The best Vogue India cover of 2009?

Which was your favorite Vogue India cover for 2009? the covers are arranged according to the months.

Credits: Tarsha for the image:)

January : Tabu
February : Jennifer Aniston
March : Freida Pinto
April : Michelle Obama
May : Lakshmi Menon
June : Shilpa Shetty
July : Deepika Padukone
August : Feroze Gujral, Ujjwala Raut, Jyothsna Chakravarthy & Shobha De
September : Gisele Bündchen
October : Shahrukh Khan & Kajol
November : Katrina Kaif
December : Kareena Kapoor
None of Them


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October : Shahrukh Khan & Kajol

Kareena, of course.

Katrina! Kareena looks like a zombie!

katrina for sure

FREIDA, she's my favorite.

But second favorite is Lakshmi Menon, it's so good to have a MODEL on the cover of a fashion magazine.

top 3: katrina, laxmi and freida...they were the best!!! they look hot

October : Shahrukh Khan & Kajol

Katrina kaif

michelle obama! simply for being the most ifluential!

kareena for sure. hers is so different from everyone else :)

laksmi menon..for may.. rfor capturing the essence of a summer month ..

michelle obabamas defffo!

rest are quiet bad kajol loooks like a man and makes srk look horrible too, tabu, freida, deepikas r ok after michelle id say kareenas is nicest.


Freida -- her cheekbones are the HIGHEST.

I love the srkajol and kareena cover the most. Tabu's ans Michelle Obama's stand out too!


Katrina is looking somehow good and kareena's eyes make-up makes her look like a surel!!


deepika, srk kajal,kareena and katrina

katrina and kareena

katrina was the best

Michelle Obama

SRK and Kajol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kajol and Shahrukh all the way! The two most beautiful people ever! :)

katz and bebo y srk-kajol

kareena gices the best covr!!! ahts off..she is a beauty mistress.. worst cover is of frieda

tabu, jennifer aniston, deepika and kareena, but actually they all look fab


October - SRK & Kajolllllllll

Katrina, Tabu, & Kareena =)



Michelle Obama

katrina and bebo

deepika n bebo


Katrina for me, the innocent expression on her face and that mesmerizing look just tooooooo attractive.



Jennifer Aniston

ofcourse kareena...other covers look fake..

lmaooo srk also appears women magzines hahahah

kareenaaa for sure

nothing beats the shahrukh & kajol cover.... nothing...

tabu, deepika and kareena

Nice post... For me kareena than katrina and deepika!

Lakshmi Menon and Deepika padukone's covers are great. Tabu looks a bit too much photoshopped but nonetheless shez looking gorgeous..





None...but if i had to choose then Kareena.

kat and bebo all the way!!!


October - SRK & Kajol!

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