Box Office India: Jodi Breakers is expected to do better than TNLHG

Tera Naal Love Ho Gaya (TNLHG) was originally scheduled to release yesterday but has been pushed forward by a week. It is now scheduled for a February 24 release. The rescheduling of TNLHG is not going to help the movie much since this week (February 17) does not have any strong release and hence would have picked up some audience for the film. Since, Jodi Breakers is slated to release on February 24, TNLHG will now have to split its audience with it. Jodi Breakers and TNLHG have almost the same FT numbers but Jodi Breakers has an edge.

Let us look at TNLHG and Jodi Breakers in some detail. The FT numbers show that TNLHG has a high Aided Recall (54. 4 per cent) but a low Spontaneous Awarenss (1. 8 per cent). Whereas Jodi Breakers, even though has an average Aided Recall (26. 5 per cent) has a substantially higher Spontaneous Recall (5. 4 per cent). On the ratio of SA/AR Jodi Breakers has a clear advantage. And when we look at DPS and DPSOWE, there is not much to choose between the two but on the ratio of DPSOWE/DPS, Jodi Breakers has an edge. Hence Jodi Breakers is expected to do better than TNLHG.

We have already discussed the expected audience profile and drivers of TNLHG in this column last week. The movie has no strong drivers except Genelia D’Souza. However, Jodi Breakers is on a stronger footing. The drivers of the movie are, Madhavan, Bipasha Basu and the story. Also it has a clear perceived genre. With the FT numbers as of date boths films hould do as expected by the trade.

Compared to the last week both movies have seen a drop in their FT numbers. This is primarily because of EMAET’s strong presence in media post its release. Hence, this week is quite crucial to both these movies and they will need to give one last push in the mass media and get the SA and DPSOWE up by another 5-10 points to make a reasonable impact on the box-office.

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like movie

I saw jodi breakers its a nice feel good movie with amazing songs


1.60 cr

1.90 cr

Sunday (early estimate)
2.70 cr

6.20 cr
Jodi breakers has already grossed more than 6 crores and the movie was made with 2 crores...hence a profiatble venture

JODI BREAKERS ALL THE WAY SEEMS LIKE A GOOD COMEDy AFTER A WHILE, and how can we forget thay omi vaidya from 3 idiots is in the movie!

tere naal love ho gaya all the way!!!! CANT WAIT

both movies are going to flop big time. i think the reason why ppl are saying that 'jodi breakers' will do well, is because all the men will go see jodi breakers just to see bipasha's boob dance. LOL

i'd easily go for jodi breakers than tnlhg.

im going to watch both... they look good!! but awaiting for Jodi Breakers more.

Audience likes madhavan, so their movie should be at least an average .
The other one will flop unless the couple promote it aggressively or move it to a later date.

both will bomb terribly but bipasha's more because no sensisble person pays to see a movie with her in the theater

They both look boring

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