Kareena Kapoor named as CNN-IBN's Best dressed celebrity of 2012

Kareena Kapoor Khan was not just the HEROINE of 2012 but also the the best dressed celebrity of 2012 according to CNN-IBN. From floor length gowns to jumsuits, from chic short dresses to saris she continued the fashionable trend throughout the year.

According to CNN-IBN the top 3 best dressed celebrity of 2012 in Bollywood are:

1. Kareena Kapoor
2. Deepika Padukone
3. Priyanka Chopra

Do you agree?

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Credits: http://ibnlive.in.com/videos/311561/kareena-named-the-best-dressed-celebrity-of-2012.html

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yes agree.

No disrespect to Kareena, yes, she dresses well and appropriate for her age but she's too safe and wears practically the same thing in different colors, only during the Heroine promotions did we get to see a different "fashion side" of her.
This is how the list should be:
1. Sonam (she experiments and looks amazing in everything she wears)
2. Kangna (same reason as Sonam)
3. Kareena or Karishma (I would have said Priyanka but sometimes she doesn't dress appropriately for the occasion)

Tue, 2012-12-25 13:04 — Anonymous

HAHAHHAHAHA nooo i did n t CNN made this list hahahahahhahahahahah


seriously it should've been Sonam Kapoor who should've been #1. she's truly inspirational and the one who redefines fashion in bollywood.

yes yes... Go kareena go... Bt where's sonam??

KKK - keep breaking every record.

And kitty - no different than when you worshiping Ash's beauty blindly.

even though we all know Ash has gone from beautiful woman to very unflattering, unhappy and unhealthy woman.

I think her Karmas are coming right in front of her eyes and too bad as a blind fan you cant see it.
that's ok, you don't have to worry. Her flop husband is going to still love and admire her Full Figure and Mota Brain. He knows he will get to keep this cow for a long time.

" I am actually the first one to wear stylish clothes ever. I dont think anyone has ever.Other than me Lolo and Saif are the only ones who wear clothes.I dont see anyone else wearing it. We'll always be cos its my DNA" thank you

Kareena -no way!!


supah supah hot

yes kk is the best dressed.

Kareena??? Really??
Noo -.-

I love priyanka's styling. She wears confidence and hotness more superbly desinged outfit. If one can make a bad outfit works for them, that person have superb personality to look out for. Other acttresses wear good clothes and look good but priyanka wear worst of the clothes and manage to look thats what I call a personality.

I like deepika and priyanka styling

how hotttt does bebo look in that red jumpsuit!?!?!?!?

My top 3 :-
1. Kareena Kapoor Khan
2. Sonam Kapoor
3. Deepika Padukone

I love PC's look she always mixes it up unlike Kareena or Katrina who always carry the same style.
i agree that katrina is always the same, but kareena truly changed it up this year. all he rlooks were so different and she carries everything so effortlessly... i agree with the anon who said that priyanka looks like a hooker

Let's be real here, of the 3 people on the list, Kareena truly deserved to win this award. Her style has really improved and she looked great at events and on the red carpet this year. Though I love Deepika, she had more fashion faux-pas than fashion triumphs this year and PC seemed to be going through the motions with her style. Fashion-wise, Kareena was on point. Congrats Bebo.

I'm sorry but people from India should not be commenting on western style. They just dont get it!

ew, hellooooo wheres sonam?? deepika sucks. kareena is super tacky. obviously they have no idea how to judge.

It must of killed Pinkvilla_boy to write PC's name up there!

LOL. And the same article named Asin and Rani as the worst dressed. Anyway it's just the opinion of the writer at CNN-IBN and just meant to be taken lightly. ;)

Kareena no. 1 JOKE OF THE YEAR.

Priyanka and Deepika both dress better than Kareena and Kangna should be no. 1

This year PC did so many experiment with her styling. Minis were kept aside. She tried more of a rock chic look than traditional. I like only one thing about her styling that she dresses according to her own wish. She doesn't follow any style or look. She has her own personality which she never miss any opportunity to flaunt that.

I love PC's look she always mixes it up unlike Kareena or Katrina who always carry the same style.

PC doesn't dresses like a wannabe teenager atleast not now. You guys need a reality check. She keep experimenting new things more than others.

Any list that has Priyanka as best dressed, is not to be taken seriously.

eh? I think she played it extremely safe. I don't remember a single one of her looks. Sonam, Neha and Kangna deserve the spot more.

This year PC did so many experiment with her styling. Minis were kept aside. She tried more of a rock chic look than traditional. I like only one thing about her styling that she dresses according to her own wish. She doesn't follow any style or look. She has her own personality which she never miss any opportunity to flaunt that.

kareena u rock!!!!!

indians dont know what fashion is so they come to conclusion that whatever their popular actress wears is fashion. totally illeterate!!

cnn-ibn is biased towards popular actresses. kareena is infact one of the worst dressed. she doesnt wear what fits her body like sonam does. priyanka dresses like a despo teenager. and deepika doesnt experiment.

here are my top three which are deserving.
1. sonam kapoor
2. neha dhupia
3. kangana ranaut
4. kalki koechlin

Yes yes yes

katrina :)

go bebo!

priyanka doesn't deserve the third spot! sonam does! priyanka dresses like a despo teenager who always wears tacky bodycon dresses and looks like a hooker...
the rest of the list is fine... kareena totally rocked this year
p.s. pinkvilla boy has such a bad taste... he has compiled some of her worst looks from 2012 for this post. i wud've picked these -
1. the yellow n pink masaba sari (india today conclave)
2. the black dress at an event for vaio
3. golden atsu dress for heroine promotions
4. falguni and shane peacock dress for heroine promotions
5. paule ka gown for an awards night
6.red jumpsuit heroine trailer launch
7.ungaro look for heroine promotions
8. carmen marc valvo gown for agent vinod promotions

my top 3:

people r so obessed wd sonam kapoor...........lol but dear who notices her..........many other girls in bollywood r grt in dressing lyk shazahn padamsee.........she is xtremely gorgeous ,amy jackson so pretty but still dey alwaj r unnoticed bcz dey r not popular so accpt d truth dat sonam is nt having any1 to notice so watever she wears she has no 1 to follow............lol

Sorry but it's Sonam and then Kangana

This is right actually. Bebo, DP, PC are the best dressed.
Sonam is just a 'so-called' fashionista


1. sonam
2. PC
3. Deepika

I think sonam is amazong and pc has improved alot and is not weaeingbteenagebclothes anumore.all the time

Best dressed should have been sonam

I dońt agree :
1. Karena
2. Sonam
3. Nargis
Priyanka needs a stylish

Bebo no.1 def NO! PC dresses far better than her and Depika does not deserve to be on the list it should be either kangana or Sonam.

sonam kapoor is always embellished like the rikshaws. so plz dont even call her a fashionista. she tends to over do it most of the time. bebo was really a style diva during heroin promotions but her dressing is different besides those few days of promotions. deepika looks good in skimpy and tight dresses otherwise she gives a very average girl vibe when goes desi route. she is sexy and all with the sexy dresses but not otherwise. and at few times i get the feeling that she is at the premature stage of becoming a lady wrestler from the World Wrestling Federation. priyanka has a good taste and carries her dresses well. sonam is tall and beautiful. anushaka looked amazing in JTHJ but off screen she isn't a style icon really. katrina is beautiful but her style sense is zero. she needs to hire a stylist pronto.

My top 5-
1. Sonam
2. Deepika
3. Kareena
4. Anushka
5. Priyanaka


Really CNN, who are you kidding. Even her wedding outfits were awful. Disappointed.

Deepika on second???


anushka sharma

I would probably include Sonam. but Kareena Deepika and PC are the best dressed.
They can rock indian/western attire anywehre

dont agree with priyanka coming 3rd... although i love her personally, i was never a fan of her style especially of all those flashy belly rings she never misses to flaunt

These 3 are just popular choices cos they are at the top right now. If u are just looking at best dressed, I think Sonam, Kangana, anushka, chitrangada or sophie chaudary dress really well, with their own sense of style!

100000 % agree

bets dressed list my ass..

show me one indian actress who does charity work, stand up for womens rights, and actually volunteers her time and effort outside of films to help the betterment of india or at least young girls in india.

she's not even remotely close to styles of PC & Sonam... she never tried anything, doesnt have a great body and lack materialism!!

dont agree

I completely agree! She made size zero hot and now she makes being voluptuous even more sexy ;)

She looks good only in the traditional looks.

Based on this top 3, I agree. Congrats Bebo.

Yea...agree...she deserve this title she has been a fashionista throughtout the year and the only one actress who not only gave us super performance in all her films!!!

Bla Bla Bla Bla

Totally agree!

The three best dressed are:
Sonam Kapoor
Karisma Kapoor
Priyanka Chopra.

bollywood is so biased, just makes Kareena win everything even though she doesnt deserve it!

Sonam is best dressed! Kareena hired Sonam's stylist Tanya after she saw that she was working with Sonam! now Rhea Kapoor styles Sonam more... but she still looks best dress by far!

Sonam should top this list!!

who decides this? because they've got it all wrong!

where's sonam? she's better than all of her them!

wtf Sonam Kapoor is best dressed by far!!!!


Its defo Sonam Kapoor!

she can 'carry' almost anything of, always looks great, comfortable and not forced.

Kareena defo did not suit wot she worw to kjos birthay-trying too hard.

Deepika as good as she looks it again comes across trying too hard and Priyanka looks the same in her minis

NO....Only Sonam deserves the title....Kareena can sometimes look very despo, cheap, vuglar, and boring!

No way

its a;ways these 3 name no matter what the list how predictable

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