Fantasy with Aishwarya's Long hair!

I was watching hum dil de chuke sanam last night, couldnt help notice aishwarya's LONG hair, shes the only actress who has played so many epic/princess type roles! and in almost all these movies her hair's longer than her, recently we saw that in Raavan!

It started with Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam Hindi followed by Taal, Devdas, Umrao Jaan, Guru, Jodhaa Akbar etc and most recently Raavan!

Wouldnt be surprised to see her long hair in Guzaarish!

What say! Do you like her long hair?

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i think, its not her own hair. because it took a lot of time to get them so long- and between these films she have many other films without long hair.
i´m sure she wear extensions!!

Hey you touched the right chord here..absolutely aishwarya is one of those actress in indian cinema who has adored long hairs better than nyone else. Though it is not real but she seems to have affinity for long hair. Long hair looks perfect with aishwarya and don't think it would suit any other actress more than her. Thanks for bringing this beautiful fact to notice. Please try to upload pics of aishwarya with long hairs. I watched Chokher Bali for her long hairs though i didn't know bengali..thats the charm of aish's silk.

got bored with her long locks,In every movie she has very long hair.she should try short hair maybe a bob like lara dutta or shoulder length hair like priyanka chopra.

Long hair goes with aishwarya's beautiful round face, but it does'nt go with kareena's box face.....

long hair goes with her perfect indian round face....
some actresses cannot pull it off due to the shape of their faces....

This is really a discussion about her hair? see if this was an ash website it would make sense...but now its just plain weird. not a hater or anything, this just seems too much.

well girls dont think this is unique and only ash can have !! It is hair extensions I guess there are many indian girls with long natural hair ...we should take them as princess not made-up ash ...

Aish's beautiful n looks good w/ long hair also.

ash looked the best in devdas, she doesn't have the same glow in her.

She should cut her hair short.......

Kareena Kapoor did try to copy her...thank u for pointing that out @Fri, 2010-07-09 21:02!

Aishwarya's hair in devdas looked amazing!!!! How beautiful she carried it. Look i dont kno if this hair is real or fake, but for aishwarya to wear it and OWN IT and definitely SELL IT for her film always inspires...darling Aishwarya u looked ethereal in Ravaan too. But the best her long flowy hair looked was the second pic...

Aishwarya R. Bachchan's long hair is diving. My goodness, i love her sweet long hair. No one else has pulled that off. She is the only one wid such beautiful long hair in all her movie. For her to change her looks like that to fit the role of her characters is amazing. I respect her sooo much. Aishwarya forever and sweet,my opinion will never change for her!!!

love it

Aish looks great with long hair. And kareena kapoor also tried to copy her in "Billu Barber".

obviously she uses artificial hair... as its really hard to maintain such long hair....also different roles demands different hair-style..... but the Long hair suits her best ...she looks like the pure Indian beauty wid them...

i might have if it weren't somebody else's hair ..!

she has the face for long hair...she has that indian round face that suites the long hair parted in the middle look.
Some actresses do not have that kind of face to wear long hair for movies....aiswarya face suits long hair, she has a very indianish look to her.

I LOVE the long black hair on her. And I love that she's played all these classic characters - Paro, Umrao, Sita, Jodha, etc. Unique as always.

here comes AISHVILLA again.

Well she is a princess

I think she looks good with modern hair this long princess hair she is the only actress who doesnt look like a bhenji and looks elegant with long long hair!

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