Freida Pinto talks about skin lightening in O Magazine

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This kind of is like dark and lovely's blog isn't it?

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She is beautiful...period

Mon, 2010-08-23 18:04 — Anonymous=> cool. glad to see color equality for all

She is pretty despite her skin color...

she has a lovely smile--- that is the true key to beauty.

the shades do not matter.. it's what in the heart... that's the reality.

all are lovely, each in their own way.

the problem is not lighten on the set to change skin the prob is how many indian can call themselves brown

even kareena kapoor by european standard is considered brown and white have no concept of the word fair....

even though the white tan themselves, they still call themselve white.aishwarya is considered brown tooa

i think only zarine khan will considered white skin

Magazines photoshop and airbrush even white people to make them look younger and slimmer. Look at the Julie Roberts Lancome ad. You know she doesn't look like that. But Bollwyood does too much soft lighting for their films. You get quite a shock when you see Bollywood stars in real life. They look so much darker. Nothing wrong with that but they were made to look so much lighter onscreen.....why are they doing this????? ..... I wish they would stop using soft lighting.
I thought Priyanka looked so much more beautiful and sexier in Kaminay which had natural lighting.


Mon, 2010-08-23 19:04 — Anonymous : yes, you are lovely and a dark girl is lovely too, each in their own way.

it's inclusion , not exclusion. :):)
India just gets MORE beauties, by also accepting the priorly rejected ones.
The status quo ones everyone thought were beautiful are still as beautiful as ever.

it's all good. this movement of acceptance is helping the esteem of youths all over accept their color and regain their confidence. Freida is doing good, hopefully, it will help the wounded youths who are still into self-hate over their color.

Wow. it's fantastic that Frieda has opened up and talked about color acceptance among desis (now a rising movement)! she seems like a great beautiful role model of a Indian who has accepted her color as a beauty token ! :):)

hopefully, it will help all females in India realize that their epidermis shade, ranging from ivory to ebony, is all beautiful.. because our epidermis is an organ of our body. as beautiful as it is, it does not define us though. what's inside is what defines us.

I love how she admitted to auditioning for bleaching ads(unlike Ash, who tries to always look perfect). Freida's actually real and actually confident of herself. She is who young girls should look up to, not insecure idiots like Aishwarya Rai).

What a great role model for young Indian girls! I am glad she's talking about it and not avoiding it.
Well said, Freida!

At least in this photo, her natural skin tone is shown.

I haven't really seen her pics lightened so much she is mostly in her natural color and well she is popular among the hollywood people coz she gets coverage by all the top celebrity magazines ....I love this girl for being so confident !

go freida !!!!

Mon, 2010-08-23 20:36 — Anonymous

i totally agree with you, if they were so open minded and accepting in hollywood they wouldnt photoshop peoples photos to death!

I am inspired. Thank you for standing up for something that has plagued our country for so long.

yet most of her pictures and ads are photoshopped to make her look much for the west warming up to the idea of people having skin color other than fair!

Wow!!She is sort of profound!

I'm light skinned for a Desi girl, my hair light brown my eyes hazel but there is nothing more attractive than dusky skin. I like the fact younger girls are happy in their natural skin.

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