The Ghanta Awards Winners 2012

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Here's a list of the winners of The Ghanta awards 2012 that reward the worst in Bollywood:

Worst Breakthrough (for the worst new actors/actress): Nargis Fakhri for "Rockstar"
Worst Couple: Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri for "Rockstar"
Worst Item Number of the year: "Dhinka Chika" from the film "Ready"
Worst Supporting Actress: Hazel Keech for "Bodyguard"
Worst Supporting Actor: Prateik Babbar for "Dhobi Ghat"," Aarakshan", "Dum Maaro Dum"and "My Friend Pinto"
That's Anything But Sexy: Kangana Ranaut for "Anything involving Kangana Ranaut in Rascals"
WTF Was That: Sonam Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor for "How Sonam Kapoor (Aayat) & Shahid Kapoor (Harry) don't manage to exchange a measly phone number over 10 years in Mausam"
Worst Story Ripoff: Desi Boyz
Worst Actor: Salman Khan for "Bodyguard"and "Ready"
Worst Actress: Nargis Fakhri for "Rockstar"
Worst Director: Anees Bazmee for "Ready" and "Thank You"
Worst Film: Ra. One

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First of all : Sonam deserved the Best Actress tag and not Nargis. Secondly, Ranbir and Nargis were damn awesome pair!
Salman Khan really deserves this tag. Awful acting.

i used to think that salman can act and i use to give tere naam example whenever i had argument with my friends but when i saw tere naam yesterday and i got to know how bad actor he is, his acting didn't let me think for a second that its real and not a film....if that role was given to someone else they could have won Oscars for that.
btw salman and nargis were most deserving!

@Sun, 2012-03-18 22:16
its not that only good films make money some of the crappiest films like dabbang, bodyguard, ready and om shanty om did good buisness and meaningful films like guzarish, swades and phir milenge were not acknowledged by Indian audience. i personally think that bodyguard and ra one should have shared this award because in bodyguard i was bored to death in comedy scenes and was LMAO in action scenes lol...the story was horrible aswell!

SRK won Golden Kela for worst actor & worst film for MNIK last year. And now Ghanta for the crappiest film of all time - Ra One! LOL!

wow did shahrukh really got worst actor for MMIK last year???

salman baby, you worth it!
i think its not fair he deserve worst actor of the century.

plz stop this being human nonsense these awards are for acting not for his charity which hes doing to cover up his sins. he deserve worst actor....nobody is jealous of this joker ok

HAHA, nargis.. what a joke

lol the problem with Salman is his mostly expressionless acting, Nothing can deny the persona & Presence Salman have, anyways who cares about it when you have Ready Bodyguard Dabangg like super hits

Glad Salman Khan is finally getting the recognition he deserves.

Are these awards real?? :O

Worst Awards Ever: Ghanta Awards

worst actor 2011 go to srk for really ra one gush

jealous Salman khan bodyguard is ATTBB if the movie is that bad he don't make money but the movie is ATTBB and is much much better ra 1 or don2

why is she not a sport for accepting an award given to a movie she chose to do? how is she not responsible for choosing to do that awful movie?

People jealous of Salman Khan plz stay away frm him he is not evn interested. As if the award giving person is talented...You are nothing in front of him u looser.. and people loving sharukh khan plz stop comparing ur king who is only king for u... wid Salman khan ok... And by the way Salman rocks in each n evry song n movie...worst item number was Chikni the way..!!

sonam should have won for worse actress.

She is WORTH IT.....LOL

Who are the ones saying Sonam is a sport etc.? As far as this award goes, how one earth is it a criticism of Sonam? They are criticizing the movie and ridiculous script not her. Now if she would have gotten the worst actress award (which I think she truly deserves along with Nargis) and then she had turned up to receive the award - that would have been a sport.


Dhinka Chinka was LAME!

love her hair, so lush!

Aww sonam is such a pretty girl..and she's such a sport

What??????? Worst Actor: Salman Khan?????? All r mad & jealous of Salman....He was superb!!! He's a awesome actor, but he's a super human.......He has a great heart :) & He's Great artist, Wonderful in everything & Best in all the time!!! For me He is the *BEST* Forever!!!! :)

Dhinka Chika is a fun song you can dance's a lot better than 99% of the current crap songs in HIndi films

Salman Khan- worst actor of the century.

Prateik for Dhobi Ghat????

I think nargis and raone are deserving winners

HAHA ! salman is the winner almost in every categories !
i agree, salman cant act, hes like a robot.....and yes, pappu cant dance sala, lol

SRK is really the king of bollywood :D

all soo well deserving - except Dinka chika item song

Poor Nargis :(
I thought she was very good in Rockstar and that she an Ranbir make a good pair!

aws0me list

Finally! Salman for worst actor!

salman was not that bad nor too.
there r many more worst actors andbad movies, so bad choice for the respectiveawards.

Haha Salman got ruined there and so was Nargis but WTFFF with Sonam? Why she's showing off her "award" so proudly like if it was something nice???

love u Sonam!!

what???Dhinka Chika was amazing!!!

salman totally deserves it!!

the person whos saying salman was superb lol it was like a robot acting in bodyguard.....i think he shoud have done ra one instead because his robotic face would have matched better than shahrukh but i wouldnt wish shahrukh to be in that sensless movie bodyguard where a human runs in opposite direction on a train and do some laughable action lol
Ra one was not a good movie i agree though im a big srk fan:)

Is this pic for real? If so, sporting of Sonam.

salman was fab! and hazel was not that bad either, and yup sona looks high

This makes me like Sonam more. She's so sporting! Very few Bollywood stars have a sense of humor about themselves.

love ya sonam


well sonam should have got the worst actress award along with nargis!!! anyhooo she is only being a support because the award is not against her talent

HAHAHA!!! Totally deserving! After SRK swept the Golden Kela Awards last year winning worst film & worst actor for MNIK, he got worst film for Ra One at the Ghantas!! Red Chillies always making crap films!

why isn't Abhishe or his films are not in winning list or he is loser for losers too? that means Super Loser?

very sporty of sonam

WTF Was That: Sonam Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor for the moment their characters, Harry and Aayat, didn't exchange - Sonam went there because she is a sport and took the criticism for Mausam the movie positively. It's her movie and she is as much responsible for it's debacle as anyone else. This award has nothing to do with her acting! :P

hmmm ghanta you supporting sonam inreturn she supports you. so sold out. almost creepy now.

Sonam rocks!!! So awesome of her for collecting the award at the event! What a superstar! is the most deserving would have to be nargis and raone...and salman coz he can do much better than Dinka

yay! at least sonam's a sport :P u knw she is wasted...and she accepts that with a smile....KUCH TOH MILA

Salman khan??????????????? all are crazy....and jealous....salman was superb

She totally worth it!

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