Juhi Chawla still going strong?

Do you guys think Juhi Chawla is still strong? She’s started her film career in 1986 and is on of the few actresses who hasn't stopped acting since they started.
Juhi’s was mostly known for her jodi with Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan which was always remarkable. Juhi won her first and only best actress in 1993 for Hum Hain Rahi Pyar kai, eventhough she was was nominated numerous times for her other roles.

With her family. She is married to industrialist Jai Mehta and has two children a daughter born in 2001 and a son born in 2003. (wikipedia)

Journey from Miss India to one of bollywood top actresses.
Latest movie Luck By Chance

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Well since she and SRK are still in love with each other yes she is going strong.

Wow! she looks amazing in the nokia shirt, she cud give these new trashy actress/models a run for their money if she was younger

She is gorgeous and I love her voice.

juhi is da best

YES!! still love her:)

why should she have left after marriage? is anyone craving to see sanjay dutt or jackie shroff or akshay kumar on screen? but nobody says they should have left! juhi is here getting work and doing well for herself. i am proud of her for not quitting and continuing to do good work. i think some of her best films have been after marriage. she is not hot & happening but so what...she still does some quality work.

aaaaaaaaawww! her daughter is so cute!


She was never my favorite but did like her acting skills, especially her comic roles. I think she shoulda quit acting rite after she got married. That way she woulda become more memorable like what sri or madhuri did. We keep wanting to see them, everytime we watch their movies, we miss them. Juhi is just fading away.

she is but the thing with her is that even if she does 3 films a year and madhuri does one every 3 years, it's madhuri who gets noticed and talked about regardless of hits or flops. people arent craving to see juhi on screen. nontheless i love her.

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