Are Priyanka chopra and Shahid Kapoor dating?

There were rumors floating around during their Kaminey days that they were dating. They then broke up as per Mumbai mirror. Now there are fresh photographs surfacing , first it was when Shahid came to see off Priyanka chopra when she left for Brazil and now in the September issue of Stardust, you can see Shahid and Priyanka outside a nigh club.

Also interesting to read is Harman's earlier interview where he talks about priyanka and shahid. Go read it here

If they are dating, good for them. I like them both:). Scans courtesy

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Bad bad bad.
Pc looks like shahids mother
they r soooo not good together
noooooo wayyyyyyy plzz

rangeeeeee rover ooo he has good taste

Mon, 2010-09-13 11:27 — BlackMagicAficionado
-> oh, pllllllllllllluzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzeee. she's making more $ than Shahid is , it's likely. pllluzzzzzzzzzze.

Mon, 2010-09-13 11:27 — BlackMagicAficionado
-> she comes from a 2 dr family where her family was sued in a big lawsuit over $...

oh come on, you can think of better things htan golddigger.. rather with her Mercades, it may be ppl after her own $. she is making $ acting , you know...

Tue, 2011-02-15 08:21 — bebo4eva
Its fine you like Kareena, I like Kareena too but you're such a douche.
Dusky and Big Lips so she belongs in 'Tamil'? Shes Punjabi you idiot.
Aishwarya Rai, Vidya Balan, Shilpa Shetty are all gorgeous women who look different from one another and are south Indian. I hope you go to 'Tamil' and somebody whoops your ass

can you scan the interview of Esha deol from the jan 2011 Stardust please.

priyanka nd shahid will b a good couple.a sweet guy with hottest girl.but i think shahid cant handle priyanka hotness.she needs sum1 like amrita .

who cares, really?

No need for them to let the world know.

She would probably date a scum bag if it had money. :\

They don't fit together somehow.... something missing..

Don't like them together, hopefully they r just close friend. Sick n tired of their hide n seek relationship, pls come out openly. Shahid and Amrita r much better, sad they r just friends.

They make a awesome couple.


Love them together!

They've been dating since Kaminey's making..sure they've had their ups and downs but fact is that they're still going strong. I really like them as a couple.

If they get married, it'll be like Ash-Abhi getting married because of their hide n seek there is a lot of curiosity around them lol

I SO hope they end up getting married

well i guess if there is ne truth to this ..shahid will def keep this under the wraps..his last relatnship was way too much in public eye n under the scanner all the once bitten ..twice shy.

I always hoped Shahid and Kareena would get back together again.
But seeing all this, I don't believe that will happen.
It's time for him to move on too. So wish him all the luck.
Must say that he and Priyanka look much better than old saif and kareena.

i would love to see thm 2gether.


they make a hot couple. lot better then kareena and her old man hhhhhhhhhhhhh

if so they make hot couple..god bless them

either they are really close pals or are dating. shahid has said that when he starts seeing someone, people will come to know anyway as he is not going to hide when he is out with her. as for a statement, until they are themselves sure of it to an extent, i don't think they would announce it. but i wish them all the best. with understanding and some compromise, this can work!

these 2 deserve each other - for sure there will be lots of break-ups to coincide with the release of their movies. just cheap publicity stunts!

Come on, go read the harman article where he stated that shahid was a good guy while he still whined about pc's love life. Why would he state that if pc left him for shahid. Come on check pink villa's old post about harman "tell-all"

Wow! PC dumped Harman for Shahid and treated as FAAB while Shahid took away his friend's girlfriend..How ppl forgot the way they treated Kareena on this site. Folks are so negative and hyprocritical!

2 cute

I'm suprised that she and Ranbir haven't been linked yet.

they make a hot couple. lot better then kareena and her old man..

good luck to the both of them.

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