Kareena Kapoor's new ads for Metro Shoes & Lavie Handbags

Kareena Kapoor's new ads for Metro Shoes & Lavie Handbags 0
Kareena Kapoor's new ads for Metro Shoes & Lavie Handbags 0

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Anonymous's picture

Kareena is wearing a wedding ring and a diamond ring.
Saif is also wearing the same wedding ring.
This means that thy are already married.
Poor Saif he can;t leave her.

Anonymous's picture

The video on the Lavie website is so OTT. Their bags are nothing special either.

Anonymous's picture

She wears the same wedding ring as Saif ali Khan.
I tell you, both of them are already married.

And each time I see her ads, I only see the ring on her left hand........sorry.
I wonder why nobody asks her to take of the rings........it's distracting..............Be a pro Kareena and take of these rings when you endorse a product!!
Maybe you should come clear about you being married already and retire from movies and ads.
(I have to say this: u and Saif are no match.................eww!!)

numan_shakil's picture

she looks gorgeous in the first pic
very refreshing and beautiful!!!

lovePConly's picture

Not a nice collection but her first pic is so beautiful.

Anonymous's picture

beautiful Kareena lovely i love old the bags

Anonymous's picture

how does she carry those bags .. even if its an endorsement she should belive in the product...

Anonymous's picture

she always looks good ^U^!!


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