Deepika Padukone Ranveer Singh Wedding: Are DeepVeer taking inspiration from Virushka's 2017 wedding?

From the recent co-incidences of Deepika and Anushka, it seems like DeepVeer is taking inspiration from none other Virushka. Read on to know more.
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Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are all set to walk down the aisle on November 14 and 15. The couple has already left for Italy where they will tie the knot. Their wedding ceremony will be a private affair and post-nuptials, the duo will host two wedding receptions. One in Bengaluru and another in Mumbai. But from the recent co-incidences of Deepika and Anushka, we can safely conclude that DeepVeer is taking inspiration from none other than Virushka. 

For starters, last night the bride-to-be Deepika was seen in an oversized off-white turtleneck sweater and co-ordinated knit skirt which had side slit. And a similar look was sported by Anushka Sharma. Yes, she too was seen wearing an oversized off-white knit sweater and skirt combo when she was in Italy for her wedding. With the attire she was seen wearing subtle makeup, tan-hued boots and beach wavy hairdo completed the look. 

Adding one more point to the list of co-incidences is Sabyasachi being the fashion designer for Deepika Padukone as well. For the unversed, Anushka Sharma had opted for a Sabyasachi lehenga for her D-day and Deepika, the bride-to-be is also going to be a Sabyasachi bride.

Talking about another co-incidence, Virushka had tied the knot at the Borgo Finocchieto, an 800-year-old village and boutique property and the same were the second most expensive holiday resorts. And DeepVeer will wed at the picturesque Villa del Balbianello at Lake Como. The same is a popular destination for dreamy weddings. What are your views on these similarities? Let us know in the comments below.


Comparing a duck face to a original ... come on PV

how do people think actresses have time to copy each other , they wear what they are comfortable in and what suits them ,all pictures of deepika are of her photo shoots , and by coincidence anushka wore some similar outfits in her wedding but she looked beautiful and elegent in her wedding , i am sure deepika would look stunning too

yes why not..anushka invented one ever got married before her.she is also the first one to wear a white dress on the planet. everyone else is copying her

Deepika wore a similar white sweater and skirt look during Tamasha promption in November 2015. So by your logic Anushka's pre-wedding look was similar to Deepika's 2015 look. Anushka copied Deepika.

Similarity between Anushka's Delhi reception look and Deepika's sari look in Hema Malini's book launch (Nov 2017) and Deepika's Nilaya by Sabyasachi 2015 photoshoot was discussed endlessly in 2017. Please don't go there. Also the earring Anushka wore at her wedding was first worn by Deepika at Filmafare Marathi awards 2017.

Deepikas white outfit is a repeat from 2015

Kohli could have any classy, beautiful lady. And he went with that. She's the worst.

What is Anu's face? I can't even.

Lol which despos wrote this piece . the PigCs, the Kats, the Anus? DP was, is, and will always be a legitimate, original Silver Screen Queen as well as a Queen of hearts due to how much people LOVE her. I can't believe how even my coworkers here in San Francisco know about her and find her so beautiful. My friends back in India were sharing in our chat group that even their circle of friends, kids, older folks were all aware of the DP wedding. Poor old botox Kat tried her best and failed to spread a news that Anus wedding was a trendsetter or something and poor PC trying to get hers viral - did you see how many new followers PC Aunty got after the Jonas PR bearding started? You guys will never be able to top DP and that's a FACT!

10000 likes for your comments!!! DEEPVEER marriage makes all these fake people super jealous!!! have you seen how many negative articles and nasty comments suddenly coming up to this site?loosers

We’ve seen how original Anushka is when she launched her own line of clothing! Stop making it look like no one ever married before her!

1) white outfit, DP had worn it 1st during tamasha promotions
2) sarees, DP worn it 1st during photoshoot
Question should be: Is Anushka Sharma inspired by DP?

this is so pointless. they both have their own space and can coexist without comparisons

Anu its you who copy you do with your brand too ,Deepika wore saree way be
fore and the white outfit is better then yours but here i will not take the credit of your wedding trend which was started by you .

Yes, Anushka invented the concept of marriage and everyone else followed.LOL

Deepika pls stop copying others, first copied holywood actresses now bollywood, stay true to yourself, dont make fun of yourself

Anushka plz stop copying others especially dp, first dp now HW actresses . Stay true to yourself. Don't accuse dp when u copied her .
Post pv

Anushka is such a big copycat

Tamasha promotions she wore a long cream skirt with a long cream coloured jumper. It however was not a turtleneck. This is just like anushka with the side split skirt and turtleneck

Anu looks like Kohli's dadi.

Definately YES !! deepika is sucha BIG copycatt

Red and gold bridal saris are pretty common throughout the country and Deepika's sari is from some photo shoot , not out of her wedding .Only the white outfit is almost identical to Anushka's clothes. Sabyasachi first came to the public eye years back when his reps pointed out that Aishwariya gifted Vivek an embroidered kurta set (which he wore on the cover of some magazine). If I'm right Deepika will wear a sari for her wedding and will be more like fellow Mangloreans -Aishwariya & Shilpa .

Actually deepika wore the white turtle neck and pencil skirt during tamasha promos, and she wore the red saree in a photo shoot for sabya years ago.

That’s true Deepika’s red saree photoshoot was indeed shot in 2015 it was ‘Sabya for Nilaya’ we know who copies whom.

Deepika has been a SAYBACHI girl way before Anuskha. Deepika is original, Anushka is the one who gets her brands copied from cHINA.

deepika always copying- she does not have any original style - thumbs down

Anushka copied dp jewellery (she wore 8 months ago of Anushka), her red Saree (again dp wore it for padmavat) . Anushka copied the look and Saree of dp in the last pic. DP did the photo shoot first.

Omg the white outfit is definitely inspired

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