Does Age Really Matter In Marriage?(Abhishek & Aishwarya Bachchan)

Saif is 11 years older than Kareena ...Akshay is 6 years older to twinkle.... Salman Khan is 18 years older than Katrina Kaif.....Dilip kumar is 20 year older to Shaira Bano....Rakesh khanna was 22 year older than dimple kapadia....Dharmendra was 10 year older then Hemamalini....Aamir is 12 years older to Kiran rao.......u guys (&the society) never had any problem with these relations ...but when a woman like Aishwarya is just 2year 3month older than her husband Abhi ...all get crazy its really sad...i don't understand why a woman can't get young & happening Hubby.

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nice couple in world

age wouldn't matter now but it will in the next couple of years. ash will have to work really hard to keep up with abhi. guys in 40s are usually good looking but for woman, they grow a certain kind of maturity and pakka pun that automatically makes them look older. even in real life there are many couple who got married soon after their university education. they usually are of the same age group but the wives in these cases look much much older as compared to husbands. may be thats why people see it as a very courageous step on behalf of the woman when she decides to marry a younger man. ash, though beautiful, but has already started showing those signs of maturity whereas abhi still looks young but i dont like him.

women age faster than men...see aish how she looks now when she stands next to his mother....

Well women age quicker than men. It just means Ash will have to try that bit harder to maintain her looks in order to keep with Abhi. Its just more of an issue because the woman is older than the guy, if it was the other way round nobody would care. Also depends on maturity, Abhi seems like a level headed mature person. If the age factor dosnt bother them why should it bother the public?!

some marry for convenience, some for money, fame, the list is endless............that being said, money is important... actresses marry sportsmen, businessmen etc. what's the big deal?
aunty aish and baby abhi

robzz on Tue, 2009-03-31 12:01.
rightly said!!

marriage is nt abt who luks older who luks younger...its only abt luv n mutual respect n understanding...

not in todays world..y is it such a topic..dis is 21st century...not 1902...!!

Anonymous on Mon, 2009-03-16 16:13-I person who does that herself will be speak for others...Get the point

Anonymous on Mon, 2009-03-16 16:13: sheer negative-obession to think thoughts so low, it would boggle even ____dancingdiva. it does not make Aish look bad, it makes u look bad.

it does not matter coz she is amitabhs wife not abhisheks plus she warms the bed of amar, amitabh, anil and in the past has of viviek salman and rejeev.

agree commenting about her daughter is real shallow man! Grow Up!

As indicated, if ppl like dancingdiva (and others) will take pot-shots at even a competitor's-stars children to take them down. That's sheer obsession to ruin's one's karma by bashing your star's competitors (if u make fun of innocent children, u ruin your karma) in order to defend & honor your 'fave star'.

Would your 'fave star' ever ruin their karma to defend u as a fan?
no. your 'fave star' is SMART to be a star while u are a fan who is doing free PR work for them.

u don't even know your 'fave star'!! these 'fave stars' BUILD their images and relationships via the media. what if you met him or her and decided he/she was someone you didn't like at all & they didn't like u either? what if you met your competitor-star you bash, and realized that person would walk 5000 miles for u? some of u are in love with mirages, not reality.

Aish perhaps represents the most extreme form of this mania-- as she is clearly the most popular star there in India. Plus the common desi mentality clearly is quite vain with 'beauty=goodness' while 'non-beauty=badness'-- hence we have the Pinkvilla bashers all fighting for whose fave-star is prettier. Step back and see what is happening with these values...

ppl who think the posts here did not match the subject: here's the deal:
age barrier & marriage is under the domain of women's rights- and it's the right of a woman.

-> if Aish (or your fave star) marries anyone old or young or a tree or a rock:
it's cool and glorified. Even just 2.something years younger is seen as a 'big trendsetter' when in Bollywood, many have been way way way breaking the limits.

-> if it is your non-fave star who would do the same exact thing, some of you would have ripped her apart. The poster of this post did it for pinto for her dumping with 4-letter words- but will defend Aish and Abhi for their past dumpings- and will defend and glorify their faves for any and everything they do.

So the bottom line is many desis support women's rights as long as they like the woman. That's about it. this issue matches the post subject just fine.

3 to 4 years difference with women being elder is very very common as ppl date now. A lot of ppl just don't mention it- but it's common. Not sure why Aish and Karimsa are seen as the big trendsetters in this-- Aish did not have to sacrifice or suffer for this marriage (her marriage was blessed by all the press & in-laws)- and she married some very close to her age and generation. But perhaps we adore them so much and think they are 'so different and great'... even common simple things like this seem like they are doing something new and trendsetting.

Real trendsetters can be found in non-stars.. as well as the non-so-famous ones like Farah, Amrita, and others: In 1991, Amrita gave up acting for a family life with actor Saif Ali Khan, who is twelve years her junior. She faced a LOT of opposition from her in-laws, family, society, and bad-press as well. The couple have two beautiful children, a daughter Sara and a son Ibrahim. She has no regrets and is happy to have the two great kids and good memories and keeps her issues private. Now she is a REAL trendsetter.

So if you want to see triumps, don't just look at the stars-- see it everywhere!

Sorry if some of the comments have offended.. did not mean that:

Manik Sen seems like a genuinely good person who really is simply an Aish-well-wisher (good thing)... (but based on some comments, he appears to have a very limited view and stereotype view of darker/dusky ppl and artists). Well.. he is doing free PR work by bashing the competitors- but that's his right.

All the good thoughs and good deeds of Aish fans (and all stars fans) will come back as good karma. Hopefully, the celebration of your faves shall continue with greater joy!

Posts written about "obsessed fans" was far more directed towards truly negative ppl like ____dancingdiva below (don't even want to type the ID name). joy in laughing at someone's tears is just deeply off-the-mark.

there is karma-- so good thoughts are always best.

I agree with you Anon we shouldn't see Stars like they are better persons than other people. But we can admirs stars for the contribution to cinema. They make movies for us, the fans, wellwishers. Like I admire Aish. I agree I never going to know her personally, but why would I want that. I just like her acting, dancing and beauty in movies. And I do have great respect how she handle her life on the public forum. And still be so family oriented. See nothing wrong to admire a star as a person. Maybe it is mirror, so what, so long you don't go to far or overboard with the admiration. Like bashing other stars etc or life in a bubble. And think stars are god. When then are just normal persons. You can have opinion about others stars. But why the basing.

Let me say one thing about the colour thing. I agree you can say someone is darker than the other I don't see a problem with that. But the problem lies when you have something against people with darker skin, and you think people with lighter skin are better. When we all are humanbeings we are the same.
This going so far off topic same with Karishma. Lets go back to the topic. I guess we also have our answer about the age thing it ain't a problem. LOL. Love is the most important thing in life

hey even Karishma Kapoor, who was earlier eangaged to be married to Abhishek was a year older than him... guess now the trend is changing..doesnt married who is younger n who is long as the love is always young enough to walk down with them when they are older...


Whatever happened to the "HARDWORKING" pinkvilla moderators??

And meanwhile, as the fans tore each other's hairs out-- in order to honor the dignity of their fave star-- their fave star is drinking champagne, shopping for Chanel & diamonds, and lounging in the tropics ... the fave star thanks you for your fan-support.

age matters to only the parties involved.

when ppl are making racial comments & calling that facts and 'that's just the way it is', sticking to the post topic seems insane. Any other blog blocks them out.

Defended Aish on another sick post by a poster who had the nerve to make fun of her lips. Now will defend Priyanka and Pinto and Karisma too from these ppl posing as very liberal, but in fact their whole agenda is to work as a free PR agent for their faves. don't like it when males bash females...


What was said to Manik & evildancingdiva below was VERY KIND & a helpful suggestion compared to the NASTY stuff Pinto-praisers have faced. Pinkvilla-- how in the world can these types of racial-slander comments get posted??!! Just one example that left one of my friend in tears:
Anonymous on Thu, 2009-01-22 03:35

why can't you people just stick to the topic? All I see in all the posts is stupid childish arguing and hardly anything regarding the original post. It seems people only come here to take out their daily frustrations.

Wed, 2009-03-11 16:31: Oh really? how advanced and fair-minded of you.
It's great you like Priyanka.. considering well..she has the color handicap. This seems to be a common theme with you and Bollywood. Your comment exactly:
she is soo bad,sick & dark
Submitted by manik sen on Thu, 2008-02-21 16:31.

kismat meherban to gadha pahalwan...

ash is looking like a malecat...hehe

oh.. ok. this makes total sense.
Angelina Jolie can play an African American role but dark ppl cannot play a Princess. nice.

Ok-- thx all for the limitations.
No wonder Frieda is taking off like a rocket--
she really is hopefully breaking the color barrier.

aareee yaar i didn't created this post for such huge unnecessary comments.....i actually like priyanka;& i lovved Fashion as much as i liked Jodhaakbar & i just think she is dark & can't play role of an Rajput Princess Jodhaa... also yes i don't like freida for various reasons .... & she had no role in slumdog to get such India 95% ppl don't even know her or if she exist or not...& why the hell Looloo(Karishma kapoor) came in this post she is really suffering alot why to bash her...her husband is a well known delhi casanova/playboy... they were fighting divorce case for two years...even Karishma filed many cases against him... she i looking a little peace leave her aside...she is not as blessed as Aish

Anon I see you have some issues with Manik Sen. Why not send him Pm instead of attacking him on a public forum. Don't think it is fair what are you doing. If he thinks that Priyanka is dark. And I agree Priyanka can't do Aish roles. But what is wrong with that. Some things we can other we can't because of looks, talent etc. He can say that, like some priyanka fans also say that Aish fake and say some others things too. It is only a opinion. You shouldn't be offended by that. And saying he racist. It goes to far, you say we shouldn't admire an actor like a person. Because we don't know them, I agree. But also you don't know Manik Sen. So you shouldn't judge him either and leave him alone.

Ohh please Aish is much better, better acting, looks and especially dancing. How in the world can you compare an classic dancer like aish to that karisma woman, who only can follow step and can't do indian classic dance. Aish is a icon already. I don't remember any good Karishma movies, only the stupid movies with Govinda, where she has nothing to do. Only reason why she survive in this industry is because is kapoor like her sister Kareena Kapoor. You cannot a Icon and beauty like Aish with Karishma.

karisma fans jealous of aish? den it shud also be aish fans jealous of karisma!!!
i'm a fan of both....i'd choose in look-wise Aish 4 sure but 4 everything else Karisma wins all d way...i mean y is aish popular anyway? 4 her acting skills, talent, she was Miss World or juz4 d pretty looking face?
Karismaz got everything acting, dancing looks n etc....but aish only looks!!!!

well sapna on Wed, 2009-03-11 02:40. i think comparing ash to ny other actress is stupidity.. but MANIK SEN is the first one who commented on latest 2 posts of freida and u could read those words n explain to me plzz tht it was not called bashing

I understand what you are saying, we should not be obbessed by a star. I agree with you on that. There are so much more important things in life. We should not go overboard
But there is nothing wrong to admire a person for there work and the person they are.
I just don't like the bashing that some people do. They look at pics from stars that they hate and start saying really bad things about them. When you could so much better things with your time, like saying something nice about your favourite stars.
And I agree if you have a favourite you should not bash or hate the competition. You could not like them don't see any problem with that. But the bashing it is just waste of time. But like I said before bashing on Pinkvilla is popular so I've accepted it.
And I never saw Manik Sen bash others or maybe he did. I don't know, but I'm sure then he is not the only one. But in mine opinion you shouldn't get personal on members and say they are obbessed. You shouldn't have name him. Just say some fans etc.. It is just mine opinion. Wish we all could stop hating but that is wishfull thinking like peace on earth.

Being a fan and a well-wisher is good.
No.. not by saying postive things makes someone a PR agent.

Talking about such sheer obsession that the person believes they KNOW the star and end up HATING the competition. That goes for all fans: Aish, Pinto, AB, Kar, Karima, et all.

Some of you have never met these folks u feel strongly about. Do u ever think you may be projecting YOUR FEELINGS and YOUR IDEALS-- what u luv so much about your 'apni star' is but a mirage created by u? Without fans like u, these stars would disappear and be one of u regular ppl.

Obsessed: Talking about ppl like Manik Sen who goes on 'seemingly competitor's posts' and bashes them with 4-letter words (like he did with Pinto)...& at the same breath speaks about why ppl must hate anyone.... and Tue, 2009-03-10 20:29- below-- who in order to defend Aish must state things about Karisma that are well... let's just say even her own enemy would not state them.

It's sheer madness obsession. And sapna, these stars are TRAINED to avoid these negative and postive 'obssessed fans'.. they don't bother reading nonsense written by immature ppl. Yet it 'disturbs' the fans who read them. Why take up so much trouble for your stars?

It's admirable u all love your stars so much (love is a GOOD thing).. but why not spend some of that love on a REAL relationship rather than a star-worship-mirage: the elderly lady down the hall who may value your friendship more... or the shy kid who has no friends. They are also equally special- just like your star is. Your love may change that person's life.... but your love of a star will not change the life of the star too much.

There are a LOT of lonely souls and there are celebrities who are trying to escape all the attention and love just thrown on them.... sheer imbalance in this world.

Think about this...

I hate it when people bash will be Aish or other stars. I'm an Aish fan and well wisher. But this is pinkvilla it happens all the time especially to Aish. People love to write negative comments or say bad things about others. I come to terms with it. Saying something nice about someone makes you a Pr agent according to some people LOL or obsessed fan etc. But bash a star is popular on the net. It is sad but it is true.

Anonymous on Tue, 2009-03-10 23:
sorry, most of us are NOT fans of any stars.. but you guys are obsessed by Aish, clearly. keep up the good press work for her for free.

Karishma fans are clearly jealous of Aishwarya haha. these losers might keep denying it but deep down THEY ARE ENVIOUS.

heck they are also jealous of Kareena/Saif. tsk tsk

Tue, 2009-03-10 20:29 : seriously, r u Bollywood insider or do you know them?
how EXACTLY do you know this? this was not enough published or known back then .. & we were around back then.. decades back.

Really.. Mahik and u and so many others: Aish and her agents should PAY you guys for being so loyal to her and even bashing her 'competitors' on your own free time. that's called a REAL FAN. >

so thats why people hate kareena too - AGE DIFFERENCE

Karishma's face is disfigured. Just check her closeups from nach baliye - not photoshopped pics you see on pinkvilla. Her cheeks are actually drooping. I think she has maintained her figure well but over all she looks bad.

oye don't insult lolo's grace by comparing her to this thing called aishwarya

Oh my gosh! sum1 said karisma lukz older than aish? was dat a joke? huh!
karisma is not a try hard lyk aish.......aish tries 2 luk so young n hot in hollywod but huh it fails n she ends up lukin lyk an elephant..n in bollywood tries 2 luk lyk a grandma so ppl can say aww shez so simple....hypocrite!!
nwy aish is beautyful n i dnt tink dere shud b any probz with age as long as dey r hapy 2gether

Anonymous on Mon, 2009-03-09 01:54 i agree wid u and aish looks gr8 but wht d hell was tht joke tht karisma has matured badly

this is so silly. Karishma actually looks older than aish...she has matured really badly. Aish looks great and they both look the same age. 2-3 years is not a huge difference. Salman was like 10 years older than her and it was ok with people? How sad.

It actually all about your perspective. If a 25 yr old marries a 35 yr old then you say its a big difference. but if a 35 yr marries a 45 yr old it doesn't look bad.

Women's rights means equal rights for all women, not just your faves.
Not sure about the Anonymous on Mon, 2009-03-09 15:02 post-- but anyhow:

Yeah.. Freida was so badly bashed by Manik herself for breaking her engagement
(4 letter words, et all to her on a post). But what about Abishek who did the same to Karmisa- breaking their engagement? Is he any better.. ? Is Aish any better for her Viveik 'text-message' only episode?

A lot of 'principles' are based on how much the person is liked or disliked in fact.

Will Abhishek's wedding with Karisma be a huge affair?

Not necessarily. The two families have to sit down together and see what kind of a wedding we both want, work out a date, etc. Babita [Karisma's mother] is away in New Zealand with her younger daughter Kareena.

Abhishek is shooting with her for Sooraj Barjatya's Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon. Daboo (Randhir Kapoor) is in Mauritius shooting for Honey Irani's film Armaan, in which I too have a role. As soon as they return, we will sit down to find out what we want and what the kids have in mind. Then we will go ahead with the wedding.

What better gift for my birthday than to see my son engaged? If both families agree then we shall certainly do it. It all depends on what Daboo and Babita want.

To be very honest, as far as I am concerned, for all practical purposes Lolo [Karisma] has already come home. She is my bahu, and part of our home. But yes, certain formalities have to be obviously observed.

When will the marriage take place?

As soon as we arrive at a mutually convenient date. I will have to take the opinion of all concerned. These are all social formalities. Like I said, for me, Lolo is already part of our family.

Where would you find the time to celebrate your son’s marriage?

We just have to take the time off. As soon as the family decides what has to be done and when, I will be with them a hundred per cent. It is a very happy occasion. I am very excited for myself and Jaya, for my parents and for Abhishek and Lolo.

Devestated to find out my fiancee.. well, he is 3 seconds older than me...

as a desi, how can one face the wrath of society and overcome this discrimation we bear as a couple !! shudders..

Pick someone like Farah Khan, or Sachin-Anjali Tendulkar, 5 year age difference in the latter case. Dont post only abt Aish in this case, as she is not that much older, also, she is not hated for this reason.

going a little off topic here but in the two more recent pics, doesnt ash look suddenly aged?? i meant she's not looking old or something but if u compare that to her slightly older pics. did she have something done to her face??(although it should reverse not cause aging, lol) but in the pic in sari and from ravaan, i thought there is a sudden change...

Pick someone like Farah.. who married someone much much younger.
She's a clear example of a Demi Moore type. Now she's a trendsetter.

Aish and her less than 3 year difference-- is not an issue. Most didn't even notice in fact during the wedding times.. Mountains out of molehills.

No on is going crazy Manik, except immature pinkvilla bloggers (who are best to ignore). To get a real picture of how the world sees things, read the national and international press & listen to the news. Aish & Abhi have been wished well throughout the press and have been been a welcome delight to both in-laws. It's all in your mind. Let's not make issues where there are none.

The poster who wrote about the 3 month age difference.. lol.
Talk about desis getting worked up over nothing!

for god's sake they hav hardly ny difference..its not like 10 or 20 yrs..n dont give the crap of people going out of maariage cause of age..its just depends on the person

Anonymous on Mon, 2009-03-09 01:54: this depends on the guy and the relationship. period. a strong marriage is a strong marriage. shallow guys will always be on the lookout.

Agreed that the Aish-Abhi 3-year difference is NOT a big deal at all-- no one ever "blamed Aish"-- the Indian press and International press always wished the couple well. It's all in Manik's mind that Aish is being hated for this reason. The poster should have chosen a bigger age difference where the woman did face the wrath of society-- BIG age difference. ie. perhaps Sachin and Anjali.. but even they are a celebrated pair. Sadly, there is no Demi Moore of India just now...

SHAHRUKH AND KAJOL ARE 9 yrs apart! doesnt look so bad,...not married, but a WELL ACCEPTED PAIR

Most of the cases you mentioned, the men are much older than the women - though I don't think Akshay and Twinkle's 6yrs is much at all. But anyway, in Rai's case - Abhishek may be taken away with her now - but when he is Salman or Aamir's age and everyone around has wives or girlfriends in their 20's or 30's, his wife will be close to 50. Then like Saif, he will be lusting after his co-stars old enough to be Rai's daughter. How many men want wives to give them kids when they are getting closer to 40. Looks don't last forever. And let's face it, do you think Rai would have given Bachchan a second look if it wasn't for his last name?

Anonymous on Sun, 2009-03-08 22:53 -> doubtful that anyone directed hate towards her for marrying someone only 3 years younger than her. this is not a big deal. No one in the press has critized her once on it even once- not Indian or International. Mountains out of molehills in this situation clearly.

Aish is debatbly the most popular star in India in its enitre history.
The negativy directed towards her came when it seems Aish ate the entire Bollywood-publicity-pie & films with little justification of her acting talents. A lot of ppl felt she got too much of the Bollywood-pie and others were left out in the cold. So they criticized her looks/talent, etc- believing she is over-hyped. This is the world of cinema and all the big stars face this kind of stuf.. AB does.

I am amazed at the hate directed towards her for no rhyme or reason- how can anyone except the person involved know the reason why someone marries someone. And how can you criticize a person by prempting an event in your head- having an extramarital affair-

Anonymous on Sun, 2009-03-08 21:10 ==> 3 months is hardly anything!
Had to read it again because thought you meant 30 months or 3 yrs.. and it was a typo.
Relax. This 'age difference' is vastly vastly common.

Seems we as desis start worrying a lot-- when sometimes there is not much to worry about at all. If both parties look to be one generation, it's doubtful anyone cares.

You guys are making mountains over molehills over Aish's situation too.
She never faced Indian or International press-flak over it, ppl. Come on.
Show one national or international article berating their age-difference and then this has merit. It was just silly teens on blogs who never dated who got worked up over it. Doubtful anyone cares about their 'age difference'.. its' all in your head.

The discrimation is faced when there is 15 to 20 years of different generations with the women being the elder (ie. it's noticable). In this case, yes-- women DO face society's wrath. Focus on these as your social cause.

its because she married him for other reasons . . . . she loves the bachchan tag
and she does look much older than him which is not flattering


age is just a no.!!!! an older guy/gal is NOT= mature and understanding!!!! u must marry the person out of equal consent dats all!

look at all jelous people somebody saying that about kids hahaha jealous people aish you are real queen not a looser like kareena ahahhahha


I felt the same way .. But My husband is 3 months younger than I am. We met in school and have been married and known each other for about 15 years now. And I did not know he was younger than I am as we were in same class in school :-(... But all worked out and my inlaws did not have any problems...

No age does not matter if it is 2-3-5 years... But 10+ years is absurd..

i dunno about you guys but i would just feel weird marrying a guy younger than me. it looks best if the guy its a couple years older

forget the age difference she just married abhishek for the bachchan name. bettcha she is already having a extra marital affair. ash has had a reputation for jumping from bed to bed and old habits die hard.

age difference depends on where you are in life . when you are 5 2-3 years difference is a big deal but in your 30's not really

2- 3 years don't make a big difference. And women live longer then men so using the logic of the people below they should probably marry younger men so they would be around when they age. And as for mental maturity you either have it or not. The couple needs to gel mentally and physically as age is just a number

women also physically age faster than men usually so thats another reason why its not encouraged for women to be older

well maturity wise it makes a difference cuz women are usually 2-3 years mentally and emotionally more mature than men. and biologically they need to have children before men so those are some reasons as to why its encouraged for the woman to be a few years younger.

shes not 2 or 3 months older than him shes 3 years older than him BTW.

Well in some cases it does matter. It would matter to me. 2 or 3 years is not a big deal but yea 10 or 20 years is outrageous. I wouldn't marry anyone who is 5 years or more older than me. Yea, so in Aish and Abhi's case they are perfect. Saif and Kareena are a no no.

who cares we all know she married him for money and I personnaly think she loves him but he doesnt and they make an awful couple apart from the age differrence

Aishwarya is just 2year 3month older than her husband Abhi - seems like you are keeping track of this age nonsense.
she was past her prime, she married someone with a famous last name.......that's the end of it.

hye two years of age difference does not make difference in friendship so why in relationship....
sorry, aish doesnot look like abhi's mum.... idians are so stuck in medieval ages

nahh,ages dont matter, but the love is that matters

its a known fact that she is a craddle snatcher. both vivek and abhi are younger than her by 3-4 years. after her relation with salman she wants men she can dominate and not be dominated and that is why the careers of vivek and now abhishek are in the gutter while she is thriving because the were dominated and manipulated by her. not to forget her manglik curse which is another reason for their pity situations now.

In love age doesn't matter.

Just becoz this topic is about equality Samaira finds it weird. Probably she can't comprehend and come up with any solid foundation as to how to bash Ash here...silly loser

It is beacuse Ashwariya has extraordinary beauty. Being a woman she has been most bankable in bollywood and people can't accept it. Being beautiful and successful she becomes the bashing tool. Always labelled as fake and ppal critiquing her does not do any harm to her. She still has a star power and mere insecured teeny boppers can never influence her life. She gets all the bad mouth and yet she she gets more famous. I am neutral to most actors and actresses so Ash is on no fav list but objectively speaking she is beautiful and successful and it is a conglomeration of these two factors which some people can't bear to see. What good will hating sum1 do? Nothing. I may study whole night to become a laywer or a doctor, and still get paid much less than her. Does not mean I go hating her. She achieved what many can't, so god bless her. And she is happy with her husband even though being merely old, what is the world to please than coz the world is always tainted...

specially when the wife is so pretty, and the husband doesn't care

In this case..
Abhi:he is married to a celebrated beauty of her timeandoneof the most famous Indian in the world! Should he complain?!He must feel 7 feet tall!

Ash:She is so blessed to have such a mature husband and in-laws, who respect her stardom and take pride in her success.
Her husband and her very busy and equally famous in-laws went all the way to NYC to attend her PP2 premiere.
How cool is that!!!!

In most cases the husband and family try to control the girl and treat her as a mere trophy wife to feed their egos and public image...

If Ash worships her husband..I don't blame her!She is indeed very fortunate!

what has age to do with marriage you marry a person not the age, marriage with age gaps have worked well so far for many people abhi didnt see the age gap when he married her he walks proudly with her and so much in love he doesnt care about what the world thinks who are we to judge and make silly comments about age gap, some people can't get over the stone age

lol u weird!

and we are also saying that becoz she married him for money otherwise we woudlnt have talked about their age difference

she is 3 years old than him we are just saying that shes older that him becoz you can see that differrence of age between them!!!

it does in their case..ash looks like abhi MOTHER

shes 2 year n 3 months older o i thought it was 1 i think 4 other cases its the mans who r our indian society pple do talk bout this...look @ farhan evry1's talkin bout them cuz his wife is older dan him.......its beta 4 a man 2 older bt 4 a woman to be older theirs a nyways ash was very beautiful bt nw shes aging very dis is another problem 4 our society they probaly can't see ash like dat cuz evryones so used to her begin the worlds most beautiful lady....well this is just wat i think
bollywood lover

i agree!! sentiments exact!

No age does not matter only if either is 18 yr and younger

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