LATEST : Box Office Collections of Jab Tak Hain Jaan and Son of Sardaar

Here are the latest box office collections of Jab Tak Hai Jaan & Son of Sardaar which released on November 13th.

Summary as mentioned by trade analyst Taran Adarsh:

Jab Tak Hai Jaan grossed Rs 122.43 crores worldwide and Son of Sardaar grossed 76.81 crores. The breakdown is as follows.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan collections in India

The movie managed to collect approximately 80.73 cr in its first weekend. The film was doing very well until Thursday. However, due to the delicate situation in Maharashtra, business slowed down over the weekend.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan collections Overseas:

JTHJ managed to collect a total of $7.5 million overseas.

Son of Sardaar collections in India

Son of Sardaar collected a total of Rs 66.02 cr in India. Similar to the fate of its rival film, the business slowed down towards the weekend due to the situation in Maharashtra.

Son of Sardaar collections Overseas:

SOS collected $5,116 in New Zealand, $ 55,125 in Australia and £ 5,569 in UK

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just shahrukh nothing more

SRK is king.
Srk was king
Srk will be king


No intelligent audience will like SOS. Its another remake, mindless and irritating. I agree JTHJ might not be a classic love story, but at least its not a mindless remake. Stop the hate.

I have seen JTHJ and be honest I didn't like it. The only 2 good things about that movie were Katrina's dance and Shahrukh was tooooo hot as an army man. Samar and Meera's story was boring. I mean the way they have meet, date and separate... there was nothing special about that, not a great love story. Lots of people meet, fall in love, and break up ( for silly reason) like that. Shahrukh was good in the beginning and was very good in the second part. Katrina was ok also. I don't think that she can do better than this. The biggest turn of, specially when she says dialog are her lips and that she blinks too much. I'm sure the other actress for example Preity would do Meera's role 100 times better but it was Yash Chopra's choice.... Anushka was too loud which was irritating... I thought she would steal the show from Katrina but it never happened...There were some bloopers for example at the beginning of the movie Anushka takes off her cloths at the lake coast but she jumps off a small island in the middle of a lake. How did she reach the island?
Any way the movie was very average because of very weak story and female cast and if I'll watch it again then only for Shahrukh....

I a surprised, I love Sri and YC movies but this was a complete let down, BAD movie, except cinematography, there is no story, music sucks, SRK and Anu are good but KAT sucks big time, this stone face can it ACT period.. Sadly this was YC's last movie and sorry to say, worst movie..:( VEER ZARA was so good, this is utter CRAP

jthj is mast movee who belive in love

ok, it's clear, JTHJ won over SOS .....LOOSER AJAY ! in ya face !

@sos hundred percent better ...thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie....

not jthj nowhere near entertaining....boring
ok we understood, you prefer flying cars and super hero with who uses his turban as innovative weapon. ;)

if it was jthj in place of sos then all media were screaming by taking budget and saying it flop as compared to other film . lol

i cant understand y screens r bigg issues, cant any movie do less business with more screens and more business with less screens...............if screens r source to get high numbers then every movie shud b released in maximum screens....................what abt ETT second day business of 14 crore with 3500 screens... SOS less screens more shows , come here in NJ and you will find difference between screens and people in theatres ....and i really dont understand when they say SOS and JTHJ r neck to neck and both r hit ??? how come ?? sos cost 80 crore and JTHJ cost 60 crore............ and their business u can see .

Nobody can beat Salman Masha Allah

East or west all India me srk is the best...


sos hundred percent better ...thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie....

not jthj nowhere near entertaining....boring

Truth be told, both movies are so baaaad. Sos was slightly better

SOS has very few screens in US. I live in California and the closest theater that is playing SOS is 1.5 hours drive. Whereas JTHJ is running in every theater.

winner jab tak hai jaan

Nice to know both films have done well

I did not see SOS But the film JTHJ was not the best films of SRK

I am actually disappointed that SOS has very few screens in oversees. I am in Chicago , wanted to see SOS this weekend but no theater is playing it. Don't want to go and watch the 3 hours boring JTHJ. That is one of the reasons SOS isn't collecting much money oversees

yes I expected this...

pinkvilla s u k s ....i think SRK pay them alot.. see collection..JTHJ they give much detail.. and SOS just formality.. be fair man... dont be pupet..
Those are Taran Adarsh's writings who's a film critic/trade (film) analyst from India. PV does not have any say in this.

On the other hand, glad that both the movies made enough money. I expected JTHJ to do better for a number of reasons that we all know. Didn't expect SOS to do this well but I guess, Ajay's fight paid off. I do agree that there isn't a big audience for films like SOS in the overseas, esp when a movie like JTHJ releases.

JTHJ would have made more if SOS moved their release date

Well any day SRK was biggy thn Ajay & if these are the real figures of collection thn I must say Ajay gave him a tough competition, where most of us was thinking SOS will be a flop in front of JTHJ..So for me both movies are winners..Now please stop this bx office collection thing on PV for these two, it is just like " 1st & 2nd racer have crossed the finish line in a race & already won but we are still chasing them to see who will stop 1st he will be announced as a loser .. com'om can we get some other interesting topics on PV..

Love when the numbers come out and everyone cuts the crap and gets to the real point: JTHJ defeats SOS just by sheer numbers!! Wow it at least crossed 100 crs worldwide, and 100 crs in India is not too far :D Sos on the other hand hasn't even collected 100crs worldwide. Sucks to suck, sos :P 122cr vs 76 is a HUGE margin so spare us your nonsense talk HATERS :D :D

SOS is not tasteful overseas and its producers knew it . Thats y thye fought tooth n nail over distribution in india..mass is power here

SoS DID NOT release in 2000 screens...Taran is making no sense as usual

they had more screens, you can only call it a win if the playing field is the same......OMG! Get real people.

pinkvilla s u k s ....i think SRK pay them alot.. see collection..JTHJ they give much detail.. and SOS just formality.. be fair man... dont be pupet..

so no 100 crores in india yet for jthj ...

When we went to see JTHJ in NY yesterday, the theater was full! So I can definitely people are enjoying this movie and it was pretty amazing! If you want to get butterflies in your stomach and see pure romance then watch it. It might be a little old fashioned but its definitely the romance of the year!

But u cant say SOS won too! :)

without closing mumbai cinemas the last two days and attacks the day before, JTHJ should have reached 100 crores by now for sure.

way to go SOS team. i like to see underdogs overcome especially when they're up against the mighty greedy goblin.

Glad that both movies have done well. It was a good fight and they have both done exceedingly well!


JTHJ wins!! Expected though!!!

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