Race 2 exceeds expectations: BO report

Discussion,race 2
Discussion,race 2

Lots of twists and turns, sexy babes, adrenaline pumping stunts, an evil villain, foreign locales, imported cars and each & every ingredient that a hardcore action thriller shall possess, the ‘men in white’ Abbas-Mustan do an absolute bang-on to their plot---- quite literally.

The viewers tend to have readily accepted the amount of baggage that the sequel had on its shoulders. The movie released on 25 January 2013 and was expected to garner approximately 12 crores on its first day of release, but it surpassed the expectations and went out to fetch a whopping amount of 15.12 Cr to the producers.

It experienced a tremendous start especially in the metros. Experts feel that the movie will cross the 50 Cr line and also have chances to be a part of the 100 Cr club. The domestic income of the movie sums up to 14 Cr and overseas income to 3 Cr till date that includes UK(& 60 other locations) to be 80.46 lacs, UAE to be 1.51 Cr and others.

Race 2 is surely racing ahead with a great pace.

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Positive vibes and response to the star cast in media and public make any movie a hit. Saif and Deepika make a hit pair they share a good chemistrey and very positive Jodi image, they should work in more hit movies together
no please this movie is enought, we have enought of saif deepika stop, deepika should work with varun ( no she is too tall for him), siddarth, akshay( kat lucky mascot),

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Positive vibes and response to the star cast in media and public make any movie a hit. Saif and Deepika make a hit pair they share a good chemistrey and very positive Jodi image, they should work in more hit movies together

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Cost of the movie 90crores : if this movie run under 150 crores it a big big flop

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Fricking AWESOME movie!!!

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2 day haul = 35.80 Crores. Not bad.

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Guys!!! RACE 2 ROCKED!! Its a fulll on paisa vasool film. The stunts are MINDBLOWING!! Doesnt bore you even for a min! John, Saif and Deeps!! What more can one ask for?! Deepika is amazing in the movie..john is mindblowingly hot, but all said and done, the Nawab of Pataudi is the HERO of the film! what suave and style!!!

Go watch it, you wont be disappointed.

P.S--Saif flashes his Kareena tattoo in full tashan! Very hot!!

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I saw Race 2 and as a viewer it didn't exceed my expectations. I had low expectations going in, so I was not disappointed or amazed either. All the stars except Saif and Anil looked hot (as I expected). There was an unintentionally hilarious cage fighting scene with John which is not to be missed. Some of the jokes were bad, like Anil makes a joke about popping Amisha's "cherry"... WTF. Do they even know that that means?

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The movie was average but the locations and action/stunts were amazing, felt like a Hollywood film.

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Love the song party on my mind

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It's cause there is nothing else to watch

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This movie is a flop the pr is trying to put good articles out so more people can watch
They will have a success party for this flop movie

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Sadly it was a bad movie.

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Congratulations to the whole race2 team.....
M really happy for deepika...

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what a movieeeeeeeee man.. saif rocks .and ameesha looked so beautiful in her short role.
deepika was hot too..the styling ,locations ,dialogues..full package.great job abbasmustan!

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Probably because the only semi dhang ki movie thats new in the cinemas

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didn't it cost like 90+cr to make the crappy fillum?

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oh no

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Great! I hope Jacqueline signs a really big film next!

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Great news!

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I hope it does well for all of them! esp for deepika!

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I just watched it.. absolutely ridiculous. People were laughing at the end (for the wrong reasons).
I have no idea how any of them thought it was a good idea to work in this movie.

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Bad movie and very bad cast

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Lol of bad movies did well! Example: dabaang 2 son of shit ( sardar lol)

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I' happy for Saif, so underrated, Congrats.

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CONGRATS Race 2 team esp Deepika :)

Hope to catch the film on Wednesday as its Orange Wednesday :P

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Congrats race2 and saif you rich smart guy putting it in your production. also kareena tattoo in the film was bait like race

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congratulations, you rock saif

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i guess the 64 twists they promised really delivered.

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Congo to the whole team !!

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congrats team race 2.

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Good for all


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