Akshay & Sonakshi's absence from Joker promotions - a publicity stunt ?

Shirish Kunder and wife Farah Khan's Joker has been in the news ever since the launch of its first look. Very recently Akshay Kumar abandoned the movie promotions. The reasons for this was not clear until a report came out that Akshay was not too happy with the way the movie had turned out. Apparently, Akshay was told that the film will be converted to 3D and was shot accordingly. However that never happened. He was also not too happy with the song I Want to Fakt You. He felt the song was not suitable for the family audience.

Following Akshay, the recent reports suggest that Sonakshi Sinha too has now abandoned the movie promotions.

Akshay & Sonakshi have both been unavailable for comments, but Farah Khan vehemently denied this, “All is well with Akshay. It is a new strategy. We are trying to do it differently".

A source told Mumbai Mirror that "Akshay and Sonakshi have been overexposed during the promotions of Rowdy. Farah wanted to focus on the aliens this time around and this is all a marketing strategy".

What do you guys think ? Are these aliens alone capable of pulling viewers to the theatres.

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Credits: Mumbai MirrorHindustan Times

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i have doubt on Akshay as he was starred in Shirish's first directorial debut Jan-e-Mann and flopped..after Farah's Tees Maar Khan - superflopped and now he has done Joker..for what reason is he doing these husband-wife duo's films if he doesn't show interest in promotion..Film will be flop or average don't know but one thing is sure..Shirish as a director is very innovative and creative..he is not following masala rules of bollowood and that's why he stands unique in his conept..which is HAtts of to this man. just incredible atleast he has gutts.

I like Akshay but the movie doesn't give out strong vibes. Who knows!

I believe, he is coming on the Indian Idol 6 show this Friday in promo of Joker. Also, hasn't fakht you been changed into 'just you' lol? lame either way.

sure it is gonna be a flop!!! and i don't know how akshay and sonakshi agreed to do this film anyway!!!

Akshay is one of the bestest husband in bollywood...Don't u guys all know that his wife is preggers. I think maybe he is devoting his time to Twinkle....Also she has lost her father last month...Do u think he will go around promoting his film? .

see the story aint tht bad mayb.. but they ruined it.. i liked jaaneman though...can't they make something like tht

This is one reason I like PC , SRK and even Ranbir for that matter because they stick to their movies no matter how they turn out !

Hhhhhhh the fakht up aliens XD

the film is a sure shot flop! That's y Akshay & Sonakshi are keeping their distance! The only person who is benefitting from this is Chitrangada! She is getting big money to promote this film!

akshay is obviously unsatisfied with joker and distanced himself from it. Sonakshi abandoned promotions following akki's footsteps. She does everything akki says, they r close. Nothing can save joker, not even real aliens

if this is a publicity stunt, then big FAIL. because nobody cares. so many people dont even know about this movie.

actually its pretty obvi that akshay has abandoned promotions. he didn't do any, which is unlike him. all the reasons provided for his non show are valid and resonate with what we know about Akshay Kumar.

Sonakshi is still promoting but is prob not thrilled with the situation as now she will have to bear the heat from the colossalness of it its failure as Akshay has already distanced himself from it.

And its obvious from the way they are used Chitra Singh and Farah Khan to promote a movie, that none of the stars are interested. I have never seen extensive use of the item song girl to promote a movie (in fact thats what the song is for)

this is a flop movie from day 1. Shirish is a terrible movie maker with a terrible attitude. and Akki Sonakshi thing is a publicity stunt. they are just preparing an excuse when the movie flops, they can say it was because of no promotion.

super duper flop movie

farah saying new promotion strategy is a joke. I dnt think they have anything more to say now after akki left the film.

sonakshi only started abandoning from the time she must have realized public opinion about the movie. It's safer to abandon than to bear a flop

I lost ANY ounce of interest i DID have once all this drama started happening w/ Akki and sonakshi. And shirish is not at all a director whose movies i would watch if TMK is anything to go by! that was the most horrible thing i ever saw.

LOL at that FAKHT UP comment. X-D

So, FAKHT-UP Aliens will DRAW more people to theaters to see this film than the lead stars RIGHT?

obviously akshay n sonakshi have problems with Shirish....otherwise they would have commented.....movie looks so crappy....

LOL at this movie. "I want to fakt you" will be the new thing kids will be saying back to school.

This movie was a FLOP the day it was announced. No publicity stunt can save it.

really ? a stunt ? and how will exactly "aliens" help promoting the movie? will they dance and talk in Tv shows?
for akki it's obvious that he abandoned Joker as he wasn't staisfied with the fianl result, as for sonakshi she did her share recently so this abandoning thing looks a bit strange to me...

lol, this movie is a joke.

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