The Curious Case of Freida Pinto

Credits: Little India

First things first. Seldom, if ever, has any actress invited such a range of strong reactions — from total indifference to wild raves — or projected such an intriguing image in the public domain as Freida Pinto. The 27-year-old Slumdog Millionaire star who shot to international fame in 2008 after the film garnered monster global acclaim and a clutch of prestigious awards, including the to-die-for sweep of the coveted Oscars, ironically remains largely unsung and unknown in the land of her birth.

Bollywood junkies in her hometown Mumbai are amused and bewildered by the raves the Mumbai-born and raised, Mangalorean Catholic continues to receive from respected critics and esteemed directors abroad. Theater director and filmmaker Feroz Abbas Khan [Gandhi, My Father] is one of them. “For me, Freida Pinto is a spectacular accident, a dazzlingly lucky by-product of a hugely successful film that grabbed popular imagination I have to admit that, like most, I remain mystified by all the attention she is receiving from the West. Strictly, as a director, I find absolutely nothing in her that is either extraordinary or interesting in terms of personality, talent or looks. She appears like someone available by the truckloads anywhere in suburban Mumbai! In Slumdog too, what great shakes did she do? I am sorry, but I just don’t get it …”

Fair enough, but obviously Hollywood did and does. Internationally revered directors like Woody Allen, Julian Schnabel and Jean-Jacques Annaud sought her out for their projects, such as You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger; Miral and Black Gold. She featured prominently in the list of Most Beautiful People, Top 99 Most Desirable Women, Most Stylish Women, Most Beautiful Faces in the hottest glam mags there. On the acting front too, she scooped up a slew of prestigious awards and nominations — BAFTA, Screen Actors Guild, Palm Springs International Film Festival, MTV Award for Best Kiss! — to support her glam, exotic image.

Khan acknowledges it all but suggests that most of it probably has to do with the “flavor-of-the-day” factor. He believes that in the West [read: Hollywood] the color white is not as hotanymore [Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek, Antonio Bandera] and so someone like Pinto is cool and just what the doc ordered. Dusky, slim, flashing eyes, wide mouth, she symbolizes eastern exotica, full-on!

“Also, the Slumdog effect should never be underestimated. Its incredible success, the magic that its poverty-porn pitch created among mesmerized viewers in the west, its stark, raw realism … and in the middle of it all, her character Latika, petite, fragile, with her quiet charm, all lost in love in a violent, ugly, cruel world… Danny Boyle’s sharp eyes for what sells in the west catapulted the film into a different stratosphere — taking Freida Pinto along! The fact that nothing of this kind remotely happened in India is indicative of the way we perceived and consumed the Slumdog Millionaire phenomenon here, as opposed to the west.”

However, Khan is quick to give credit to the young star for the way she’s handled her career. “Post the Slumdog tsunami, she’s kept her head, read the writing on the wall, got herself great agents — along with getting lucky with some A-list filmmakers and marketed herself brilliantly. Today, I think she’s aced both Ash Rai Bachchan and Mallika Sherawat in the Hollywood race by miles! Full marks to her. In such an insanely competitive market, to carve a niche with such modest talent, is indeed fantastic and I mean it as a compliment.”

Cut to India and Bollywood. Three years on, after Slumdog Millionaire, its amazing that nothing of any sigifnicance has come from Bollywood, her home turf, even after all the accolades and awards from the biggest and best from their baap, Hollywood! She has been quoted as saying: “Back home they don’t really know who I am and probably don’t take me seriously as an actress. Yes, I did get a few scripts to read but have never been approached directly by any major Bollywood Film-maker to do a film. Frankly, I don’t think I fit the bill … the image of the typical heroine. Hollywood has definitely accepted me more willingly than India. I am not famous there. I don’t get mobbed or chased around!”

Critic Saibal Chatterjee, however, is delighted with her predicament and thinks that God has been extra kind to keep Freida Pinto away from Bollywood. “She’s been incredibly fortunate in not having to do anything with the masala factory — by accident or design — because that would have ruined her completely! They’d tart her up, get her to sing, dance, maybe do an item number — the new disease — sensationalize her Dev Patel connection and offer her nothing more than an ornamental role, totally without substance. Thank god for the color of her skin which also must have played a part. The Katrinas and Kareenas are fair-skinned and Pinto is spot-on when she feels she could be a misfit in that environment. Agreed, not every role she’s done in the west is meaningful and solid, but look at the banners, projects and buzz that these films created and of course the name and reputation of top line directors! Can you compare Karan Johar or Adi Chopra with Woody Allen?”

Chatterjee believes that Bollywood is losing by not inviting and leveraging this international star’s talent, like Western directors have. “Problem is that these Bollywood guys are so one-dimensional, tunnel-viewed and complacent … thrilled with their Bodyguards, Singhams, Band Baja Baraat and Zindagi Na Milega Dobara! They have no interest or knowledge of what cinema, even commercially, can do. No wonder, beyond the Diaspora, no one gives a damn about the B-town products. When was the last time we ever won awards and acclaim — with a global not Asian audience — at a big-ticket international meet? Ms. Pinto should ignore Bollywood totally if she wants to grow as an actress — both in stature and star-power She should never feel bad that it didn’t work for her, in masala-land. Never ever!”

Khan counters: “She is unlikely to ever attract Bollywood directors, because she neither has the glamor and sex appeal of a Kat, Karena or Priyanka or the power-house talent of plain-Janes’ like Konkona Sen Sharma, Shahana Goswami or Vidya Balan. She’s right — where will they fit her in? It’s a different scene in the West, because their vision and perception of good looks, sex appeal and stardom in cinema is different.”

At the end of the day, can’t win ‘em all. Did Naseer Shah, Irfaan Khan, Om Puri, Ash Rai Bachchan, Mallika Sherawat, or earlier, Kabir Bedi, Victor Banerjee or anyone who ever went to Hollywood ever make it big? No. Freida Pinto is India’s biggest export to hit Hollywood. Anirban Das, managing director of Kwan, the management company handling Pinto’s endorsement in India, is categorical that “we’re not pitching her as an Indian girl in international films. Freida Pinto is a global face.”

Presently, riding the global success of her super-smash hit Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Immortals , which have already grossed over $479 million and $125 million(in 2 weeks) respectively , and with Trishna and Black Gold to be released soon, the girl from Malad is well past slumdog millionaire.

She is reportedly open to an interesting Bollywood script, but is skeptical about their reaction and attitude to her global stardom. As for not making it big in the local industry, she needn’t lose too much sleep. She can rest assured that somewhere, sometime, most female stars of any worth in B-town — if they are brutally honest — will wonder what Latika Pinto has that has made her such a global hottie, that she doesn’t. Then, recovering after being suitably buoyed up by chamchas, flunkies, fans and other cutlery, she will put on a mask of superiority, arrogance and condescension to sneer: Freida who?

But that is set to change because Pinto has just inked a two-year endorsement deal with a fashion apparel brand for $7 million, the highest any Indian female celebrity has been paid. Gushes Kwan’s Das, who handled the endorsements. “Brand Freida stands for very rare, unique and irreplaceable values and imagery, making her the ideal choice for any brand with global appeal and Indian focus.”

Cry your heart out Bolly babes!


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Okay, This person is all over rediff,jj,pv,youtube writing the same exaxt thing! You need to go visit a pyschologist. You are obessed over a useless actress who no one cares about.
You know nothing of Hollywood. Alot of the stars DO have the proper training which is why they are succesful and big stars. Alot of them study hard and well and learn the proper techniques of acting. What BS are you talking about?!
Freida is not a top star, and never will be I am sorry to say. Talent over beauty anyday. Its quite clear she doesn't have any acting training to last in Hollywood.
Also, I have seen you say you are not indian. SO then how come you know every single detail of bollywood and seem to have zero knowledge on Hollywood? You don't know anything and need to do something about your obesseion. Good luck with it

I'm so happy Freida Pinto didn't do any Bollywood movies. That would have discredited her in the west so much. As "beautiful" as people consider Aishwarya Rai to be, she has too much Bollywood baggage to ever make out in the west. The fact that Freida came from India as an ordinary person is the exact reason why Hollywood has accepted her. Hollywood, unlike Bollywood, is a global industry. They have foreigners join their ranks everyday. From Nicole Kidman, Keira Knightley, Sofia Vergara, or even Adriana Lima, all of these FOREIGN females are accepted in LA because they didn't come with any tags or baggage. They were normal women with a larger than life dream. Bollywood actresses on the other hand have so many tags attached to them already. Being a major star in India and then trying to make it in an entirely new industry is very difficult. Especially if you are known for a certain kind of cinema it's very hard for filmmakers to probably envision Bollywood actresses as doing anything else. Freida was a blank canvas. She also had a chocolate complexion that can be diversified to portray several different ethnicities on screen. All in all, Freida Pinto made a very smart move when she chose to stay away from the haggles of India.

Mon, 2012-02-27 14:44 — Anonymous: good points. yeah.. it's true that India remains divided over the color.. where the lighter folks act like the British memshaahhibs, whether their fetures are thick, tileted, etc.. does not matter. it's not right-- but the lighter u are (still), the better you're considered the the 'herd thinking masses'. not everyone though-- so don't sterotype.

however, disagree with you that Freida would be accepted in South Indian movies. oh.. come now, South India has its' own fairness is better: they import North Indian heroines and the South Indian heroines are pancaked lightened too. it would be worse, as they still don't prefer thin women either (they prefer voluptous, fair with chub type cheeks)...

it's not just one region .. though yeah, generally, there are regions which feel 'superiorr'.. (and around Europeans, guess they feel inferior). and you can bet that most people in power care a damn about the color- isssue-- as so long as they can marry a fair complexion person , it's not their problem..

it never pays to bash anyone.. and that includes Aish, Frieda or anyone.

why is this whole Freida vs. Aish thing? both have different paths. One (Aish) is a legend.. Freida is a starlet. both are nice. stop the fighs

surprised by the hate on her

Freida is clearly neither here or there. Hollywood is a giant struggle.. but it looks like the Indian doors are closed. With a lot of unwarranted backlash and very little support from the Indian community, how will she make it ahead?

oh wow.. there are people who hang out on the international blogs all day long, just to badmouth her.. and this is desis. such hate.

gosh.. .. she must now really really just work her talent up. seriously. If shes' smart, she's gotta realize that she's out there all alone in the big bad world of Hollywood.

The biggest thing to consider is people have totally forgotten that beauty is relative-- and it's all an opinion:
The fight (furious) over whether Frieda is really pretty (and therefore deserves stardom) or average (and therefore deserves to be a domestic help) is almost comical. Comical because it's the same 'my way' is the only way, that causes fights in religion, etc. etc.

To each is own...... a lot of Indian-origin people (nri and form India) think she looks like an average person coming from the wrong side of town.. a fruit seller, domestic worker .. etc. etc-- because that's what they grew up with and associate that as 'ordinary'. Because of political correctness, very few mention that ummm... she's not fair looking, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that among our community, fairness is a big component in making a woman have the title of beauty.

But leaving this aside.... they are further furious when the ones they consider pretty are found plain by someone else. One of our friends say-- if you take the nephews here from NYC to Delhi, likewise, they mistake a lot of the biggest UP/Delhi belles who are considered great catches and beauties vyying to catch millionaires, as so-so and looking like common plump plain-jane cafeteria workers in their universities. So it's all relative.

Now the thing to realize is everyone has some special beauty about them. Sometimes, it's overpowering and they are big stars for it. Sometimes its' subtle. But ultimately, it's all an opinion and taste, not 'facts'.

Want proof that beauty is relative to someone's tastes? Here is what a reviewer said about Freida, in Trishna. Simply put, he thought she was too upper-crust looking to play a rural type of girl:

"Her looks make her an easy casting choice, but hers is an aristocratic beauty: she doesn’t look cut out for manual labour, or even waiting tables."

And you can bet, this is going to make people FURIOUS that this guy thinks Freida is an aristocratic beauty. How dare he.. doesn't he know types like her wait tables in her nation??

Well, it's time that we see the beauty in all - and more importantly realize that those you may be looking down on may in fact be the most beautiful person of all to someone else. Isn't that what was said of Latika in SMD?

Jessica Simpson is a country music star.. not an actress. she is lovely.

she is not a talented actress , watch her other movies she pales in comparasion to her co-stars

What are you talking? Even in Hollywood they want vulumptutious women and buxom ones too.Not skinny or too lanky. Why else do we keep hearing about idiots like Jessica Simpson?

People are just zoning in on two things to indicate why she doesn't deserve stardom:
A) she's not talented enough and needs to be a better actress.
B) she's not glam looking enough..

first thing first: over 90% of starlets are not theater/school trained for acting before they enter the glam world of Bollywood or Hollywood. they get selected for their film based on their image, role ,etc.. and if it's a hit, they launch into publicity and stardom-- and then work on their talents.

so this nonsense that she's not talented enough should apply to 99% of the acting starlets, including most of the Bollywood actresses today. With the exception of Manya , most of them are talentless at the start- they work on it. Don't believe it? Watch your fave's star's first few films and you'll know what bad acting is.

second, she's obviously going for a next door simple pretty looks. if you find her average, fine. A lot people may likewise find the ladies you find attractive, unattractive too. Freida has a refined nose, wide-spaced eyes, high cheekbones-- and not everyone likes closed-set large eyes fuller cheeked docile looks, which is considered attractive for an Indian heroine. If she looks like a street person, then we should be thankful that the poor of India are probably the best looking people ever. looks are all relative to the local tastes and cultures (our friends who are in UP say: still up in UP, skinny size 0 is still seen as completely unattractive-- still ! and voluptous rules the day). so it's all relative.

None of these rules apply-- she's trying her luck out there.. and yes, many are relishing to see her fall. REally really relishing it, while hypocritically claiming jeasouly on other posts on their own favorite star,.

Thu, 2011-12-08 13:09 — Anonymous: yes, but unlike them, Freida found her stardom in the West.. not India. SMD is a Britsh film, filmed in India and about India. the rest were already established stars in India-- Aishwarya is a legend in India and doesn't need the West-- she never came crying back anywhere. She's at the top.

In Fredia's case though, she was a model in Mumbai and a struggler in Bollywood, which never gave her a break. People are right of the color barrier, etc. Her fresh sunny look did not fit the sterotype of the typical heroine, which is a pancake dolled up docile glam dancer type star. Freida can't come back to India- those Indian producers appear to hate her for making it. So she's struggling there and not fiting in India. If she's smart now, she'll do some theater acting and hone her talents, so she can fit in the West. She really should.. she is pretty but must be talented too, to make it out in the West.

Freida is a curoius case because she did not let labels define her.. she leads her own path. That's how it should be.. these producers have just opinions.

Indians represent over 1 billion-- and Indian women all look different. there should be different stars out there in Bollywood and Hollywood to show the diverse range of women . Freida shows the sunny natural looks.. simple & fresh. There are other stars who represent other looks-- and they have their niche and followers. t's all good: curly hair, straight hair, dark complexions, fair comlexions, dark eyes, light eyes, thin lips, large lips, high cheekbones, baby-faces, etc. etc. It's all Indian women's face and it's all nice-- and yes, Bollywood needs to act up on this and show the diverse range of beauties among the Indian people-- not just their select types which they label 'glamourous'.

Stop the labels , which limit! What if Vidya believed she was plain jane based on Mr. Khan's beliefs and decided to never accept her currently infamous role which made her a superstar? This 'plain jane' Vidya Balan went on to become the most glamourous star based on her last film- and a trendsetter. It shows proof that these labels do not work.

It's roles and feelings which define an artist, not these constricting labels.

she is not dark she is a chocolate shade , which is not dark

her changed acent lol , changed as in faking one just because she has a british boyfreind. I have freinds who moved to the uk from usa to be with boyfriends/husband and they have been living there for many years and never once picked up an accent. so hows does she have one?

Is he refering to the time Shipla Shetty was asked to pose with Freida and she was like "Who is Freida ? I don't know any Freida"

freida pinto is very overhyped yeah I agree, I don't like her fake accent , she says indian have an issue with being more white but why does she hide her real indian accent? I guess she must have an issue with being indian and not others.

This is what happnes when an indian actor enters the west. They go in , act like clowns, perform in stupid movies, fake a europeon accent , get booted out and then come back crying to india. It happened with aishwarya,malika,gulshan grover and now freida pinto.

why does freido fake an accent? because she want to make people belive she is a great actress but she can't even do a proper britsh accent so I don't know what she is trying to do.....

It's public knowledge Freida has had voice training. That would be a waste of a buck if she takes those classes and sticks to her old accent. lol!

I saw her on Jimmy Kimmel or Conan , she sounds sooo stupid! Like she is trying to mimic Queen Elizabeth or Victoira Beckham. Please we know she is from india , and if she took voice training lessons, it's not working , she should ask for her money back. "Oh rea-al-lly' !"oh abo-so-luhtly lol.My fake accent is better than hers.

It's public knowledge Freida has had voice training. That would be a waste of a buck if she takes those classes and sticks to her old accent. lol!

Rehka is beauitul ,why would you compare her to trash like Freida Pinto? She is a ditz who got lucky with her bad acting in one film and her atrocious accent is too funny! If you have heard her speak with this new accent , you would know what I am talking about!

to the anon below... continue to jump to conclusions. our comments had no Rai mentioned.. and we never compared anyone to the people you mentioned. could not even read beyond a few lines of your hysterical comments-- the seething venom is just too much for a simple post. you still think it's all one anon who writes every praise on Freida , don't you? no wonder you're in a tizzy fit rage.

this is a discussion forum and everyone can disagree and agree on topics. and anons are often different writers, so stop assuming things. pinkvilla allows name-callings and so go ahead and use your right to do that.. but in fact, we're not going to read your unnecessary comments - most of it full of nonsense and assumptions, and just a lot of venom. it's not doing you any good either to prove any of your points. keep it civil. once more, you can use this rage for better causes than to sneer at your fellow bloggers.

and yes, if people make comments like berating the poor, etc.... it should be called out. that's not causing a fight.. it's plain wrong and you should yourself fight those more.. rather than huffing and puffing at someone who is diagreeing with you.

and oh , pinkvilla-- for the satisfaction of this person who is in such a rage.. please print the location id of the IP addresses of all the comments (at least on this post)-- so at least he/she knows Ms. Rai was not mentioned in our comments. hopefully that will calm him/her venom down.

@Wed, 2011-12-07 12:23 — Anonymous

I like Aishwarya Rai but I am not hateful or use abusive langague towards the people who don't like her. Some people are immature and cannot handle these types of people, so they talk however they like and say rude things justto make themselves feel better.

aishwarya is more beauty than freida pinto who looks plain and ordinary

freida pinto is very overhyped yeah I agree, I don't like her fake accent , she says indian have an issue with being more white but why does she hide her real indian accent? I guess she must have an issue with being indian and not others.

Wed, 2011-12-07 12:23 :
who's bashing Ms. Rai.. . ?? confusing anons? delusional much?

looks like you are adding a lot of anons into one delusional villian anon.

if you want to argue with people over those who are berating the very successful Ms. Rai, go right ahead- -and for that matter, choose that comment to comment on. Do not confuse anons and start to go on rampages on them please. In no way, shape or form should anyone be abused... and that includes the very successful and enchanting Ms. Rai, Ms. Pinto or for that matter anyone else. let's be civil please.

very true she luks like she would clean a cows bum for a living

yo? who says yo here ? no one says yo here in the states unless they are some loser trying to be sly and cool, why are you trying so hard to be some manhattan/brookyln/hamptons/soho girl? you fail at it, quit acting so tough curry muncher, ,the term yo must be new in india it appears. i have have seen this trick too , can't stand those kinds of people who try to be some like some some

As has been stated before, it seems people are on a rampage towards anyone who dares say anything positive on Freida.

oh my why is this obessive fan trying to turn the tables and why is she back? some said something like aish was better and prettier than freida and she just jumped on them and called aish fake and started to talk about her eye color! Look at what just happened , someone called freida a cow shack cleaner and you have written about 12 responses on it and you attacked them and cast them off as indians who hate the poor class???! if you want to fight with people , don't be a hypocrite and give that oh-poor-me-why-does-everyone-hate-me type thing, you acting like the victem in all of this is kinda pathetic and funny and shows what kind of person you are. You are causing alot of this unecessary fights when you bring in her skin tone. You are very immature and cannot deal with it when someone doesn't like your favorite star. WOW and you have been saying that about aish fans , they seem more mature than you. Your multiple posts are silly and a waste of time on your part .Obessing over someone you have never met or even know personally comes off as creepy and not something viewed as a postive thing by people

who is this? some bai woman? can't belive people think she is prettier than AISHWARYA RAI! WROLD"S MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!

quit bashing succesful indian beauties like rai , it makes you seem small and jealous. arent' you the same person who was comparing freida with liz taylor and audrey heprun? freida is nowhere near either liz taylor or audrey heprun , rai is .infact liz taylor is known for having blue eyes like rai . everyone wanted her in their movies and all women wanted to look like that. is freida getting chased like how rai or liz does? ! I don't see that happening with her. freida is one of those girls who will come and go in hollywood , they always will have some bimbo girl like that every year , rai and liz tayor will always be remembered by people, not freida so quit bashing other women who are more succesful than her.

Its such as you read my mind! You appear to understand
a lot about this, like you wrote the e-book in it or something.
I think that you just could do with some % to power the
message home a little bit, but other than that, that is wonderful blog.
A fantastic read. I'll certainly be back.

hey anon.. the one who likes to use insulting words... two wrongs don't make a right-- and indicating color 'barrier' and racial violence is like mixing oranges with apples. your logic is off-- and using words like baboon doesn't make you sound too bright. are you going for a Brooklyn attitude, yo? cause that is not it. you sound silly.

Guys.. so wait, to that anon who said she has this anon's photo that she is 'average'.. post it up. Show the proof.... and give her the average-ticket. report her in.. she is NOT allowed to blog if she is average. she is not allowed to be a star or eat or sit or walk, if she is average. all she's allowed to do is become a domestic help.

repeat and repeat again: if all else fails, trash your fellow bloggers. that's how it works on pv.


Ms. Chaarterjee is right:
it's curious that a sunny fresh natural look (that Freida represents) is overlooked by producers in India ... why is the tarted up dolled pancake look so popular in Bollywood? she is sunny , fresh and natural with a nice smile. if that's a dime a dozen in Mumbai, then maybe .. the average crowd is better looking than the elite or Bollywood crowd .

it's just simpler and pretty, that's all.

It's a stroke of genius on Freida's part to not wear makeup and go afresco naturally on international carpets, etc. Albeit, she does wear makeup for many sessions, but is not afraid to go bare. Who among Bollywood (who happens to be dusky) would dare go bare? Not Bips, Rekha, Pri or even Kokana or Vidya. they're all pancaked up and it all feels heavy - and it creates a sort of 'artifice' element in their whole demeanour. This natural element is present for Freida and shes' winning with it.

Hello hello.

this one comment is SICK, and yet so symbolic of this whole giant fiasco surrounding Freida:

It's not an insult to Freida, who in fact, comes from more of an upper class background than most of the Bollywood big stars and has an education. she's the Palace of Asia restaurant scion.. and her sis is a tv producer.. she's doing fine. She's got a full college degree. She'll be fine.. stardom or not. she seems smart.

But the film Slum Dog Millionaire was made for one reason: to show much we all as a society see people who are unfortunate situations as sub-humans. This one comment really rings it true and true-- and it's been a symbol of similar comments that have made rounds and rounds many times over.

It's the sneering contempt for the unfortunate. Why is no one upset over this.. and then spades of and spades of insults towards Freida 'fans', which is said over and over again in one giant record of the same things. Tearing other's characters (especially with really immature untruths like we've seen anon's photo & she's average.. it's the same anon who writes praises, you're not a New Yorker cause you don't have an accent/attitude etc. etc.)--- is not making your points any more valid!!!!

Get over it, this is a forum where people are discussing her success and/or failure. and/or analyzing her looks. To list her positive traits does not mean anyone is a fan. unless someone mentions they are a fan, don't assume otherwise.


As has been stated before, it seems people are on a rampage towards anyone who dares say anything positive on Freida. You can use that energy to go on rampages against poverty, crime and corruption. but alas... no.... you are obsessed anon. negatively obsessed.

cannot stand this girl , so overrated and yes very average looking , like some lady who sells fruits from malad.

I agree with this here
Sun, 2011-12-04 14:03 — Anonymous

If Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Obama NEVER used their skin tone as an excuse for their failures why does pinto?This girl is a hypocrite. Doesn't she work for L'Oreal , a cosmetic company that makes these whiting creams? Do some research on miss pinto before acussing other people for endorsing these creams. She may not be endorsing those products upfront but she works for a company that does,so why doesn't she say anything? Is she is afraid of losing her deal with L'Oreal? It sure seems like it.Whatever she ain't that famous in the United States or India to cause such an uproar. If this was aish saying this people would be in flames over this. Also to this girls fans why does she look whitened in all of her print ads? If y'all point fingers at aish or sonam for doing it , why so quiet on pinto?Are you proctecting your fav star ?You are all a bunch of cowardly , hypocritical group of people, no wonder people are trashing you all here.I never really liked her and don't think she is a convincing actress , kinda of an airhead to me.

Mon, 2011-12-05 18:13 — Anonymous

You are now making a wide asumption on all indians because of one comment? Now I know how stupid Freida Pinto's one fan is . Her IQ must be lower than all the Aish fans combined LOL ! Thanks for showing your stupidity , so if I don't like SRK , does that mean that I hate all muslims?Thats hard to belive that all 1.2 billion people in india are racist and even know of Freida. I urge you to go on other sites like rediff , when they call her that type of names regulary , why don't you pick on them ? Oh right because they have proper comebacks and arguements unlike you. Atleast they know she is talentless and overrated and can accept it.It has nothing

Is India like Nazi Germany?

India is not like like how the NAZI's used to behave. This buffoon who claims to be from New York should look at how americans used to treat the blacks. They used to rape the women , lynch , hang the blacks. They were sent to the back of the bus , put in all-black schools. Black weren't allowed at universities like Harvard or Yale due to their color. In India do you see the darker skinned people getting denied access into university? Or being hanged because they are darker? This moron from New York should check out what their own country' has done to the non-whites before coming on a sissy website like pinkvilla preaching about skin color.Hey buffoon, why don't you write a letter to Manmohan Singh, the Priminster of India, over this issue that seems to be bugging you? I doubt he even knows if this Freida Pinto or whatever her name is. You don't have the guts or courage to write him a letter but behave like an ass on a girly website?How brave you are.I hope Pnkvilla posts this , because this buffoon doesn't seem to get it.

wow.. some ppl are really jealous of her success. that's about it.

Hi there, Mon, 2011-12-05 18:52 — Anonymous: hillarious, isn't it? agree with you. the sterotypes of New Yorkers that they speak and write in slangs is about as laughable as the sterotypes of Indians that they all work in call centers , speak in a heavy thick accent and are basically book-smart nerd fools.

oh and by the way, New York is a huge state, and most of them do NOT have a Brooklyn accent. Oh please! The Hampton area is where New Yorkers do NOT speak like Brooklyn people, etc. etc.

and there is another anon who claims we're all one anon who go from blog to blog writing the same way, etc. etc and has seen our photo and we're average. oh.... hey anon.. please post that photo of this anon, by all means? that's laughable. laughable. what are you , monitoring pcs now and putting up webcams? it's not our fault that people copy our comments or writing style on pinkvilla and paste them on other sites, but half the sites mentioned, we've never even visited it! (( in one case, one of the comments even landed on a newspaper site... looks like blog/copy is becoming all the rage)). So stop blaming innocent bloggers, fellow bloggers!

and to the anon who goes on to say sarcastic things on Freida 'fans' just based on some comments:
and most of the 'fans' of Freida are not fans.. but want better diversity of beauty and looks in Bollywood and are mainly appalled at the treatment (racial slander) metted out to her. it reflects a sneering of a certain class and society in India which are surpressed. so learn your lesson rather than making illogical statements and jumping on that, please.

when all else fails, go ahead and start abusing the commentators. that's about how it works on pinkvilla.

and pinkvilla... go ahead and put the location of this comment so that ppl know.

funny.... when people want to argue whether Freida is average or pretty, there are miles and miles of comments on pinkvilla. miles.

but when someone goes on to abuse the most unfortunate of our lot in society (the helpless) and slander domestic help, etc... . suddenly it's all cricket noises in pinkvilla. empty silence.

guess this shows where our desi mentality is. vanity.

any wonder ppl are hopping mad that Frieda is successful? it's all a rat race for us to be accepted by the West, itsn't it?... the domestic and unfortunate lot are left behind.

oh for goodness sake, stop being angry at Frieda's 'success' and think of better things to be angry over : poverty, crime and equality. and if Freida is rising, and this gives the Indian youth of color some chance to accept their color, what the ##!!! is wrong with this? Do any of you really care for them? or is it just about you and and your fave star?

nobody is stopping you and your fave star from trying your/their luck in Hollywood. last we checked, there is not a 1 person quota in India to become a Hollywood star. so stop hating on somone who is trying her luck. Try your own luck in Hollywood. and don't be fooled, most of Bollywood stars are sending their photos to agents all over.. and trying their luck too secrectly. it's not Freida's fault if your fave star or you is not getting agent calls for films in Hollywood.

don't like her, don't click on her post or watch her films. But stop hating on the unfortunate lot of our society!

ummm.... do the Pinkvilla moderators know Hindi?. because their is some very foul and abusive things written not just on Freida but the entire class of the unfortunate lot in INdia.... written in the most filtiest lang possible. how does this get past the mods???!!! seriously now. yes, this relates to anon 15:32, but quite a few that happen so often. to bypass the censors, just write racial abuse in Hindi.. oh how nice.

If you guys are going to have a forum on Indians, please at least learn the national language of India , which is Hindi.

congrats to anon... Mon, 2011-12-05 15:32 — Anonymous- you probably have one of the lowest basest comments on pinkvilla or on any blog. venom 101.

agree with you, Mon, 2011-12-05 10:16 — Anonymous...

and don't expect the Indian media to do much... they are part of the status quo.. their offices themselves probably employ the 'sub-human's. They've had lots of chances to shake the status quo.. but won't. they've been sleeping so far over the color movement equality rise in India (which also goes hand in hand with gender rights.... )-- so us bloggers have to do the needful and get these insane status quo to THINK... and not just chase after the West.

wow.. the hate and venom and sneering against Freida and her 'fans' would be laughable.. laughable... but really, it's sad. it's sad because probably this is how the big shot producers and status quo people think among our community.

calling people average is not an insult people. but seeing people as sub-human (which many of you are) is WRONG. really really wrong.

now we can see why we are all stuck in a 'third world' mode. it's because we don't care for each other, do we?

Mon, 2011-12-05 15:32 — Anonymous: you showed your true colors.. and you are bringing a bad name to all of India. do you know that poor people are the same as you.. they are in unfortunate circumstances. and yes, they too are beautiful??

you are so so wrong.. and it's unfortunate that you feeling and instinct represnt the basest of thoughts amonst us.. and in fact, the whole reason why many cried out racism and classism from Freida haters of her own nation!

this anon's comment (Mon, 2011-12-05 15:32 — Anonymous) really represents the sheer horrible venom against Freida and in fact the domestic class of India.

if this doesn't show the wrong going on among our community and by us in general , what does?

it's high time we all stand up for equality of all, whether we are affected by it or not. the other anon is right-- there is poverty of all kinds.. and poverty of manners and thoughts is something we all together need to work on. India needs to rise and only will it rise when we see the potential powerhouse of all of us.

wow.. some ppl need to wake up and smell the coffee before going on brutal rampages against people who are simply expressing their opinions.. check out the matromonial ads these days. kalis need not apply. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know what is happening is plain outright racial and wrong. when kids hate their own color, do you think they will ever the confidence to go out and conquer the world??? is this something you think is just ok?

check out the Bollywood stars/starlets-- all pancake lightened as much as possible... the darker ones often get to play vamps or character roles (Rekha, Bips, Pri, et all). albeit, if you have lighter eyes, it helps getting a ticket in Bollywood.

if you are denying great wrongs going on, then go ahead on the status quo of child labor and women are are de-powered all due to feeling of low self-worth. only when we value everyone equally will India rise. only then.

yaar why is everyone fighting over freido pinto ? she is yuck , cannot act , and looks like some girl who cleans cow muki and tati.

she looks like some begger I saw in the streets in India but the story is long and weird so I won't write it here.

I care for India and those millions of dark Indians who are made to feel sub human just because their skin is a certain shade and I want this issue addressed so that Indians can be proud of their skin color. Freida's acceptance internationally as a beauty is great and wonderful thing ......It will change the perception in India that white skin equals beauty.
It is a fact that whitening creams are biggest selling products in India.
All those ads showing people becoming successful after using whitening creams are outrageous ......How LOW can you go?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

???What the hell is wrong with you? Are you legit crazy or mental? Is India like Nazi Germany?
In the United States, Beyonce' Loreal Paris hair color ad showed her with super light skin , what message is she sending to young black girls? That you can only be succesful if you have dyed blond hair and light skin like her?No it's not , it's just an ad promoting a product, Indian douche. No one asked you to speak for all indians around the world, you are the worst person to speak for an entire nation. Even Freida Pinto appears white-washed in all of her ads , why don't you say anything about her ?
You really are lowly and pathetic. All of this mumbo jumbo seems to have come off from the top of you head.No thought , no proof and no sign of sanity or intelligence dectected from you either.
@Sun, 2011-12-04 14:03 — Anonymous
I don't belive Freida's sad sob story either, about her struggle with movies and skin color , she shouldn't blame others if she didn't have what it took to get into movies. She should have actually worked hard and not expect people to automatically give into her just because she happened to be a singed with a modeling agency. I know what she was trying to do , she was trying to get in like how Aishwarya Rai or Lara Dhutta got in.It has nothing to do with skin coloring.
P.S. I am indian and like my skin tone , I don't feel like an alien or a sub human being. You have no right to speak for all indians . Eiether dark , light , blue , red . Not even Lord Krishna can speak for all indians. I know someone who works in a mental ward , maybe you should check yourself in there....

Kiim Kardishian is reality tv celebrity .....not an actor and has got nothing to do with Hollywood films.

Umm she has been employed by Hollywod. They gave her and her family their own t.v. show, she does perfume products , makes her own bag company, in a way it's a business venture which hollywood is paying for. You outta really change the way you write by the way. FP has already been in about 6 movies , she is not a newbie and she still has zero credibility as an authentic actress.

I care for India and those millions of dark Indians who are made to feel sub human just because their skin is a certain shade and I want this issue addressed so that Indians can be proud of their skin color. Freida's acceptance internationally as a beauty is great and wonderful thing ......It will change the perception in India that white skin equals beauty.
It is a fact that whitening creams are biggest selling products in India.
All those ads showing people becoming successful after using whitening creams are outrageous ......How LOW can you go?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to alert a western journalist to cover this racist classist hatred against Frieda and to write about how whitening creams are the biggest selling products in India. Shame on Indian media for not focussing on this skin color problem in India

Is this how low you are willing to go ? To prove a false point? You are just as fake and useless as Pinto. Shame of both of you for giving indians a bad name. Just because some people doesn't like Freida you are willing to do this rubbish? I have dark skinned relatives and we never put them down or berade them. So what are you trying to show? I should alert Pinkvilla and tell them of this idiot fan of Pinto who talks such rubbish. No western newspaper/journalist will listen to your false tale of woe. India is the world's largest demorcracy , we allow everyone of all colour and races , we even have Jewish people living in india! so you and Pinto can keep telling false information for your need of attention. People know the truth.I can't belive you and Pinto would go as far as this. Shame on both of you , you are both girls who are indian and want to show your own country in a bad light. .

yaar why is everyone fighting over freido pinto ? she is yuck , cannot act , and looks like some girl who cleans cow muki and tati.

Yep so true.Hollywood has ben taken over by people like Kim Kardashain and Snooki , so it's not a supirse why Freida Pinto , a girl who was practically and extra in an oscar-winning movie , is being treated like a star and has been givin the label"actress". She is not an actress according to me.

Cinderella did not dump her husband for 5 minute fame. Nor does she fake an accent. Change your writing method . Again.

@ Feroz Abbas Khan
Speak for yourself.
I consider Konkana, Shabana and Vidya luminous talanted beauties. Kat is so generic......we have them by truckloads in the West. And she can't act to save her life. Goes to show that you need only white skin to make it to the top in Bollywood and some sugar daddies like Salman Khan.
Freda has Hollwyood.....why should she settle for Bollywood. Go Freida make us proud
I have to alert a western journalist to cover this racist classist hatred against Frieda and to write about how whitening creams are the biggest selling products in India. Shame on Indian media for not focussing on this skin color problem in India.

if Ms. Pinto was fair like Kat, you can bet these same producers would be lining up and seeing her worth. it's about the color.... ahhhhh the good old fashioned barrier of females .

No it's not about skin colour . Did Gandhi or MLK Jr. ,President Obama make excuses like their skin colour was the reason for their fauilures when they got beaten down?Did their skin colour stop the from achieving what they wanted ?No they didn't .Freida Pinto crying wolf about indians and their so-called racisim toward skin tone is all lies. It's not bollywood fault if she got rejected. Many dark skinned actreses like Bipasha Basu and Deepkia Poudone are succesful in bollywood and indians love them. She got rejected in bollywood and ended up in hollywood by accident. She was not aiming for hollywood at all. Thats what you don't seem to understand. Infact most of the hollywood scirpts are written for white actors , not black , not latinos and not indians. Whites mostly.Freida is getting sidekick roles too. I don't know where you get this idea that she is gettng these roles because she looks like any type of race. She looks like a paki/indian woman , thats why she got chosen for Miral, Dark Tall Stranger, Slumdog. For Trishana she is playing a lower class indian woman , because she looks like one.For Apes and Immortals she was a miscast. How on earth does she look Greek or Hispanic? She is too dark skin to pass off as either. In most of your posts , you just ramble on and on about Freida getting hatred for her "dark skin", thats not why Freida is not liked by indians.She is not liked because she is making up lies and excuses for her reasons for not gettin in b-wood.So if her career in h-wood is over , will she blame the h-wood directors and people and say her skin colour was the reason why she didn't last in films?PV please post this. Some people are ignorant and they think they are the only right people here and need to read this so that their ego gets put down a notch. Let me give you another famous person who is dark skinned and never used it as an excuse for their failures and is a former actress, Whoopie Goldberg. Hope this helps you to see things more clearly now.

in the old era, you as an Indian had to be as caucasion looking as possible to fit in out the West (at least that's what Indians were brainwashed to believe).

well, here's the new age : you can be any color you are.... you just need to be yourself. that's part of why Ms. Pinto succeeds where others have failed: others forgot to believe in themselves but believed in their cosmetic appearance more. when Freida similes, it just seems more simple, and people react well to a pretty smile. as for her making it, she's just a pretty starlet right now.... she needs to work it just as any other starlet out there. like any other starlet out there, she has to hone her talents.... she never claimed to be a thespian shakespeare or the most beautiful woman ever. she's just trying her luck. what's wrong with this?????

don't diss her... just cause she's believed in herself. you ppl at Femina miss India taught that over and over again to your gals and just believe in yourself.. but here's one that's didn't needn't need anyone to tell her that... and so everyone's mad that she actually believes in herself.

yes, she is today's Cinderella story. hopefully, she gives a lot of hope to millions of girls out there who are told they are average based on xyz (whatever... skin color, face shape, height, weight, hair texture ,etc.)---- to just have confidence. just that. and also realize this whole farce game of beauty -- it's all relative to the local tastes of the status quo. so just be yourself and smile.

Who is this person writng all these freida-loving comments? I have seen them on other webistes also like JustJared, ONTD, Rediff , Pinkvilla , Youtube, Facebook. I keep seeing the same style of writng! They even showed a picture if this person , she is average looking like Freida , no wonder she worships her!

Who cares she has high cheekbones? There are many actors and actress who do not have these facial feature and they are more famous and respected by fellow hollywod actors,directors,moguls and they have more fans than her! This Kahn guy is right , she is overrated , has no substance and looks like a a roadside driver woman from mubai!

Rai attracts a lower class of fans who spew hate at anyone who doesn't literally worship her

That's actaully you. Why do you call people names when they don't like Freida? Just because someone points out a true fact about her acting abilty you go crazy and call them racist indians and dumb. I can tell you that the US also doesn't have high standards for celebrities either. With people like the Kardashains and Hilton making mag covers , it's no wonder why Freida is considred a celebrity there. Now I know how Freida Fans think , a bunch of ditzy high school girls who talk however they like and act without thinking on their part. Next time you want to call out other people for being stupid,racist for not liking her , look at what you are writing before . By the by , Julia Roberts,Oprah,Will Smilth like Rai , are they people who are from a lower class of fans and are they stupid? George Clooney has invited Rai to his italian villa for dinner, does that make him an idiot ? Maybe you are the only spewing hatred here.

freida does not look like a latina , you are deluded and you have obviosly not lived in mexico or america. please stop writing all this nonsense , you have no no real proof of freida pinto's so-called talent , you can't defend freida excpet for how beautiful she is. what does her beauty have to do with her acting ability? behave like a mature person and with proper comebacks.

Looks like the obessievefan is back*rolls eyes* , well I guess she/hes started to insult people back who are seriosult telling the truth about Freida Pinto and the hype over her.

Why are you talking about Nargirs ? She is actaully from the United States. Unlike Freida who is from the heart of India and behaves like she is some California Girl. If you can't think of any other better response to what people are saying about Freida's terribling acting , then don't bring in other celebs and compare her to them. I love how all of these comment are written by you , you are pathetic and lame really.

""Strictly, as a director, I find absolutely nothing in her that is either extraordinary or interesting in terms of personality, talent or looks. She appears like someone available by the truckloads anywhere in suburban Mumbai!"""

--> Mr. Khan, big stars like Lindsay Lohan , Renee Witherspoon are also a dime a dozen in America. Go to any street and you will see girls prettier than any Hollywood star out there. Does that mean people trash Lindsay and Renee as average and diss and are puzzled? No, because they are pretty. Same way, Ms. Pinto is pretty too.. as is the truckloads of the Mumbai people you sneer upon as average.

and did you ever consider that 90% of the average women in India you think are average (by your standards) are in fact perhaps more beautiful than many of the starlets you cast in your films (who happen to exceed your melanin-counter meter by being fair... but probably lack the symmetrical proportions to ever make it in the international modeling circuit.). So get over it Mr. Khan. Your frog well is but a million of wells in this world, and everyone has their own frog well of values and tastes.

To be quite honest, it would be nice to see a more diverse range of beauties in Bollywood -- which reflect India more accurately-- rather than strictly the voluptuous fair doll faced docile heroines that are the rage (and fashionablly the size 0 doll faces too). it's hillarious when we get a high cheekboned star in Bollywood and all of sudden, people say she's too Latina. No, India has a huge range of faces and beauties, not just Bolllywood belle stereotypes.

you producers in India who are appalled that somone who comes from the truckloads of Mumbai makes it big... makes it big, because she is pretty.

yes, you racist bunch of producers who barely can get beyond color-- LEARN THIS: MOST OF INDIAN WOMEN --95% OF THEM, ARE GORGEOUS. if you cannot see their beauty and Hollywood can, then you are limited.

if Ms. Pinto was fair like Kat, you can bet these same producers would be lining up and seeing her worth. it's about the color.... ahhhhh the good old fashioned barrier of females .

Pure poetry, Thu, 2011-12-01 04:19 — Anonymous:

"Now I know how the rich Indians think. Thanks for that. By the way, there are all types of poverty, poverty of manners, poverty of education, poverty of awareness and poverty of some circles its considered vulgar to be rude about those less privileged. I guess the kids in your family are not taught to be polite to the domestic help?"

. Anon, you have some of the best comments ever on Pinkvilla... wow. You should consider being a writer.... if your grammer is not good, then at least blog or write to journalists, who can write on your behalf.

(you first lines were quotes from someone else-- after that it's pure poetry).

You're right.. the best riches are those of the heart and being good.... not the wallet! There are poverty of all kinds!!

true beauty is inner anyhow. So keep smiling,,, your thoughts rock!

If Rai had even at least half the success that Freida has had in Hollywood, believe me there would be no out cries of
lacking substance, acting ability, luck, etc. She would simply be fabulous and an earth shattering success. Well, guess what she had a million chances and still they didn't want her. Freida had her one chance, got noticed and is being appreciated, get over it.

Rai attracts a lower class of fans who spew hate at anyone who doesn't literally worship her. I don't see anyone on a Freida post accusing any detractor of being jealous, asking them to post a picture of them, etc. It only confirms the illegitimacy of all the hype surrounding the contact lensed one.

I agree with my fellow New Yorker below. I think Freida is Beautiful, chic and intelligent. No airs of being Goddess incarnate on earth, which you people (including Rai) don't get is just ridiculous. No one wants to work with someone like that, not in Hollywood anyway. Big difference between being confident and just being an arrogant bore.

Mr. Kahn is an IDIOT, pure and simple.

Most Indians (and NRIS) are very strong in their beliefs about how is pretty and who is average. And the pretty ones are supposed to deserve things (including stardom).. the average ones are not. Every female they know has some ranking which is a 'fact'. The prettier the female, the higher the ranking.

Yet, they forget every place and people have their different sets of rankings. and yes, internationally, women of color are seen on the SAME SCALE as white and black women. Unfortunately, despite many protests otherwise, this is still lacking among our Indian community (even here in NYC).

Let's face it: if Frieda was blue or green eyed and had the Kat peaches and cream complexion-- the same people who call her average would be calling her a treasure of India. that's how it basically works.... it's mainly about color.

Yet, most of them do not ever take proportions and symmetry into account. Proportions of the face and figure is very very important in beauty determination out in the West... but in the East, it's about being as feminine looking and fair as possible (and an angular symmetric feature might be a minus in the East... as they prefer doll-faces.. even if it lacks proportion).

West and East have different tastes. that's that. anyone who thinks their tastes are 'facts' are about as limited as those who argue their religion is a fact and everyone else is wrong.

the West sees her nice figure, very very stunning smile and striking features, and her very easy way of talking. Freida is doing well probably because she doesn't take herself very seriously and is pretty. that's how starlets are made... why pick on her? get over it folks. get over it.

PV pls print this: As an Indian, she has a right to make it overseas as any other Indian.
People act like she came from the slums.. rags to riches.. this is laughable. this is why people are 'shocked'.

She has a full college degree (same college as Shobha De's).

she comes from a strong women's rights background... with all the women working . her sister Sharon Pinto is a TV producer.. school principal and business owner background is not a struggler. In fact, she already has overseas links, as international Palace of Asia restaurant business owners. ((Yeah.. our Cherry Hill friends have spotted her there in Palace of Asia restaurant by Cooper River cooing with Dev.. each time she's on the East Coast).

this is probably why she fits in overseas very well- she was cosmpolitian in Mumbai at the start. and from an upper middle class educated background.

She has a strong high-cheekboned angular face and very good teeth (good teeth is really important in Hollywood.. a component overlooked by Bollywood.. where most stars have so-so unsymmetrical teeth). Most Indians are 'surprised' she has made it and not the 'better' ones.. but the 'better ones' probably lack the angular symmetry... and her finesse in dealing with society.

In the west Freida's accent proves that she is eager to fit in and learn. While the fact that Katrina Kaif refuses to speak proper Hindi proves that a) she is dumb or lazy or both.. people who hate Freida's new accent are willing to suck up to an NRI who can't be bothered.

Exotic means something different, foreign.......intriguingly different and unusual.
Freida is exotic for the West.
Ash may have been exotic for the West if she had kept her classic delicate south Indian beauty natural but she hid it under layers of white make up, red hair , light eyes and they have that plenty in the West so that's why she never took off.
White people are exotic for India because it's not common in India.....that's why Kat, Nargis are so popular.
Freida detractor now knows what the word' exotic means.

Considering Katrina is the hottest actress in India I don't know why any Indian would complain about Pinto being a non-actress lol!

Pinto looks classically Indian and Hollywood likes that. It's exotic and all that jazz. She is getting steady work and has had good luck in an industry without having to resort to being a porn star. Why is that such a problem?

exotic looking ? extoic is like aishwarya rai , anelina jolie , halle berry . she is common and plain

The reson why frieda isn't liked in india because she is not geunine. She appers very nice with americans and british but she behaves very rudely and uptight with the indians. I don't know what her skintone color has do to with people disliking her.I saw her on india's most desirable , why on earth was she faking an accent ? She looked stupid and someone even asked her how did your accent change , she relpied arrogantly , "oh people can think what they want " ???? Umm people are not dumb , we can tell if someone is faking an accent or not. If someone like international actor jackie chan doesn't fake one , why does she ? She may be a nice looking girl and all but her attitude and cockiness is what I don't like about her.

freida is the 8th wonder of the world

I agree with whatever the articel says. she is where she belongs and she represents the face of india. not the few beautiful ones but the general public. Heck i look like her, i can relate to her.

sonam kappor is better looking than freida pinto , who looks like she has been living in poverty all her life
so a poor girl can never be beautiful??? Now I know how the rich Indians think. Thanks for that. By the way, there are all types of poverty, poverty of manners, poverty of education, poverty of awareness and poverty of some circles its considered vulgar to be rude about those less privileged. I guess the kids in your family are not taught to be polite to the domestic help?

Yepp, Cry your heart out Bolly babes!

Well this Khan fellow is telling the truth. She looks like any number of girls in india , and people don't care for her looks too. We have better looking girl here than her , only they did not get lucky and catapulted to stardom instantly. My fiance is infact much prettier than her and she used to have these weird guys whistling at her and saying stupid things when she would pass by them.

So just because someone doesn't like her its hatred ? Hatred is very powerful , like you are willing to see this person hurt badly and have a good laugh about it .

sonam kappor is better looking than freida pinto , who looks like she has been living in poverty all her life

Obssessive Freida detractors .......wasting so much time spewing hate when they could be doing somethng they like.

yaar if you all can accept that katrina kaif is is less than average and does not deserve to be in bollywood , then the same goes with this freida pinto being in hollywood. she too is getting everything handed to her like that. she looks odinary , cannot act , not a bad thing but please stop shoving it in our faces that she is some "godess " in the usa , they don't like women like her

Sandra from Bandra?.........Now I get it. So Freida being a commoner is the problem. Indians have such hatred towards their own and the commoners make up like 80% of the population?

*obessive fan*

I don't call coming from a rich family , having a sister working for ND-TV a commoner. Stop trying to make it sound like she was having this life-long struggle as an actress. Yeah she is average looking , lacks talent but she somehow got inot films without ever trying. You sound as if you are not indian . I know this trick some indian dope comes here and acts like some white or NRI person talking and ranting on forums. h

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