Bollywood Actress Sonam Kapoor Lookalike of Princess Amira of Saudi Arabia

Saudi-Arabia-News Tweeted this to @Sonamkfanclub - Now 'Sonam Kapoor' will be synonymous with royalty... shes found her lookalike in none other than Princess Amira of Saudi Arabia.

What say guys? Do you guys think Sonam Kapoor looks similar to Princess Amira of Saudi Arabia?
I think they got very similar looks and the way both dress is exactly the same!

Credits: twittergoggleimages

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The Princess is a Semitic lady and Sonam is an Aryan North Indian. Looks different to me..

Sonam kapoor look alike princess Ameera al-taweel ??

does Infiniti cars look like Mercedes Benz ?? this question is a suitable answer for the debatable blog !!

take care ..

They both r so pretty! im indian and I live in Saudi Arabia so I love them both.

Guys she looks like Jacqline fernandes

There is no comparison !!Princess is much more beautiful.

that awkward moment when u know that her ex husband was twice her age

I saw her on a CNN interview a few months ago, and I thought she was Sonam Kapoor. No kidding. Once she started speaking, I knew better. Even though she looks a lot like Jacqueline Fernandez in these pics, in more life-like situations, she resembles Sonam a lot. And she did not even remote come across as an angry or evil personality. She was extremely soft spoken and spoke about her altruistic goals for her country.

To be Honest,the princess is way more beautiful...

Princess is more beautiful


wow cool !!!!!!!!!!!!
amerah izzz better than sonam

but also sonam izz good

the princess is beautiful!!!!!!!!

princess amira all the way :)

Arab royal family seems to be full of hypocritical douchebags. Thank god we don't have a monarchy! The british royal family shouldn't have invited these dictator type royals. And no Sonam doesn't look like that trannyish woman.

What a shame!
These people (Saudis) preach and arrest women for showing an inch of their skin.. while their princess (who should be the role model for her country) dresses to show off her legs.

I am from Saudi Arabia and the idea that the Saudis claimed the kill every woman do not put the hijab is wrong. Saudi Arabia changed year after year and progressing, but the world does not give the Arabs a chance.
Your thoughts really old and unjust

No way she looks more ARAB than Indian!

the princess is more prettier and has baby face. and yes she look indan more than arab

Sun, 2011-05-01 21:02 — Anonymous
Sun, 2011-05-01 01:34 — Anonymous
close minded moron. India has a lot of stereotypes too, like widows were burnt with their husbands, girls are killed as soon as they are born, sounds like such a barbaric country doesn't it? It isn't, and Saudi Arabia isn't either.


in the first set of pics of the Princess, she looks more like Jaqueline Fernandez. but, at the royal wedding (the last pics of her), she looks a lot like Sonam.

in any event, the Princess is prettier in my eyes. and, i even like Sonam to begin with.

she luks like a thin zarine khan

she looked so good at the royal wedding her outfit and hat was the best

she doesnt look like sonam .....maybe just the nose a littles
she looks more like Jackqueline fernadez
and is that her at the royal wedding????

in saudi arabia der is no rule to cover face u hav to wear hijab to cover ur hair

she looks more like jacqaline or whatever her name is.

i was wondering the same..women r supposed to be covered up in Saudi..anyway they do look similar..

aren't women in Saudi supposed to cover themselves? if this princess is married, she should not show her face in public..its not allowed..dont tell me they changed the rules for royals?

Princess Amira al-Taweel is Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal wife ..

seriously Sonam Kapoor is more beautyful

Amira´s hair... damn! is DIVINE! I like her arabic eyes n tick eyebrows!

I saw Amira´s pics on google and WOW! She is gorgeous, not to mention her arabic exotic features and indeed she looks very royal, a such elegant, sensual but modest woman! Thank God she is not all covered up!

No, Amira looks very ARABIC! and not all Saudis women has long noses, Indian women also has long noses just look at Sonam LOL but ya not all of them!

I do not see them semi
Beauty Arab distinctive and charming
Saudi beauty blend of Indian and Spanish Beauty
I am a Saudi girl
Saudi girls more beautiful than the Princess

she looks a bit like jacquline fernandes too!!

Amira looks like Sanjay Kapur (Karishma's husband)

well i couldnt find any resemblance with Jacqueline, Princess Amira does look like Sonam but Sonam is pretty, dont know why haters are spamming here, the 'Princess' tag doesn't make anyone pretty...

princess amira is looking like jaquline fernandez of srilanka
not like sonam,sonam and amira is totally different in every thing.

the princess looks much better n more prettier

Sun, 2011-05-01 01:34 — Anonymous
close minded moron. India has a lot of stereotypes too, like widows were burnt with their husbands, girls are killed as soon as they are born, sounds like such a barbaric country doesn't it? It isn't, and Saudi Arabia isn't either.

actually the princess more like Jacqueline Fernandez instead of Sonam!

When i think Saudis, i think light skinned with huge noses, lol. This princess looks very Indian .
Of course, our Sonam is prettier :D

Sonam is so pretty, i hope the Loreal team doesn't ruin her look with too much makeup, the way they once ruined Aishwarya's look on her 2nd visit to Cannes.

The princess is not only better looking - better face shape and nose is not witchy long like Sonam's - but looks intelligent too. Sonam looks like a ditzy gal because she smiles too much and is a fashion slave.

i guessed I missed adding 'LOL'. I found what you said funny so I replied to that, I mean shes Princess right, shes lucky for a lotta reasons. Anyway it was all in good humor.

they're both pretty women... waazzz.. up, even this innocent post turns into some fight now?

Going by these pictures, they do look alike though Sonam is cuter in my opinion.

I guess she looks more like Miss Sri lanka Jacqueline Fernandez...!!

Wow the princess is Damn beautiful!!! and NO Way sonam doesn't look like her.. the princess is way more pretty than her. the princess is elegant and classy.

Never compare Sonam which such people. Sonam is a hard working lady she earns what she works. While this so called princess is dressing from the money of their people and for doing nothing.

Saudia Arabia they have double standards in everything. They want a woman to be covered head to toe in Saudia arabia, no rights to vote or participate in the political life, not even driving a car and yet their own daughters can do all this. How pathetic a country can be more than this???

Plus what class are you talking about??? she is from the badoos who used to live in tents so people should know the origin. One can never be called princess or classy from eating others money and rights.

The princess looks so pretty!

sonam looks far better than her

Anon on Sat, 2011-04-30 09:31- i said nthng wrong dear soo chill

How come the princess dont have to cover herself up..! Its pretty sad that women out there have to cover themselves up completely and have to live devoid of any freedom

she looks more like jacqueline fernandes than sonam

Sonam is a prettier version of Princess Amira

she looks more like jacqueline fernandez not sonam kapoor!

I don´t know who is more beautiful but I think Sonam has a prettier smile!

Nop...Sonam is better!

She looks like Jacqeline Fernandez and not at all like sonam kapoor who has a very long nose and face

So much hypocrisy! So the princess is allowed to dress in western clothes, study abroad while the women in her country cannot even drive a car and a probably whipped if they dont suffocate themselves under a black cloak.

Princess Amira is prettier!

aren't saudi princesses supposed to cover themselves up? in saudi there are these female police hitting on any woman who showes little skin and look at their princesses, double standard

Princess Amira looks like a mix of Sonam and Jackie fernandez

Even at first look at Amira..I thought she resembled more of Jaqualine Fernandez. Amira is prettier version tho

unless someone mentioned I dont think she looks royal at all..she is very average looking lady.

Princess looks much classier!

The only similarity I see is in the eyes/eyebrows but even then, Sonam's eyes look more friendly and the other lady manages to look angry most of the time. IMO Sonam is much more beautiful and sweet looking.

Nope, the princess' Bollywood clone is Jacqueline Fernandez!

princess is much prettier

The princess looks like Jacqueline Fernandez to me!

LOL. They just look alike in 2-3 pics ONLY! The princess looks more like Jacqueline Fernandez!! I agree with the person who said the same!

Are you kidding me princess Amira way prettier then Sonam. look at her face...her eye brows....her eyes....her lips even her nose batter then sonam.

Princess Amira does not need makeup like sonam and she is a natural princess with class and style.

not at all
amira look a like jacqueline fernandez and priyanka chopra

The princess is way prettier.

er i guess..

lol please...

princess of saudi is much prettier...sonam looks indian n like a normal girl...the princess has this amazing royalti aura around her...she looks amazing!

n i do not think they dress the same...son am tries to dress like this..but only indians find ehr dressing amazing coz they've not seen anythign like t in india..however for people out of india its nothing special..but princess of saudi dresses like a celeb n like's very pretty..n sexy at the same time!

The princess is prettier!

She is looks more like Jacquiline, but why is she not covered from head to toe? Isn't that how Saudi Arabian women are supposed to be? Or the rules completely different for princesses? She is really pretty though :)

hell no sonam is more beautiful she looks fresh and natural unlike Amira who looks old and the horrible make up,if you're dark just accept it don't bake your face.
Amira is pretty but more of Bedouin beauty the raw kind i like her but sonam is more beautiful and has way better fashion sense Amira doesn't seem to know what suits her best.

They look kind of the same but in close-ups, not so much.

actually the top part of face like the eyes and all are similar, but the jaw as in the lower part is like jacquiline i think. But defently some resemblance.

But i think Sonam is prettier LOl:)

There look a little bit alike, not a whole lot, Princes Amira is so gorgeous. love her face and hair.

no offense..but the princess looks more charming, elegant and beautiful than the loud mouthed Sonam.

Yes, there do look alike from far more, but Princess Amira has the slighter edge over Sonam and looks more stunning and royal like..........sonam should quite drinking and partying so much.

i don't think she thanks god every night that she looks like Sonam. Shes a princess, shes a lot luckier than you think.

just the eyes and hair, but the princess if much prettier.

WOW never seen the princess of Saudi Arabia before. Wht a beauty my godness!!!!! She is Gorgeous!!!!
and no way sonam doesn't look like her.. amira is way more pretty than her. and i felt in love with her style

Wow Mashallah princess Amira is so beautiful :) I don't find them similar to eachother at all... ;)

ohh yes they do but not in closeup pics! I am so jealous of Amira of Saudi Arabia she looks somehow similar to sonam lucky girl!!

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