From fat to fit - Siddhartha Mallya

The UB Group scion Siddhartha Mallya is one among the celebs who have had an amazing weight loss story. Take a look at the before and after pictures and decide.

It was often rumored that he lost oodles of weight after he was seen with Deepika(they were rumored to be dating). In an exclusive to Pinkvilla a year back, Sid had mentioned that it was his running that helped with the weight loss. In his own words - "I was always fit as I am a sports person. I play hockey, tennis. It’s all that running I did at Mahalaxmi race course that helped me get fit. I do zip up my mouth when I’m nearby spicy food."

Ain't this a great weight loss story?

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Credits: pv

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He still had nice features when he was chubby.

can't stop laughing

Catharina lol, google him you will see, his mouth is always open like that. Maybe he this it's sexy.

voiceswriter that's a good one!! hahahahaha

Why can't he close his mouth? Every picture his mouth is open.

LOL! This weight loss story is soooo not true! It just doesn't look natural.. Lemme guess, Lipo? :P
FYI, Stop hatin on rich kids ya'll .. Not cool! They have it, you dont! Deal with it!


Running at Mahalaxmi race course ? It would have been a pleasure to watch his father bet some money on him !

Something worng with his teeth...can u imagine how his smile was before he went to the dentist???

If men are at the same BMI as a healthy non-overweight woman they appear much leaner due to higher proportion of muscle, and i am not talking abt the protein powder/steroid supplemented bulky muscle. There is no evidence suggesting that men need to be at a higher BMI to be healthy compared to women, but in general we r used to seeing men heavier so a fit and lean man is very often referred to as sickly.

he's doesn't looks that healthy now..its almost like he's sick

great weight loss makes you look healthy and fit..this of course is not the case.. he looks sick nowadays... used to think he was hot back then abut an year ago at the time he was at his ideal weight.. this is way off..

what a change! earlier he was becoming like his dad but he pulled himslf by the bootstraps and made the change. commendable. but aint he a bit too skinny now.


Good God your English is awful!

omg, wow !

The people (mostly the parents ) in India Spoil their children by feeding them to much ...
Specially the rich people (sid .sonam. arjun ....)
The rich in the west all they care about the healthy food and sports...

He's too thin now. He looked better chubbier. He just looks hungry now.

His smile sucks!

alas he does not zip up his mouth otherwise

yes he was chubby and that's very good thing
that he lost so much weight to look good but in some of the
pics i ve seen of him on PV sometimes he looks
too slim that does n t look healthy at all so he
should balance it out!!!

He has become really sexy!
Hate the mole tho.

just as daddy's assets are shrinking, so is the son's weight!

he kinda looks like his own uncle in the first picture.

He was chubby when Deepika and him started coming out together in public (very early days). I guess after all the spotlight on him, he felt the need to shed the extra weight.

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