Fawad Khan is Sonam Kapoor's leading man in 'Khoobsurat'

Sonam Kapoor has already headed to Bikaner, Rajasthan for a long schedule of 'Khoobsurat'. The movie, which is said to be on the lines of Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s film of the name, has Sonam playing the role that Rekha originally essayed. However, the leading man of this film was always a mystery.

Sonam's sister and the movie producer Rhea Kapoor had mentioned that they would be casting a newcomer and that they wished to keep that info confidential. However, news is out that this will be played by Pakistani actor Fawad Khan. He will be reprising the role originally played by Rakesh Roshan.

The movie has gone on floors and is being directed by Shashanka Ghosh. We think this pairing between Sonam and Fawad rocks. What are your thoughts?

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fawad khan is better actor than others...he is fabolus actor may Allah blesses him....best of luck fr ur future...

Fawad is fantastic n spectacular actor no comparision with others he is far better than them

Fawad khan is osm everyone knew let's hope for d bst

Fawad Khan is a Pakistani/Muslim dude with a great personality and acting skills. Please do not compare him to people like ashmit whatever or any other actor in India.

Sonam has no idea that she has made the most incredibly amazing desicion of her life, for once in the overseas market she will have aname atleast i can say in the desi community in UK USA,PAk and the 22 arab countries where fawads shows are a huge hit (his dramas are shown dubbed abroad in arab a huge market for bollywood movies too). if the movie and thier chemistry works then in the overseas market she will be liked too.
however if the movie tanks it wont hurt fawad's career as he already has a huge fanbase globally and would still get work coz of it. so its a win win situation for fawad either way(hit of tank movie) but sonam sort of needs this movie to do well and the casting to get hit to float her career.
anyhow the movie tikets would sell coz of fawad, but i dont understand why sonam haters are hating of fawad without even watching work of fawad, comparing him to talentless wannabe actors like ashmit etc ???? give the guy a break hes an entertainer!

OMG!! is it?? I LOVE Zindagi Gulzar Hai, humsafar, numm & Behadd

The sole reason he is offered this role is because Fawad khan is very popular in the Arab speaking world his dramas are shown dubbed in in UAE egypt lebanon syria etc. muslim world likes him.also UAE and pakisyan are a big market for bollywood movies and movies with pakistani actors or singers do well in Pakustan.and overseas market in terms of revenye generation hence a wise move by team Sonam. already there is a buzz in Pakistan and Arab /muslim world about this movie where pakistani dubbed dramas are shown.take a chill pill guys he will entertain you wnt be dissapointed :-) i arab poeple can accept him then so can you all in the comments below. however its not mandator. for your information Fawad Khan.can.act and would be acting unlike.ashmit would

Very interesting strategy..

Unfortunately bollywood movies only sell on the basis of the hero so she needed a hero that would be easily marketable but unfortunately the price of a known hero would be the whole movie's budget. If she chooses a newbie from some acting academy or even daily soap then the movie would tank. Her name isn't going to carry it far especially if it looks like a chick flick like Aisha. So now she's hoping to make the budget back via the international audiences.

Wonder if this is going to work out.

credits asr photography

those who are saying he looks like Ashmit patel... take a look... he is far more good looking than the names mentioned here

That is subjective. I think Arjun and Ashmit are better looking. This guy looks too delicate.

ew he ain't goodlooking

Wow he is hottttt!!

Interesting... Fawad is too suave for Bollywood. Top that to act along side dizzy Sonam....Not sure how that will work. Looks wise they will suit, but that's all. He's indeed a good actor as I've seen in some drama's and movies. However he does come across as quite serious. Dude might have to snap out of that image a bit if he's to make an impact.

He is amazing actor I hope he is doing the film
You guys said the same thing about dhanush

o ooo #1 post
too much commenting .. ok
well he's a very good actor .. worked in humsafar,ashk,numm,satrangi,khuda k liye,armaan,jeevan ki raahon mein,dastaan,dil dejy jaengy,kuch pyar ka pagal pan,kal,aj kuch na kaho,behadd,akbari asghRi,watched all and love all much too.
i wish this film do justice to his talent.

#1 post. He's so cute.

Omg...cant wait for this one now...Fawad Rocks...such a big welcome for him to our bollywood.Very talented actor...

No way, Fawad should not take this project, He is an incredible actor, I am 100% sure this movie will not do justice to his talent. just like Abhay Deol was wasted in AAisha. These people are waste and Sonam can not act for dime. Guy is extremely talented, he deserves meaty role. Haters please go to hell, What's wrong him working in Bollywood. If he is talented he should get good roles. What's with all this racist remarks ( PS I am an Indian)

Apparently he has said before that there is no actor in Bollywood worthy of him and that he's too good for Bollywood. Why is he joining Bollywood now? He might be talented, but he's clearly a big headed opportunist

He has never said that. you are just trying to ruin his image.

Exactly - This FAWDA Khan is the biggest opportunist.

Looks like Ashmit Patel reloaded... .!

Now, who the hell is this guy? Has NSD been shut down that these film makers can't find any actors in India.
This is all that idiot Mahesh Bhatt's fault.

Yyeeeaaayyyyy!! Best news evvverrrr!!

He is too hot for Bollywood ....he should go for Hollywood.

Yeah right !
James Cameroon is coming to sign him up for his movie.

Clearly, the title of the film refers to the leading man....he's freaking gorgeous! too bad his talents will be wasted on that crappy, so called actress with the worst dialogue delivery ever & no acting talents to speak of.

He looks more like Arjun Rampal, not Ashmit Patel (eww).

Perfect hr looks like him

Fawad Khan has the potential to be the biggest star in the subcontinent. He should not do roles that are less than his calibre.

I think if Bollywood has to give chance to neighbouring actors, then it should be from FRIENDLY nations like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc. with who we also have common culture, not openly hostile nations.

I am from Nepal and trust me we do not consider India to be friendly towards us. They are destroying our small nation.

Common culture? What culture would that be? Please do explain further.

I hope the role is good enough for Fawad. He deserves the best of roles.

HE is a superstarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and we love FK uhuhuuuuuuuuu


Search on youtube,you will discover it.

i love him!!!!!
and sonam too

"fawad khan, is much much better then all the khan,s and kapoors plzzz fawad dont did this film with such crap herion.koi or nahi mili kya??

Fawad is effortlessly chic, sophisticated, and completely gorgeous. Not to mention that he's a brilliant actor. Please don't compare him to Nawazudin or Ashmit Patel. Thank you.

No Fawad you deserve much better ,, it's Sonams own production so ur role wil be nothing more than a prop .don't underestimate urself plz wait for the right roles , u rule the drama industry worldwide , and by the way I'm an Indian born and brought up in bandra mumbai so I love my shahrukhs and salmans ,,, but trust me this guy Is another level,,, watch for ur self check out humsafar on YouTube I can bet if it is telecasted on our indian Chanel it will create history ,, no more crappy shows will be watched.

Fawad is an AMAZING actor and he's really easy on the eyes ;)

He's NOT anything like Ashmit Patel.

I hope this is just a rumor and not true. I love Fawad's work and would hate to see his talent wasted on a crappy bollywood movie with Sonam Kapoor. He needs a movie with substance with an actor who can match his persona.

Again, really hoping this is not true

NOT ashmit patel,more arjun rampal i guess....

can i douse him in honey and lick it all up? wouldn't mind even if it is chocolate.

I think he looks like ashmit patel too..but since so many ppl are saying he looks diff just post a pic to prove it wrong :/

He is an amazing actor!!!! I just hope that his talent will noy be wasted

it has become number one post...
and plzzzzz....
he is not at all comparable to ashmit patel
NOT AT Alllllllll

This guy looks like Asmit Patel.

Im an NRI, having good fortune to watch pak dramas on rishtey channel and of course youtube. All my indian friends love fawad and he has pushed this movie into the top league. Hes a fine actor, plus hot and cool. Better star material than some of the young established crop in bollywood.
Sonam is lucky to have him in the movie, he'S WAY AHEAD of her in looks, acting, stardom and sophistication.

Liar, Indians have never heard of this guy.

People who are comparing him with the looser Ashmit Patel, should check his work and then talk, please do not insult him, guy is absolutely an incredible actor, please check his work and then talk.. I really feel he will be wasted in this movie just like Abhay Deol. Sadly he deserves much more..

I strongly feel he deserves much better, not such a small role:( guy is absolutely incredible. Fawad be careful and pick good projects, you are very talented and you need good story and good directors. Vishal Bhardwaj are you listening?

he an only can a five minute role in vishals film

I think he deserves much better, guys incredible, amazing actor, he is a full package, I really hope they give him good role. He needs a real actress with him, but for Sonam its a great opportunity to work with him, she should really work hard. She is one lucky girl. I am already looking forward to this movie..I really hope the story and direction is good.

I thought it was the awful Ashmit Patel. Dunno who he is , but if he is so big across the border , why choose this supporting role ? Rakesh Roshan's role was not too great & I haven't forgotten what happened to the very talented Abhay Deol in Aisha.

Omg is this for real? Fawad is an amazing actor, I love him, I really hope he has a meaty role, and Sonam is lucky to get to work with him, guy is absolutely on the other level in terms of acting, I really wish he gets awesome roles in bollywood, he is way better than so called popular actors.( watch humsafar, Zindagi gulzar hai, Khuda ke liye, Numm) you will know why I am saying this.Guy is extremely talented.I really hope he will work with A grade directors of btown.

omg omg omg
cant belive it wow im soooooo happy luv FAK!!!!

He is very good looking and with Sonam, they will make an incredible pair.

"people who want to know more about FK google HUMSAFAR,ZINDAGI GULZAR HAI,AND KHUDA KE LIYE!!!but i think in india there are too many people who deserves the chance y dont indain producers appreciate their own talent????why srilanka,london,brazil ...???in heroins they prefers goriz???why??girls like drashti,saniya,surbhi n many more why not??? feel bad for indain struggling actors...!!!"

Stop being so racist…we live in a global world. These things happen…it's not the end of the world. There are struggling actors everywhere.

Fawad Khan is effortlessly more good looking than Nawazuddin and Ashmit. I completely agree with

Thu, 2013-11-07 21:12 — Anonymous

Yaaaay fawad, love you.

I have liked him from his ET days. He was the cutest among all the participants and of course he sang beautifully. This man can sing. He can act. He can look hot and sexy. ALL AT THE SAME TIME.


Gosh he's so handsome.. and makes a good pair with Sonam already!!!

Looking forward to see Fawad in Bollywood. Having seen his work I can only say that he is a really good actor with alot of charm and charisma. Wish him the best! I'd only wish that Pinkvilla had used a better pic of him. He looks so much better in real! :)

people who want to know more about FK google HUMSAFAR,ZINDAGI GULZAR HAI,AND KHUDA KE LIYE!!!but i think in india there are too many people who deserves the chance y dont indain producers appreciate their own talent????why srilanka,london,brazil ...???in heroins they prefers goriz???why??girls like drashti,saniya,surbhi n many more why not??? feel bad for indain struggling actors...!!!

Fawad is a far better actor than some new Indian actors who debut recently! And far better than the Indian actors I have seen on the tv.... Though he should've debut in a full on romantic film.

We don't want them. Take them back to their country.

We? Who are you? Are you speaking on behalf of the Bollywood fraternity or are you just a jumped up, ignorant individual?

I see lots of Sonam haters trolling in this post and what is worst they are hating on Fawad by association with the film and Sonam without even seeing his work. Its kind of sad, Fawad is great actor and if he is indeed doing the film then the script is probably really good. I have faith in his choice and I'm really hoping its him. He would look great and act even better. I am waiting for an actual confirmation or denial at this point from him or the production house.

OMG OMG OMG i am already looking forward to this film. My MOST favorite actor Fawad Khan with Sonam Kapoor... OMG

he looks like nawazzuddin siddiqui who uses fair and lovely

Totally agree..

he looks like nawazzuddin siddiqui

Urghh this is why i dont want him to do hindi films. BW is a very dark place and no matter how hard you try you will always be bashed for some reason or the other....
And to some of the anons below. Have you guys even seen his work to form a judgement about him right away??

The amount of racism in the comments section is surprising. No one seemed to mind when Brazilian and British beauties started acting in B-town and one of them is the reigning queen even though she still can't act. FYI, Fawad Afzal Khan is a great actor, educated and has done some commendable work back in his country and is extremely popular. I would be extremely happy if it is indeed him working in Khoobsurat remake opposite Sonam and I applaud Rhea for casting him. Having seen his work, I know he will be great in whatever he does. And PV, get a better picture of Fawad. He is so good looking. This picture is not flattering.

Good looking or great actor or not. We don't people from ur country.

get a life racist.

Plz dear adminstrate ....plz try to post sum better pics of fawad he is not at all like asmit patel .....belive me he i ll next romantic hero of bollywood .

Hahaha...keep dreaming. Not in India..

Fawad khan is a complete packages !!!!! Plz dont underestimate his tatlent ....but i am not happy with his choice of flim he desevers much better banner nd cast !!!!

Not happy about the Khoobsurat remake.

he does look like ashmit Patel in this photo. but when you see him in movement on a show,he makes you week in the knees.

Seriously he looks like Ashmit Patel.

LOL what will he do in a bollywood film?? :D can't even know the D of Dancing and his acting is strictly OVER-RATED. Also he looks like a fair version of Ashmit Patel :D hahahahah. Not a film hero material at all! He better do dramas :v

Omg he does look like ashmit Patel!

Also, those who keep harping on Sonam's acting skills should really watch Raanjhanaa. Her performance is one of the most nuanced and complex ones by a young actress in quite a while.

really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me super excited 2 see him . He z most good looking man i have seen in my life .

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