Bigg Boss 7: It's now Gauhar Khan's turn to lie about her age?

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While Armaan Jee's age was clarified today on National TV, it seems like there is another contestant on the show that seems to have forgotten their ACTUAL age. In today's episode Salman asked Gauhar if she is 29 yrs old, one year older than Kushal and she says yes. YET on her Wikipedia page it says she is 32 years old and on her Bigg Boss profile she is 30 years old. Have they been in the house so long that they just don't even recall their correct age?

So what do you guys think?


Get over it peeps.. So what if she lied !! Look at gauhar much she has achieved..everyone calls her gauhar khan but what does everyone call Tanisha mukherjee .....Kajols sis or tanuja's daughter...look at how much the lady has achieved....she even won the enjoy ur lives...u'll forget abt bb 7 and the contestants soon...luv u all...n I just wanna make one thing clear.....salmaanis the worst biased host ever ...lost all my respect for u salmaan...gauhar hats off to u there anyone who hasn't lied at all in their life...gauhar became conscious that's all

Mind your words.....don't tell anything about salman khan got it tu jahabhi hai salman khan ke fans tera o haal karenge ki tum khudhko pehchan na pawoge....

Arman again
asserted that he is just 40
years old on the show, is
actually 45 years old.
Apparently, Kohli has been
lying about his age.

Armaan again
asserted that he is just 40
years old on the show, is
actually 45 years old.
Apparently, Kohli has been
lying about his age.

well tanisha and armaan r on same boat. Armaan is 47 years old and tanisha is 37, but both of them lied too. So why so particular bout a lie frm Gauhar's end. And it was rude by salman to confirm her age just to prove his lame point.

When Gauhar was asked how old she was you could see on her face she was lying lol

Hell arman jee??

I dont think the problem is the age..who cares what age these people are the fact is they lie, whats the need to lie when you know your being watched or looked up on the net and obviously discussed your just making yourself look like a fool!! its not how old you are thats matters its how you maintain to keep yourself looking good whatever age you are...Look at Salman Khan who would say hes 48! he is looking good as hes getting older....NO POINT IN LYING WHEN YOUR ON TV! DUH!

Why lie about your age when your on TV! LOL i lie about my age all the time but im not on national TV to get caught out....these people are seriously thick!!!

tanisha and her family's PR overdrive. we dont give damn about her age, she's far off that buddhi Tanisha and her buddha BF

Who cares about age? It is about LOOKING young that matters :P If an actor/actress claims to be 30 but looks 50 years old, then that is a bigger shame but if an actor is 40 years old but looks 30 that is an achievement :P I think celebs should stop hiding their age.

Sofia Hayat is 39 but at some places its shown as 29 !! They easily shave off 10 yrs on paper but cant do the same on their faces.
Gauhars face speaks that she is 34 !!

She is 35 ... My cousin is her classmate

wikipedia anyone can access n change the date

It's not just people in their 30s. Look at Shraddha Kapoor... In 2010, she was born 1987, and in 2013, she is born 1992. She is just 26 but somehow she wants to be 20-21.

hahahaha, Shraddha Kapoor is 21 year old born on 1992. Her date of birth is correct. She is a teenage girl - LOL

what's the big deal if Gauhar is 30 but said she's 29 on Bigg Boss?! people do it all the time, especially celebs. anyways it's just 1 year less!

lol..she has been commenting about tanisha's age with her so called love when she herself is in d "Buddha" category...even if she s 30 she definitely isnt 29!!
plus she is for sure 30 plus i mean she does look her age!make up cant hide so much!havent we all seen her in big boss during mornin times n den she does tones of make up n people say she looks beautiful!!haa!wt a msitake!

age has changed on wikipedia

Probably Gauhar fans hid her original age in wikipedia

she is still not 29 , is lied

Ok, Wikipedia is an open source...we shouldn't take everything on it seriously.

Ok so even if she was born in 1983 for arguments sake then that would still make her 30 and not 29 as she is an August born.. ! So why did she still say 29 people... !

some people count it yearwise... anyway, itna toh chalta hai...

Wiki is universally followed period
Information on it is researched and updated accordingly.the wiki page of a certain page can be updated and hanged by specific people after requests are made and required documentation is provided. If gauhars date of birth is updated recently based on date of birth on passport then where did the previous date of birth come from???? It must have had some basis. Also let me tell you in india to get a passport with a specific date of birth is easy. Birth certificate and the authencity of the birth certificate is what tells the real age. But i think this is blown out of proportion 30 yrs 32 yrs...whats the biggie?? But i guess now that she is with kushal 30 or 32 will make a bigg difference:)

I cant beleive she lied about her age and she claims that she never lied in the show.Yesterday right after the show i saw that in wikipedia her age was 32yrs but today i saw it had been changed to 30yrs. I wonder who changed it.

She's a liar

29 or 33, she looks very young, hot and beautiful!!
i feel as an indian woman u have to lie about your age, because women after 30 are treated like criminals in india.
as if after 30 u dont have the right enjoy ur life, wear nice clothes and make up.
there are many top bollywood heroines and hero who have lied about their age...

She isn't lying. This constant stream of hate to try to ruin her image is pathetic

Uh uh she is 29, check her Twitter. And by bashing gauhar, we aren't gonna start respect Master and Slave, nor the horrible host

smart really. good one.

The main topic is easily changed by bringin down gauhar's image, but tan man wil get no respect out of such things and even bb biasedness topic can't be ignored.. so no use.

I don't think she was lying. Wiki can be edited and this tweet is from 2012

i didnt see this tweet on her tweeter page. If this post has been deleted by her where did you get it from???

Born Nigaar Zafer Khan
May 2, 1977 (age 36)
Pune, Maharashtra, India

Khan was born and brought up into a Muslim family in Pune, Maharashtra. She has four siblings, she being the third child of her parents. Gauhar Khan, youngest of the siblings is a Bollywood actress and is two years younger to her.[1][2]

that makes her 34 and that's how old she is.. year and half younger than Tanisha and she n bf call her buddhi.. What a joke.. it does nt really matter how old she is otherwise .. just how callous shes towards others

@NotImpressed - I'm IMPRESSED that you strangely have a screenshot of something Gauhar apparently tweeted a year or so back. lol. PR? Also, doubt her Miss. India profile was a lie and also, no matter what she still lied. So she aint no sachai ki murat. accept it.
And ya, keep on trollin! ;)

even after this she still lied she is still not 29

In her Miss India 2002 profile she says 1980. Passport dates can be changed easily.

Sorry Bigg Boss that is not a big deal u want to show Gauhar liar hahaha sorry

STOP PICKING ON HER!!!!!! She is the most decent person in there. You always see Tanisha laughing at her and making remarks!! Bigg Boss is biased towards Tanisha and Arman

At least Tanisha never lie.

Now they have changed her birth year from 1981 to 1983 God these people are so insecure of their ages.

Sorry wiki has the correct information. They wont print it if its incorrect and there is no proof to back it up...cuz they can be sued for it!!!!!! Whatever is on wikipedia is always 100% correct by law. Ask anyone!!!

she is a born liar, she always says that she never lied in her life, Gauhar make fools to ur so called fans.

did she lie..omg!dats d worst lie ever i have god...wat sort of a world are we living in..a woman lied abt her age wen asked on national tv!!!!!!!!lets all take a morcha against it...dis is just gettin out of control..

i hope this is a sarcastic comment ;-)...and i agree

hehehe....dis hoopla abt a woman lying abt her age is just too much...the real person to be blamed is d man who asked her age on tv......

The gauhar khan says her age is 29, so according to when she participated in miss India in 1997 at time her age would have been 13 years....??? o_O

her age would be 17 not 13!!

STUPID, She was 18 when she participated in Ms. India in 2002 (when Neha Dhupia won the title).

Gauhar is a liar about her age . She always said that she is straight forwad then why she tell lie.Gauhar pyaar aur umer chupaye ny chupta

Salman Khan is out to get Gauhar and Kushal for what has happened in the past. Just because Arman's age became an issue on the show, does it mean he toss around Gauhar's age by asking a lady her age on national TV ? Let the guys fight each other, why bring the girls in ? Why doesnt Salman find something to confront Kaushal with ? Why attack his girl friend. What a freak Salman has reduced himself to. He shold quit this show and never do it again. He is the worst biased show host I have ever witnessed

get over yourself man...and shut up already!!

If top actresses like katrina can lie her age and people have no problem with it. Why targetting gauhar then.

no in 2012 she tweeted that her age is missprinted in the web as 81 but she is actually 83 .... means she ddnt lie

The gauhar khan says her age is 29, so according to when she participated in miss India in 1997 at time her age would have been 13 years....???

she was miss india in 2002 and that time she was 18 got it

she won miss india in 2002 when she was 28 got it

She won the Ms. India International title in 2002 (when she was 18)

She participated in year 2002...get yur facts right!

i like gauhar but sh elooks only late 20s (has puffy eyes) not 21 c' mon. She s good for her age.If you are unmarried and doesnt have kids and dint have to telertae in laws and cook ....half os desi women will million dollar

not a big deal

gauhar looks like a 35 year old. there is nothing 29 about her. she lied straight to salman khans face when he asked her gauhar how old are you... she looked down then said 29.. what a liar. only liars dont make eye contact. and arman looks 50 seriously who is he fooling! his teeth look like dentures sometimes.

Ha Ha Ha..Thanks for taking the snapshot of this page because the information is tampered...Nigar's page the DOB is changed from 1977 to 1979 and Gauhar's from 1981 to 1983..Hypocrites!!! Ladies learn to age gracefully and not hide behind your nervous lies!!! and that too for a guy

Ha Ha if you visit Gauhar & Nigar's wikipedia now, its changed!!!
Nigar's been changed from 1977 to 1979 & Gauhar's from 1981 to 1983...People age gracefully but probably they don't have dignity to do so..I really dislike them!!!..Hypocrites!!!

GUYS, GAUHAR is born in 1983. CHECK HER TWITTER. She discussed her age on twitter on 27th April 2012. PV, please make a post on this! This is defaming post on Gauhar without checking the actual fact! And, using WIKIPEDIA (unreliable) as a source!

but the fact is gauhar looks 21 n budde arman looks 47

Yes.. It's true..

U r absolutely rit.....
Arman should brush his teeth wd muriatic acid...hahaha..!!

very true!!! age is just a number and "being young" is an attitude
actually people are over reacting on this statement becz they've got nth to say anything else against her

its not about the number but the fact that she lied. and kushal's yellow dirty teeth look more disgusting and armaan's father on zee news has cleared everything about her age

ppl are to these celebs...gauhar is still very pretty and extremly seems ppl feel better when they can call her old...for a typical heroine,,,,,,she looks 25..... so why target her when,,,,shes lying out of pressure ////....shes over 30.....and looks damn good,,,,,ppl shoulld stop being so judgmental...showbiz is harsh buissness,,,they cant call gauhar ugly or they try to attcack where they can.....i dont like it,,,ps tanisha looks very good for 35 years old,,,,very goos infact

So what!! If she is lying about her age...most of women do that...its universal!!
people are reacting as if unhe kundali banani hai iski :o

Thats not the thing, in the show she claims she never lies. If she lied about her age, just by a few years. Imagine about how many things she must have lied throughout the show.

She z dam gud liar...

In bigg boss she said she is 29. In Miss India 2002 profile it says born in 1980. Her sister Nigar is 1976 born and Gauhar is 2yrs younger that means in correct sense she is 1978 born. hence HER REAL AGE IS 35yrs old. Why do these Bollywood girls lie on such scale about their age.

screenshot available of miss india site ?

you guys do know that anyone can edit wikipedia and that is is not a reliable aource

Forget Gauhar, I think Sofia is lying about her age! I mean she claims she is 28, but I've seen some sites say she is around 40.

Anybody can edit wikipedia page and take a screenshot. Wikipedia is not a proof for anything.

true!!! Asin's page said 1982 when she was in the south.I rememebr this bcos i know her batchmates and now its different

Regardless of weather if they lied or not.. How UNEDUCATED is the person who wrote this article? Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source for anything. If you've every written the a paper; the first thing instructors tell you is that you Cannot quote wiki because it is not a reliable source of information.

who cares? Wikipedia isnt reliable at all!

Mannerless Salman asking girls age for no reason! no wonder he's single!

So what we love u gauhar and Its Ur age Its Ur choice u want to tell or not

Sangram lied about his age too, no way is he 28! Armaan isnt 39, he's 45! Kushal isnt 28 either.

Gauhar has said on Twitter many times that her wikipedia date of birth is wrong! Wiki isnt a reliable source at all, can be changed by anyone! I remember a bit before Ishaqzaade released she said she's 27, so now she should be 29!

I went to school with her... she's 29!

omg!! really? now i noticed the surgery on gauhar! and now lie about age!!

who cares what age she is! people aren't supposed to ask women their age anyways, and i think Salman asking her on television might have thrown her off a bit! the point Salman was trying to make was that gauhar too is older than kushal, and that point was made

Um... I don't know about Armaan or Gauhar or Tanisha... But, I have genuinely forgotten how old I am... I don't know what my age is unless I sit down and start doing the math. But, honestly... I stopped counting my age the day I turned 21. So, it could be that case. I think after certain time period... people stop counting their age... don't you?

Wikipedia can be edited by ANYONE! You, me, or Tanuja (old lady has nothing to do these days). Gauhar is probably in her early 30s (31-32 max) but to say she is 35 and two years younger than a 37 year old Nigaar is too much! She looks younger than Tanisha for sure. And if Tanisha is 35, how can Gauhar be the same age, BollyDeewana?

Who is the idiot who uses Wikipedia as a reliable source for anything?

I couldn't care less how old Gauhar or Armaan is.....

because tomorrow Madhuri Dixit and Huma Qureshi are coming :)

If I'm not mistaken the last time 2 heroines appeared on the show was Vidya Balan and Rani Mukherjee and that still remains one of my favs. Prem and Nisha ready to rock the stage.

your last statement is the reason why i will not watch this show if salman stops hosting it next season lol

who cares what her age long as she looks young n beautiful :)

Lost count on how many lies she told in today's episode...but her age was the EPIC one look

If you go by WIKIPEDIA, then you are a COMPLETE IDIOT!

upload the video of her miss india times, that will tell the truth that she is at least 33.

Gauhar is 30! She herself tweeted her passport saying she is 1983 born...Today she said she is 29.What if she said 1yr less...not a crime or a big deal rt???

What a liar she is! What will Gauhar lovers say now? Wiki says she is 32 (It was 33 few weeks back) but she says she 29?! Wiki has been changing everyone's birth date it seems. I can remember Nigaar saying that Gauhar is two years younger than her. Wiki has changed Nigaar's birth date also. Nigaar is actually 37 (Few days back her wiki page showed that she was 37) but now they have made her 34. PR activities are at doing their work!

Bot these sisters are shameless. I watched few episodes of KS & was shocked to see their shamelessness & desperate behavior. Both are Chameleons & Drama Queens.

u sound like one of our neighbor aunty who's got nth to do but criticizing girls and giving character certificate to each one of them ....



WHAT A JOKE! Nothing wrong in being in your 30s or up but don't lie like that. to top it off she encourages Khushal's crude take on 'ageism'. sickening.

Bwaahaaahaaaaa what do you expect. She tries to act as if she's in her teens in that show. No wonder she was screaming and throwing a fit when Tanisha called her Kushal's mummy. Abhi woh 29 hi hai boss!

I'm 27 and I've been seeing her since I was in school so I refuse to believe she's 29

Gauhar definitely lied about her age, especially if you watch their show Khan Sisters, on there her age would add up to something different compared to what she said on Bigg Boss today.

For all her forward thinking and feminist 'stands' she can't even accept the fact that she's 30+ which is quite sad.

Guys, really?? Why blame her for what is probably a norm in the film industry!

Arre PV, she's just taking a stand yaar that she will remain 29 years old for the next five years.

of course she's in her 30s! I was a little shocked she even lied about it. Both her and Armaan are obviously insecure about their age, smh.

I was also shocked but I think she panicked and said 29 because if she had said 32 or 33, it would've given Salman and Armaan a better arguement towards Kushal's 'budha' comment for Armaan and apparently Tanisha

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