Hrithik Roshan and Bradley Cooper -any similarities?

Does anyone else think the hollywood hunk Bradley Cooper looks kinda smilar to Hrithik Roshan?

Hrithik Roshan in my opinion looks better than Bradley but there is definetely some similarity.


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hey Folks!!! They do look similar , still I cant Deny Bradley is Super cool in front Of Hrithik, Look at Bradley eyes guys!!!, But I think hrithik is more Beautiful of Heart !!! which is the best thing about Him, I hope bradley has such similar Heart , Agree guys???

You write very well

hrithik looks like a perfect man, while bradley looks like a gay.


There is a is the following ones in terms of mannerisms n looks...

Aamir Khan - Tom Hanks

Saif Ali Khan - Christian Slater

Jimmy Shergill - Barry Pepper

There is a slight resemblance;very vague & subtle but still noticeable.They both have similar heart shaped faces and small but piercing light eyes & in some pictures similar hairstyle.But I kinda prefer Hrithik over Bradley,not just because of the looks but somehow because I can't seem to like something about Cooper's personality.Maybe it's because of the kind of roles he plays,but he comes across as an annoying,sneaky,not trustable douchebag to me.Anyways Hrithik looks closest to any Hollywood hunk anyway,very fine,chiselled features,light eyes,hair,skin & sculpted body.

when looked @ them for first time....the resemblance may not strike @ an instance....but watch some of the movies of them...( I suggest hangover part 1 of brad and dhoom 2/kites of hrithik) watch their acting carefully...and then u might explore their similarities..:)

Hrithik wins for me :)


YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! I thought the same thing!

If you watch Hrithik Roshan in Zindagi na milegi dobara, the camera captures so many beautiful shots of Krithik smiling in the car after he falls in love. Sooo Romantic!!!

I have always thought HR was the most handsome guy.
Both have very strong resemblances.
If Bradley was announced "sexiest man alive", why didnt HR didnt?

They are sooooooooo similar!!!

Hritik's freakin` hot.
LOL, i've had a crush on him ever since i saw "Kahona Pyar Hai" when i was like 5 years old

They are both good looking, but Hrithik wins. Bradley has come a long way from playing Will on ABC's "Alias".

bradley cooper is the best...he looks better than is not just the opinion of many people agrees including hrithik fans...he did great in the my opinion,bradley cooper is much better than hrithik roshan


and I am a Capricorn too perfect for both ;)

no wonder I love both!!! gaahhh so similar!!

I thought I was the only one who thought so!

I've always felt they were very similar looking! Love bradley but hrithik looks much better!:-)

Well both looks much handsone than other actors and hav 90% similarities.... 10% difference is in their eyes and body colour... Cooper is full whitish guy, hrithik is wheatish.... Both are hansome at their places and both are talented too... I rate both as equal in looks but when it comes to acting, then hrithik does a much better acting when compared with cooper and beside is the best dancer too.... When it comes to sex appeal then ofcourse hrithik is a lil sexy than cooper... His face cut n body structure is a lil better than cooper though hrithik is 2 year elder to cooper but hrithik looks younger....I will give hrithik 9/10 n cooper 8.5/10....

little bit similartiEz......but both Are Awsome anD Gud actors+comedian

Gosh how cn u compare the world's most handsome man with Bradley Cooper?

Finally... someone thought the same

You can see in the pic that Hrithik has obvious eyeliner and tanner on. Bradley doesn't need any of that to look hot (and that pic doesn't do him justice b/c he's wayy hotter than that).

Oh and both of them are CAPRICORNS!!!

HECK YEA!!!I agree with you in both the stances..!!

They do look similar, but Hrithik over Bradley anyday!

He looks exactly like ryan gosling. Not so much in this pic though

Hrithik looks better. bradley is not bad.

of course if the post was made by an indian he or she will say that the indian looks better. hrithik is not that great looking if you really pay attention to his features. bradley should not be compared with any other indian celebrity

i agree with the comment below

Hrithik Roshan has sharper, more handsome features. Bradley is just like any other white guy. Plus Hrithik is definitely a better actor. Braldey just started off in TV and got lucky w/ Hangover.

Why do Indians have to compare their bollywood actors to the Hollywood ones. No there are no similarities and if you must know Bradley Cooper is way better looking. Silly post may I add!

There is lil bit similarities but i think hrithik looks much more handsome then bradley !!

Hmm, Maybe but I dont see it. Does anyone think Hrithik looks like Ryan Renolds in the green lantern?

Yes, esp in Bradley's D&G The One advert!

No Similarities at all.
Bradley is way hotter.

NO SIMILARITIES AT ALL!!!!!!!!!! just coz both of them have colored eyes doesnt mean anything...

bradely has a hairy chest, hrithik has a boring chest

I'll go with Bradley :D

i love 'em both :P if you have noticed both of their voices have the same husky tone too!

None what so ever! None of these Hollywood stars look anything like Hindi film stars, it's only the delusional bollywood fans who think that.

There is a similarity but Hritik is way more handsome!!

I have had a few people tell me this, and I can see why.
You don't have to look identical to be similar, its about having a similar look/structure face.
Here both have:
big forehead,
long faces,
small pearcing eyes,
long slim noses.
Actually Bradley Cooper is better looking as he looks just as good without all that make-up actors have to wear, when you see him in paparazzi pic, Hrithik needs the make-up to look good, off screen he looks quite awful at times.

No, Bradley is delectable, drool worthy and every ounce a man. Hrithik is okay but not as handsome my Cooper boy.

Definitely they both look kinda the same. There is alot of similarity !!! both are DAMN HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kind of, but Bradley Cooper is hotter. Why? Because he doesn't need a six-pack or extremely large biceps to be hot...
Hrithik is still a cool guy, though.

I do see a similarity.

Bradley Cooper

Of course there is a similarity.
Hrithik is the MORE PERFECT version of Bradley.

bradly cooper is trillion times hotter than that gay hritik.

I think they kinda look same..for me both are hot..

Hrithik is not exactly the same.Different features.Maybe the hair only.Watching old Hrithik movies i realized that he has done a nose job...the got it more strait and lifted the tip of the nose a little bit.

Hrithik is wayyy hotter. Pls never compare them again!

LOL, some of my frenz were of the opinion that brad and HR look alike. i totally refused it then. but now i feel they look kinda same, the light eyes, hairstyle...
acc to me bradley is much hotter.
i'll share this wid dem, they'll be delighted that they were right:-)

Yeah He looks more like ryan reynolds!!

He looks more like Ryan Gosling of Notebook fame

i think bradley has more substance while hrithik is just a pretty face


Hrithik looks nothing like bradley cooper or ryan reynolds except his hair.
You girls seriously need specs or wake up from your hollybolly fantasies.

The closest that could be compared to hrithik roshan is harman baweja(priyanka chopra's ex and actor of love story 2050 bollywood movie)
The rest are off.

I think Hritik is sexier tooooooooooo...but they got eyes that stare into your soul

hrithik has very perfect symmetrical features, but there's a over-groomed way about him....bradley cooper, on the other hand, is just plain sexy. i like bradley's asymmetry. very sexy.

This is a bad pic of Brad and I've always said they looked alike but I find Brad a lot hotter and I never find Hollywood stars hotter thn Desi but Hrithik lacks the attraction for me which Brad has. Hrithik has only looked good in Dhoom I would say. Of course I think Hrikthik is an extremely good looking man almost PRETTY but he lacks a lot of attraction at time.

ummmm noooo bradley is better hate hrithik.. he's too girly for my taste..

@ Zenny & Kitty -- Yessssssssss me too ...cause when i went to watch hangover i kept saying it to my friend the same .... glad to know lot of people think the same way!!!!!

Well they both have long faces and light eyes but Hrithik is much more sexier, Bradly has more of a girly jawline and Hrithik is all man !HOT Hrithik!

omg you made this post, i always fort they look like each other when Bradley acts in hangover, that hes acts jus like hrithik roshan....

Thanks for making this post smitag

never knew someone thought the same... :)

and another one, i always think Ryan Reynolds also resemble hrithik roshan too ... because of his face expression

take a look at this

is any one agree with me ???


Yesss... absolutely I have thought they look alike in SOME pictures only! But in reality they don't look much alike, Hrithik is waaaaaaaaaaaay hotter!

No way! Bradley is a rough rugged sexy man. Hrithik is too metrosexual looking for my liking.

bradley cooper i way better than Hrithik! #teambradleycooper :D

Just THIS picture, I don't see any similarities otherwise.

bradley is much cooler. hrithik is now too feminine

LOL yeah i remember when i went to watch the hangover with my friends for the whole duration of the movie i was saying "omg he looks alike Hrithik!!"
Finally there is someone else who think so...

BRADLEY COOOPER IS HOT. hrithik is not bad

Hrithik is a pretty boy...Bradley Cooper is sexy

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