The Casting Couch In Bollywood

Browsing over the internet I came across a few articles regarding the casting couch. The term was new for me and I hopped onto reliable wikipedia for more Information. I was horrified to read that famous actors such as shakti kapoor and aman verma to "realistic" film-makers sucha Madhur Bhandarkar to Subhash K Jha had been involved in such scandals. Apparently bollywood is not all glamour and glitz it has some shady areas too. In fact lots of it. Lets take an indepth look into some of the scandals regarding this matter in recent years.

1. In 2004 an aspiring actress Preeti Jain apparently accused Madhur Bhandarkar of sexually exploiting her in exchange of a lead role in his movie. Surprising is that Madhur had briefly displayed this matter in his movie Page 3.

2. Shakti Kapoor in 2005 was caught in a sting operation because he was forcing women into having sexual relations with him in exchange of movie roles. Most of the bollywood industry claimed that the video footage of the evidence was misleading.

3. Aman Verma ( The eldest son in Baghban) was also caught in the sting operation by India's Most Wanted

4. In a Statement Priyanshu Chatterje brought to limelight that he was also asked for sexual favours by a male producer in return of a role.

5. Recently Subhash K Jha was accused by famous singer Sonu Nigam of sexually harrasing him.

6. Model Bobby Vats said, "I was told, 'You'll get the job, but you know for the job you got to do this.' And that's the thing. That's why I'm out of the fashion world. Sorry all fashion people, I love them all for their creativity, but that's the way I am. I will not succumb."

There are defintely many more such cases. What is your opinion about the matter? Do you think something serious should be done about this or is it just a 'thing' of the industry? If you know of any more scandals then please do share with us. Lets dig the dirt about glamorous BOLLYWOOD.

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priyanka is still doing it
see now she has sher khan !

Sun, 2009-12-13 17:30 — Anonymous

Not the Kapoor sisters, they came from prestige family.

Not so fast!

In one of KAREENA's interview.. she said that.. its a myth that we didnt have to do anything for our career.. especially Karisma did a lot.. she used to come home every night crying..

Whats speculated is tht she had something going on with david dhawan..
Thats what i read.

Also isnt subhash k jha a reporter?

Thats a known and unsurprising fact of bollywood unfortunately.. same in US.. heard so many stuff about producers, stars with interns.

what about rani mukherjee.... has anyone heard something about her?

Casting couch is in every field now a days!

every actress has to go thru this except for the kapoor (can't say about them). but well talent comes second till the first film is released :D and btw for those who think miss worlds are exceptions, i dont think so. flip thru the earlier and struggling phases of these miss worlds and you will know.

i think everyone except the kapoor sisters, sonam kapoor, and soha ali khan had to do it. those girls came from film families so no one messed with them. but in this new competitive industry id say all the new girls have done it. bips, priyanka, katrina..(while katrina does it everyday with salman..)

You people are so naive. Don't you know anyone who works in Bollywood? If you did you would knowu that 99% of the "actresses" have to sleep around to get ahead. And nobody's forcing them, it's by choice, these girls are willing to do anything for fame and that is why they make it in bollywood versus much more talented or better looking girls.

remember!!! what shahrukh did in Maya Memsaab when he was struggling? he he

well it's pretty obvious that most of the currently famous actors and actresses are either former beauty queens, have family ties in the industry, OR have done unethical things to become famous.

Not the Kapoor sisters, they came from prestige family.

OMG thats so sad and scary...

oh please no way in hell would the kapoor sisters be a part of this. they r from the filmi royal family.

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 2009-12-12 15:26.

Indians are stupid??? Then how come this billion dollar industry is one of the greatest entertainers.What kind of remark is that? Its there everywhere.May be in the west its not a big tabboo.

Its sad to hear that such things are happening.I have heard from my journalist friend that in the south its not safe for actresses to attend late night parties.One such actress was drugged by some politician...sick of such creatures!!!!!

All B, C, D, E, F grade and chorus girls have to do it too with stars, directors, producers, writers, camer men and people way down the hierarchy.

Kat and sallu

yeah i know its so sad to hear this, that how they get in to the bollywood industry it jus so disgusting

not kareena. karishma might of had to because kapoors werent supportig her and babita had no money. kareena had it sooo easy. she was accepted just like that.

karankapoor on Sat, 2009-12-12 15:57: tell ppl more Karan, since u are a producer in Bollywood.

All the old actresses were mistress/girlfirend or a second wife of bollywood powerbrokers so can they be added to this category?

Subash Ghai's 'M' ladies Meenakshi, Manisha etc let the cat out of the bag.

Haha i like ur comments, well done ;)
I knw, like bollywood actresess, not all of them maybe, but most of them, like those who are not miss world or models, the others get a role trough directors, and i think like 80 % sleep with them, it was very obivous in the movie "Luck by chance", i mean it is movie of lates time, and there u could c how bollywood works. I think it is soo sad, well its scarry, and also this year the one from gangster who raped his made or someone, ewww....

this stuff is sick!

Priety, Kareena, Madhuri, Meenakshi, Manisha for sure. Most southern actresses like child star Sridevi had to do it. Old actresses like Nargis, Meena Kumari, Madhubala too.

Priety, Kareena, Madhuri, Meenakshi, Manisha for sure. Most southern actresses like child star Sridevi had to do it. Old actresses like Nargis, Meena Kumari, Madhubala too.

Then why are all these dirty people listed above still getting film roles? and still given awards??? ...... why are indians so stupid?... I completely agree it is dirty and the sad thing is its all these big names involved in these scandals, why are people still so crazy about films..and actors?... I think all this film pirating is because some of these directors do not deserve OUR Money.

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