and defending her!!

lol stop being a loser!!

we get u worship her day and night, but no ones listening to u!

all im thinking is u went to the extreme and defending a liar and that makes u a loser sorry but ur!

anyways forget this, what about lux glow, a bleaching soap for lighter skin..
theres nothing wrng with endorsing a fairness cream because that is in demand! but lying because they thrwd u out and put a younger face is childish!
and yes i did heard her saying she never kissed even when we saw vivek's mouth in her throat!
loreal is an international, well known company and one of the richest too.. why would they morph it? tell me? as far as i know she agreed to do both true match and this cream (even though she never had a video ad fot both) but they thrwd her out

anyways its just one fan (sapna) here defending "honest" aish

you said ur done here ,so please dont come back and start again ... its really boring ...

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I never saw this ad before from aish, and this looks like sonam ad. Only a different pic of course. So there was something fishy about this all. But I was so sure I saw that pic before, but not on this ad LOL. And I was right. I think this a fake ad.

This is sonam ad with Aish pic morped in it and little bit of editing too. The Aish pic is used by another L'oreal ad from aish.
LOL some aish haters really goes to far. Calling her lair etc.. I wonder who made this LOL. Have to say wow, you really did a good job.
Just looks at this ad and pic and compare with above!

Someone really should open another threat and say the truth. I really don't how to that! I never did.

I really had no problem with this product, because Sonam already explained this is not a fairness creame. But for aish haters to go this far and call her lair etc.. You guys sure have an agenda to bash aish no matter what she does. I don't say she is perfect, I'm sure she made mistakes in life, like we all do. But do analyses everthing she says and does is sick. OKE I'm done here too. Have a nice day you all, and awaiting for the next hating bashing threat hhaha! Always fun to read.

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yea we should dedicate the song beautiful liar by Beyonce to her. LOL! JK! But that is kind of stupid on her behalf. I love her but yea I don't like this. umm Anonymous on Thu, 2009-04-16 04:42: No not everyone wants fair skin, just because you do, don't say everyone does. I have tan skin and I think it is perfectly sexy. yaya!

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i guess she is being called a "liar" is coz she was all anti-fairness creams and stuff.

all i wanna say is that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with endorsing/promoting fairness creams...there is nothing wrong if ash does...BUT then why go about saying that u r against these fairness products...i mean thats just plain what if u endorse white creams and stuff....wats the big deal?? by lying that she was against these products made the people who actually USE these creams feel guilty....ash shud just be what she is and STOP pretending.

this is just my opinon.
Thanks Bolly_addict for posting this...hav a nyc day everyone!

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Lol another way to bash aish. You guys or something. If aish had lie, don't you think the indian media had made it big deal already, long time ago. Why would Aish say something like that if wasn't true lol, and that even on an international show. For fare I know this isn't a fairness creme hhahaha. This is a same as Sonam is endorsing right now. And didn't she already explained what kinda product this is. Is she lair too! Think about that!. This is really low to call someone a lair. But I didn't expect any less.
And for bolly_addict, like I said before, keep on with the Aish hating. Waiting for you next Aish hating-bashing threat.
And bye the way she looks very stunning in the ad!

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@ Anonymous on Thu, 2009-04-16 14:49
Are you the private secretary of madame rai bachan? i can hate someone or dislike, but i have a right to express my thoughts. if you like her and express your thoughts so can everyone else with the opposite opinion. ONLY EXCUSES YOU RAI BACHAN FANS HAVE IS IF YOU DONT LIKE HER THAN IGNORE HER AND DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. SAME TO YOU.

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Now from where kissing come from? she NEVER said she wont kiss on screen she said if scripts demands she will, and as for Kyun Ho Gaya Na..then check your eyes out..that kiss was not real..They kissed on cheeks but the camera made that look like they kissed on lips. So far she have only kissed Hrithik and she did NOT denied about it.

And as for she pretend to look "white" all the time well answer to that is she is an ACTRESS a memeber of lorael company of course she will apply make-up on her face...she cant be without make-up 24 hours..this is just bizare talk seriously...some people talk like they never used make-up in their wonder why cosmetic sells so much in the world and esp foundations and bleaching creams. Yawn.

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i could have agreed with hot_london that Aish has matured if she were still not painting her face white and would go natural like so many other intelligent and smart bollywood actresses and trust me these actresses look good with their skin color unlike Aish's pantomimed face most of the times plus they are sending the right signal to general public that you should not try so hard to look white when you are not so I appreciate bolly addict's effort to bring out the truth to those stupid fans who just blindly follow these celebs

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@ hot_london on Thu, 2009-04-16 her views havent changed......she still thinks white is better and therefore plasters her face with white powder.....never ever has she gracefully accepted her dark skin color.

Anonymous's picture

now i want to see her fan type ohh aish looks stunning here!!!!these people are such manipulators whole family says whatever they feel like to score on people..

Anonymous's picture

this is photoshopped...i work for Loreal and she has never done any fairness media campaigns ...

Anonymous's picture

thats just one lie, she also said she have never kissed on-screen Kyun?Ho Gaya Na anyone??

Anonymous's picture

thats just one lie, she also so said she have never kissed on-screen Kyun?Ho Gaya Na anyone??

Anonymous's picture

exotic09 on Thu, 2009-04-16 12:19.
most beautiful liar u mean??

exotic09's picture

sorry hypocrite*

exotic09's picture

shez a hypocite!
but must admit dat shez d most beautiful in bollywood!

Anonymous's picture

lolz. i think u should add the soap ad she did as well, it was lux white glow. here's the link
it was done a while back.
also, yes she's a hypocrite. i remember her kissing vivek oberoi in that crap movie and then going on oprah and saying that she hasnt kissed anyone as its a taboo in indian movies and she'll cross the bridge when she arrives to it and i was like what bridge, u already did that lady. she should learn to own up to her actions and get over the fact that she needs to be a sati savitri 24/7

Anonymous's picture

y is that so shocking that she lied?

Anonymous's picture

I totally agreee thanx for showing us the truth

Anonymous's picture

its not rocket science to know that she is using it in her beauty routine ....shilpa shetty said it on big brother everyone uses bleaches in india !

-Samaira-'s picture

it's sickening that she lied on international talk show and got away with it
she needs to stop putting out drama to impress international audience(westeners) and start acting real.. its never too late!

Anonymous's picture

its funny how some people like aishwarya lies and get way
she needs to understand that lying can get u in real bad situation
i hope the press sees this and tell the world what a liar she is
fairness creams sells in india, BIGTIME but not only in india but in asia, africa. so theres a big demand for this, so i don't blame celebs for endorsing creams like asin even though i dont what she was thinking
but why would u make a statement that u wont ever do a fairness on a public platform to impress westerns and come back home & do this!
does she know moral values??
shes knowns as fake, manipulative, man crazy, arrogant, liar but this is way beyond all this

she is truly a BAD BAD role model
she is disgrace to real people in india

bollywood lover's picture

agree wit dreamy
nice work bolly_addict, ya kinda still remeber her interview with tyra...

"now she should be crowned miss liar" hehe

gudgal's picture

ohh well---sabse bada rupaiyya--stood its test of time--dinn it?? The $$$ do make ppl lie,cheat,beg,borrow n steal---aish is no exception to this money n fame greed- m sure her endorsement was purely for MONEY n FAME--- n celeb status is quick-fading career--OUT OF SIGHT = OUT OF MIND scenario! She is making most of wat she can during her peak.

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to the anon person who spoke about skin whitening products being alright, I think you need to realise how such products are marketed in India and what they stand for. Plus, the bigger issue is that she spoke against such products but still did this advertisement. It's hypocritical and disgraceful.

sasha's picture

what a shame. the ad clearly talks about skin whitening, which clearly means that all the pr about her saying no to advertising this particular product were all lies.
if I remember correctly she was also seen in Fair and Lovely ads in her early modelling days.
Really disgusting.

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@ bolly_addict post their offensive mail they sent u expose them

bolly_addict's picture

i know the consequence of posting this

rude / offensive mails and cursings from her fans


thanks dreamy girl and fashionista and anon users
and i didnt find it, one anonymous user posted this

one request to pinkvilla, pls don't delete it :)
it has been posted before but in the wrong section and it went unnoticed

Anonymous's picture

bolly_addict you should be getting pinkvilla post of the year award,good job.

dreamy girl's picture

Fantastic post bolly_addict! Great move. I must say, I admire you for your courage especially when you know what happens if we say something against Ash on here! :0 Anyways, I'm quite shocked about this! Ash turned out to be quite a hypocrite. Quite sad actually.

Anonymous's picture

are you people really so gullible to expect truth, morals and principles from these celebs. this is the same woman who presses her boobs to her father-in-laws face and chest and he holds her round the waist etc. same woman who slept with two men when they were at their peak in bollywood then threw them out once she got a chance to land a role as bahu in the first family. so why are you people surprised to find out that she is a hypocrite. the product she is lending her face to is absolutely a skin fairness cream - it specifically says BREAKTHROUGH IN SKIN WHITENING and REDUCED MELANIN which causes skin darkening. how shameful that people like this are idolized and make obscene amounts of money for it

Anonymous's picture

bolly_addict great job
now she should be crowned miss liar

fashionista's picture

gosh ash is a liar. yes, i saw her bash fairness creams in the tyra interview saying that she didnt agree to do it for loreal because it was a fairness cream. so when was this ad from? how many years back?. looks like she has a short memory and has forgotten that she even endorsed this product

Anonymous's picture

aishwarya rai is a liar. PERIOD

hahaha look at her devilish laugh

she have that fake laugh everytime

Anonymous's picture

if its for pigment correcting then why is it written " for smooth, fair skin" ????????

"fair skin"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous's picture

well this is known fact. she just didn't like it that they got someone else in her place so she blasted fairness creams. public memory is short hence they make use of it. typical.

Anonymous's picture

yeah, ive read some posts where rai says that she doesn't believe in endorsing fairness creams and that ppl in india should not promote such creams and they should be happy w/ their skin tones blah blah blah... idk if it was before or after this ad.

Anonymous's picture

yup shes a liar.........truth is EVERYONE wants to be fair!

Anonymous's picture

All cosmetic company's make "whitening" products for the FACE(emphasis please). No company makes whitening products for the whole body. The point is there is no intention by any company to make people's face lighter than the lower body. By "whitening" they mean targeting pigmentation or sun damage. There is nothing wrong with whitening products. I am of Indian origin- born and brought up in New Zealand and relatively fair and I have pigmentation problems. Sun gives me blemishes at a faster pace due to higher melanin production. Been advised by dermatologist to use whitening products and it works for me. It does not make my face any whiter but it combats pigmentation problem which gives me an even tone. There is nothing wrong with whitening products.

Anonymous's picture

yes....she is a liar

Anonymous's picture

woah! That's quite shocking!


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